Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bump---Bump, Bump!

Birds Are Busy Today

 The Cardinals love the black sunflower.  He has one in his beak.  I love the Blue Jays.  They eat the whole corn.  It is cheap to feed.
 The Woodpeckers love the whole corn too.  He will get a piece and fly off to a tree limb and sit it down and pick it up again and eat it.  Then he will fly back for another kernel.
 Yesterday, we got our daily down pour!  There was a "wall" cloud near us but I did not go out to take a picture.
 Today I had two hummingbirds.  The hummingbirds have the "little man" syndrome.  They fight.
 Pictures are not good but at least I got a picture.  One sit on one of my iron staffs in my flowers for a long time.  I was only about 5 feet from him, but no way to get his picture for if I had moved an inch he would have flitted away.
 Erin's wind chime is all tangled again.  When she was here she had it hanging nicely.  I am too short to reach it and too lazy to move a chair over there.  It chimes in the least little breeze and I do love it. I have been enjoying my coffee cup too.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bikers Came By

 Pop and I sat on the front porch and waited for our company...just like Grandpa Powell did.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Making A Biome

One day last week, Siggie's teacher and the class created an under the sea room.
What are biomes?
Biomes are regions of the world with similar climate (weather, temperature) animals and plants. There are terrestrial biomes (land) and aquatic biomes, both freshwater and marine.


Brenda said Barbara picked Richard's flowers.  They are beautiful.  Flowers on the graves was important to Richard. It is nice that he has such pretty ones.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

They Really Went

Here is Sigrid's Grandmother--Ann Catherine Tate!  She was born in 1830 and in 1848 she married Alfred Slover.  They lived near Kingston, AR.
Grandmother Ann and her husband are listed on the 1850 Census.  By 1850, they have a little girl named Louisa Jane.  Shortly after this census, Alfred gets the "gold fever".  All the stories of men getting rich were alluring and he leaves with a group for the gold rush.  Alfred did not get rich.  He died in an explosion in the mine shaft,  December 16, 1851.  Ann Catherine did not hear right away that Alfred had died.  She waited until some of the other miners returned to Arkansas carrying the sad news.  

In 1853, Grandma married a second time to James Gunter Maples, Sigrid's Grandfather.  He was a widower with two small children.  Ann and James Maples had a large family, including Grandfather William Burl Maples, father of my Grandmother Lee Gertrude Maples Powell!

Sigrid Goes West

Today Sigrid's class preformed a musical "Go West" at her school.  She loves getting in front of an audience. To insure she would get a part---she tried out for all of them.  Astrid fixed her hair this morning and she wore this shirt to school that she designed.
Here she is as part of the choir!
I really wondered what this conversation was all about!
This is Marlie of Sigrid's special friends.
And Kenzie Johnson
This is a singing dancing number--Sigrid nailed it!
Here she is dancing in a group number.  

 The entire program so really good and just zoomed by.  The little music teacher is really good.

Astrid's Soccer Awards

Astrid has an armful of awards from soccer.  The plaque is for "Rookie of the Year".  The team members vote on who gets the different awards so Astrid was awarded this by her other players.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tomato and Pepper Paddie

 I guess I should have planted rice.  I put my tomatoes and peppers out last evening and it rained all night.  I bought rutgers, arkansas travelers, celebrities, and better boys.  I bought several types of peppers.  I thought one batch was too little to sit out and I will keep them on the porch a little longer. If I had planted the small ones, they would have floated away in this monsoon.
 Whether or not anything else grows, the weeds will come.  There is a verse in the Bible that says to leave the weeds and remove them at the harvest.  Our Lord does that.  One day the weeds will be burned and live no more.

Matthew 13:30
Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.
 Last year I planted wild flower seeds in this little garden.  They did not really grow.  Well, this year some have come up...I guess from the old seeds because no flowers bloomed to make new seeds.
 This is the Catalpa tree we got from Wayne Hawkins who lives in GA.  He put it in a pot and gave it to us.  We babied it for the first 6 months in the pot.  I watered it when I sat it out.  It is going to make it I think.  One thing about blogging is there is a record of past days.  See the Georgia tree when we brought it home in the pot below.

 Larry dug this Red Bud up for me from over the fence.  It is really pretty.  I fertilized both trees.  You do it at the edge of the limbs not near the trunk.  Make a circle near the limbs edge around the tree.
 This is an Ash we left in the old fence row between us and Larry's Mom.  It was just a little sprig.  Look at it now.  The fence is gone because we own the Meadow House once more.  See how the grass has grown in the low spot.  Last night, Larry bought a mower you pull behind a four wheeler or we can pull it behind the mule.  It can be off set.  He can drive down our Lane and mow by the fence.
 These Impatients are pretty water logged.
 My porch Impatients are full of blooms.  They will keep this up all summer if I water them.  What I like is you do not have to pull off the blooms.
 Here is my Grandma Powell Geranium.  I have pulled the blooms once and more are appearing now.
 Below you see the on marked down flower that did not do well.  There were 4 of these and all died but this one.  It starts with a v something like Vensa or Venga.  I am going to put the moss above in the pot.  I will move the one little flower if it lives.  See the small peppers.  I am glad I did not set them out.
Begonias like water so they are thriving.

Hump Day

Tomorrow is hump day, but when you don't work it really does not matter.  Sigrid was a little sad over my red hummingbird feeders.  Her Pop ordered her the one above.  Prettier than mine.  She already has it full of sugar water and the birds have tried  it out.
 Pop and Sigrid made a dog house for Siggie's dog, Ju Ju.  He made the walls out of ceder and planed and sanded it smooth.  The top is plywood.  Sigrid painted the top and trim.
 Ju Ju seems to think it is okay.
 Mr. Harpenau took Astrid's picture with her art work.  Aunt Erin thought I should not have posted some stranger's work along with hers on the last entry.
 Clayton is in the first grade...this says Cinderella met many new friends at the ball.  She met 25 girls that wore pink dresses and 26 girls that wore purple dress.  Then she met 10 girls that wore yellow dresses.  How many girls did she meet.
Clayton got the right answer which he usually does.  Sometimes he knows the answer but does not really know how he knows the answer.  He will tell Erin..."I just know that is the answer".  He is really a smart boy and good at math.  I think this is a complicated problem for a first grader!
Clayton reminds me of the boy in this picture!