Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Schools Out For Some

 Clayton and Greta went to the Parks and Rec Camp sponsored by City of Harrison today.  They both had friends there and enjoyed the activities.  They will swim several hours each morning.  Clayton is conducting Summer School in their spare time.  Greta will learn a lot.
 Sophie likes her new back yard and by darn if any old ground hog is going to live there!
 This is Astrid's favorite teacher--Mrs. Hamm--I think she teaches Chemistry.  Mrs. Hamm has no children.  She and Astrid are big buds.  Astrid attends her work out class at a local gym early in the morning a couple of times a week.  Mrs. Hamm played basketball in college.  She is a neat lady.
Ingrid got this in the mail today--says she is responsible, hard working, intelligent, competitive, friendly, funny, a role model!  Wow, what great compliments.  Ingrid deserves them all!  Ingrid tried out for High School Volleyball today.  I have my fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ready For Church

Greta is ready for church.  A teacher at Sig's band concert told me that he could tell kids who went to church without asking as they could sit quietly and listen for 30 minutes because they sit in church and behave during the sermon.  Is it true?

Three Little Pigs

First little pig sent money to buy flowers for graves.
Second little pig went to store and bought bushels of flowers.
Third little pig put them all together into beautiful arrangements.

Three little pigs cheered all the way home!
 Above all the flowers the second little pig bought at the dollar store.
 Above might be Clayton's or Mom and Dad's not sure.
 Lots done.  I know below these are Janet's and Sister Patsy's.
 Not sure but either Maples or Dad and Mom's or Clayton's.

 Grandpa and Grandma Gaddy's.
 Below pink for Sweet Sister Debbie Lee!
Just part of the mess.
Second little pig is going back today for more flowers as first little pig sent plenty of money and third little pig will be back at work again.

50 Years Apart

Astrid is an usher at the 2017 Russellville High School graduation.  50 years ago, Betty Powell was an usher at the Green Forest High School graduation.  No one took my picture but here is one of my Astrid.  I recall we were to wear white or red.  Astrid said they were to wear white or black.  I barely remember it but I think I handed out a program.  Too much water under the bridge since 1967.  Astrid looks very professional in her black and white outfit.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bower's Hollow Falls

 Laura went on a hike on Mother's Day.  Astrid picked the path--Bower's Hollow Falls.  Laura loves hiking, but poison ivy allergy makes it hard for her when the leaves turn green.  She caught it again and is in misery you could say.  I bet she is still glad she went.
Here Astrid says, "come on, old folks!"
 Got to thinking--which is dangerous for me--"explore and you will know more"!  How true.  Below Astrid is getting a close look at Bower's Hollow Falls.

Get out, Get Lost, Get Found

Astrid screen printed me a T shirt of her design.  I really like it and am wearing it today.

We got a good rain so maybe all the garden will come up.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Greta The Grad

 Greta graduated from Kindergarten today.  Below she is receiving a gift for having an amazing memory.
Isn't she beautiful.

Jot That Down

 Yesterday, we went to Mena, Ar.  Larry purchased a Cushman scooter there a couple of months ago.  He has worked on it cosmetically and mechanically and now he may sell it and try to find another one to ticker with.  This one belonged to an older man in Mena who passed away.  His sons sold it to Larry and then found a box of stuff that belonged to the Cushman.   We drove there to retrieve the box.

We passed through Pine Ridge, AR where the famous Lum and Abner Store is located.
Hope my five grands have a great day, plus my two Sisters.  Hope Helen continues to mend.  She has been sick almost two months.  She said yesterday she thought she was getting better.   At least she got a good report from the "C" doctor yesterday!

Tender Mercies

Psalm 40:11 Withhold not thou thy tender mercies from me, O Lord: let thy loving kindness and thy truth continually preserve me.
Lord granted The Three Sisters tender mercies today.  We give Him thanks and praise His name.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Schools Drawing Near End

 Greta played in her last soccer game.   Above she is expressing how she feels that the season is ending.  She has really played well.  She may attend a soccer camp this summer.  Erin said Clayton and she will be attending the Harrison City Parks Camp all summer.  It is expensive but they get to "do" a lot and most baby sitters just have the kids lay around and watch tv.

 Ingrid went to something and got an award.  I really don't know what it was for, but I am sure she deserved it!

 Sigrid was on a dodge ball team for field day.  I love the back pose!
Laura came and helped with my garden yesterday.  All planted.  Eric and Astrid took Laura on a hike to Bowen's Falls for Mother's Day...she got a bonus gift--poison ivy.  I hope it does not get as bad as it was last time.

Astrid is ending her junior year.   Next year will be her last in High School.  Time flies.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Momma and Daddy

Mom and Dad were married 80 years ago today by his Uncle Rev. Jesse Powell.  Momma's dress was true blue as she was.   She was giving, kind, and steadfast.   Dad was caring, sure, and true.  They made a great couple.  They complimented each other.  She did not voice an opinion and he had strong ones about nearly everything.  I am glad they found each other or I would not be here today.

 The little bird below is a Nuthatch.  It will be upside down on the tree.  It sort of looks like a Chickadee only larger and mostly it runs down the tree head first!  It flits about quickly and getting a photo is difficult.

 Below is a Rose Breasted Grosbeak so is the bird above a different version of a Grosbeak?  Or is it a Oriole?
I am headed out to work in my garden!

May Half Over

Listen to my wind chime.  I love the sound it makes.  Laura's bunch got it for me.  Don't forget Erin....when you come bring me another one!

 I bought Laura two Impatients and Erin a rake.  Well, I bought Laura a rake too, but she said she had just bought a new one.
 Greg said he is afraid Erin's hand does not fit a rake.
 We did not have a dinner Mother's Day.  We had dessert, apple pie and strawberry pie.  Laura knows what Momma likes.
 Here is my short cake from the Arkansas strawberries.  When Larry's Mom was a young girl, she went to Marshall and picked strawberries.  I think the group stayed there until the picking was over.  She was about 15.  She had her picture made with a friend there.

 Below is Greta with her Christmas gift from Sigrid.  Sig made it with Pop's help.  The jars can hold whatever you want to keep in them.  Above,  Clayton has two new shelves in his room.  I tried to see what he was reading but could not make it out.

 Erin's bunch are enjoying their fire pit.  Clayton and his Dad are having a serious discussion about something.