Wednesday, July 19, 2017

By Squash!

Still picking lots of squash.  Corn will be ready in a few weeks.  My tomatoes are not good this year.  Always another season so hope lives on.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In The Heat

 Sigrid is swimming and running in the heat.  Her last swim meet is Friday evening.  I hope it is cooler.  She is going to run cross country so 2 days a week she works out with her coach.  Since swim practice is in the morning, Sigrid has to go to the evening run workout.  It is really hot.   After this week, she can go to the morning practice with Astrid.   There is about 20 degrees difference in the temperatures in the two sessions.
 I am too lazy to change these pictures upright.  Fleta posted how but it is such a chore.  Just turn your head sideways and you can see little Sig is red and sweating from all the work.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


 Clayton and Greta's cousins--Katie and Hunter spent the night last night.
 Yesterday, they went to the pool and last night watched a movie.
 This morning--donuts and milk for breakfast.

 Then--off to Sunday school.

 I picked my first okra and my peas are coming up.  Stay away intruders.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Intruders In The Night

 This morning while we were sitting on the back porch with our coffee, Larry said that he thought Cora might be losing her mind as she was angled with her back to us and staring at her dog bed.  She continued this for the longest time.  Larry said we should move her food bowl as a mouse might be after her food.  She loves her food and he felt that could be the reason for her focus.  Well, I got the hoe to move her wooden bed that he had built for her and I saw a head peering out from the back!  It was not a mouse.  Larry had gone inside for his shirt, but I called him back and he tipped up the box and told Cora to "sic it".  She did and now I will have to mop the porch as snake blood is coated there.  It may have been a water moccasin.  I hope not, because she was slinging it all over.  I did see yellow stuff that could be venom on the porch.  Anyway, Cora is not staring any more and she is not going to go the the dog nursing home for dogs who have senility.
 The other intruder's tried to enter my garden of Galla from the rear.  They hit the hot wire and ran but broke it so Larry will have to repair it today.  I am so happy that it keep the intruders out of my patch!  There were no tracks and I would be able to see them as I plowed up part of the garden on Thursday.  After they got their shock, they took off.  I hope to never return as peas are their favorite food and I planted 3 rows.  Larry said 60 days to harvest.  He knows all the harvest times.  It is amazing to me.  I know very little.

Larry said he will repair the "electric dead bolt" garden fence today.   I am thrilled.
This was in the paper today.  Marshall, 1912, Main Street
J. H. Gentry said he was working 10 hours for $3.00!  
Dirt street with horse manure and a wooden side walk.

Blessed With Rain

 Here is where I planted the two rows of peas.  I worked hard yesterday plowing and planting and was blessed today with the nicest rain.  Even my rooster crowed about it.
 During the rain, Larry and I sat on the back porch and watched the birds.  The Mockingbird kept saying, "pretty, pretty, pretty"!  He liked the rain, too.
 Love the little Chickadee.
 The Purple Finch loves the sunflower seeds.  I filled the feeders today.
 The little gray Titmouse is selecting his supper.

Greta dressed herself today.  She is wearing Uncle Clayton's favorite brand.  Clayton got new sandals--size nine.  I think he could have worn an 8, but maybe he can wear them next year, too.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Laura made salsa and brought us a jar.  We are just now getting a few tomatoes.  Amy~Patsy gave her these.  I planted Improved Purple Hull Peas and Zippo Peas today.  I plowed the area I planted.  I walked my two miles starting at 6:21.  Larry is mowing.   He mows acres and acres.

Gilbert is 56 today.  Makes me feel so old as I remember the day he was born very well.  We dug potatoes that day down below the pond.  We were going to name him Robert, but Daddy named him for himself.

Helen hurt herself slopping the pigs.  Her ribs are hurt and hopefully only bruised.  She is wrapped in one of the sheets Gilbert donated to her.  Erin said to still breathe deep or one could get pneumonia.

Hope Cousin Mike is doing well.  Don't depend too much on that lift Mike.  We want you to get to using your own steam so to speak.

Fleta's bunch are at M. Cave, down toward the center of the Earth.  They will be home soon and Fleta will be back to work.

Happy Birthday, Gilbert.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Phoebe At Falling Water

 Astrid took Phoebe and her friend M K to her favorite place--Falling Water!  Her Grandmother was born a rock's throw from the Falls!
 When Astrid was just a babe,  Eric was in school at Tech and Laura was working at F. Community Care, Larry and I took Asti to Falling Water.  It was before she could walk.  I think August of 2000.  We sat her in the water at the top of the Falls.  She splashed and played.  
 When Laura was just a toddler, we took her here too!  "Falling Water runs deep in me"--says Asti!  I bet Ethel took Larry and Granny took Ethel there!
 Phoebe -- a precious little Pembroke Corgi!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I got this book last week and have been reading it.   These girls painted dials of watches and clocks with radium.  To get the brushes sharp they would first put it in their mouths--lip, dip and then paint!  Their lives did not matter to the company making the dials.   The stories are sad but the book is interesting to read.  Kate Moore is a very good author.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Next Up

 Okra and corn will the next things to pick and then watermelons.  Melons take almost 90 days.  Ours were planted May 15.  Okra takes about 60 days which will be July 15.  Corn 85 days.
 Squash seems to have taken on a second wind.  I picked a bunch today.  I pulled up half a row of green beans.  When I lean down over and over, I am really dizzy.  Hard to pick green beans.

 Suprise Lilies with Sister Patsy's hand in the picture.

 The corn laid down in the last storm.  It has stood part up mostly, but not in the middle.  Maybe that part will still make.  Below is a Zinnia that I have so a friendly visitor will not drive over the septic tank.
 Fleta's favorite--4 O'clocks!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

One Bird I Do Not Like

 I call this a Chicken Hawk.  This morning I looked out and she was sitting atop my little chicken hutch that is home to my baby chicks.  They are protected!  Well, not by me!  Luckily, Larry put a good top on my hutch.  No chicken biscuit for the ole hawk this morning in Galla Meadow!
 My first Surprise Lilies are blooming.  They are delicate and lovely.
 Sig found her some Birkenstock's on Pope County Swap--that girl knows a bargain.
 Ingrid can not see far.  She got her glasses and they look good on her.  They make her look smart--and she is!
Astrid works all day Sunday at Max Gym!  She checks the folks in as they come to work out!

Aug. 17th I am going to have the vein in my leg burned up.  I hope this works and I have no more phlebitis during the winter.

Mike Sneed is coming home.  He had 4 by passes.  Wow!  After the surgery, he was in rehab at least 2 to 3 weeks.  I pray he makes a speedy recovery.  Hope Winnie can hold up taking care of him.  She said maybe they will have home health come for a while to help out.  Praying for Mike!  Praying for Win--our special cousins from KC.  Winnie, Cards won 6 - 0 today over the Mets so it was a good day here!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blessed With Another Rain

We had another rain last night.  Corn laid down in the wind, but I think it will rise back up.  The watermelons loved the cool drink in the middle of the night.

 Sig ordered some new togs from American Eagle--greatly marked down.  She is getting set for 7th grade.

 Astrid has time to do a litttle art work.  I love her t-shirt hanger and the desert plants.

 Ingrid went on a boat adventure--I think tubing.