Saturday, July 30, 2016


Sigrid made strawberry cake and brought us a slice to have with our coffee.  It sure was tasty.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Picked One

Well, we actually picked two.  Took one up to Spadra to Jonell with her birthday card.  She texted me that hers was ripe.  Hope this one is.  Kenny gave us filleted fish.  We are sitting pretty!

Medals Around Her Neck!

Sigrid got a bunch of medals at the Paris Meet.  She is clicking this year in swimming.   When she swims the back stroke it is so beautiful.  Grace in the water.  She just glides through fast and easy.   I love watching her backstroke.  This Friday she swims at Alma, AR.  Pop is going to this meet.  They always have ice cream at Brahms afterwards.

Laura took me to Sams today.  I like to buy things that last months.  I don't think I save any money especially when you count the membership.  It was a nice day being with my daughter.  We came back by Target at Conway and Laura picked up some items on sale for the girls.  I am funding some new clothes for Sigrid this school start.  there are lots of things she is not crazy about.  She does not really like stylish jeans with zippers and buttons.  She prefers pull on pants like younger kids wear.  She does not really like tennis shoes.  If hers still fit, she will not want any.  She likes those slip on shoes they call "togs" or something like that.  She does not want to wear any top that someone might be able to "see through".  She is really very modest.  She told me that she did not like teachers that talk all the time.  She said, "I want them to tell me what to do and then shut up so I can do it".  All the girls have their Daddy for a teacher in 7th grade.  Most older teacher lecture a lot.  I told Sigrid to get ready to not really like her Dad's class as he probably talks a lot.  I know I did.

Yesterday was Dad's birthday.  He was 101.  I thought of it several times but did not post about it.   He was a good man.  In old age, he was graceful about living.  He took over a lot of the stuff Momma always did.  He never complained.  I was blessed to have him, but only for 73 years.  I was 38 years old then he passed away.  He would not like our world today and I am glad he does not have to "live in" the mess we do.  

Monday, July 25, 2016


 Laura's bunch went to that quaint little town today in Carroll County.  Astrid wanted to see what type of things were in some of the art stores.  Sigrid looks really grown up in these pictures.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Clayton--Month Late

 Clayton came down for his presents.  Sigrid made his cake.  It was cute and the cake part was totally delicious.  Greta was being shy in the picture.
 Erin commissioned this from Astrid.  It is truly beautiful.  She said it was one of the hardest ones because of all the writing.  She does it all by hand.

Fifty Years Together

My dear cousin has been married to Mike Sneed for 50 years.  It is hard to imagine as they are still so young.  I have been thinking about this Jim Croce song and I am dedicating it here to Winnie and Mike!  They have had lots of time together.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Time Flows On

 Clayton and Greta are a cowboy and princess.  Ingrid is going where ever she is invited and that is lots of places.  Sigrid has a swimming competition today in Paris.  Tomorrow Clayton is coming here for a birthday bash a month overdue.   Time is not in a bottle. Moments are poured out and gone.
 Sigrid is racking up wins over in Paris (Arkansas that is)!  She won overall in backstroke, her favorite.  She took second in butterfly, and and even more first in the relays.  She will be wearing heavy metal again!
First Place Freestyle Relay!!  
Sig's a Fish!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Astrid Works

 Here is another chalk board Astrid fixed at work displaying a cute top and choker.
 She also finished this deer head for one of Erin's friends.  

Tilling Corn Stalks Under

 All the corn is cut off and in the freezer.

 Larry tilled the corn stalks under.   We can't mow down the corn in the back garden because that is where the watermelons are.  We need a rain on them.

Working Down Town

Astrid is working at a little dress shop which was at one time in down town of our little city.  It has moved to one of the little malls, but when I saw they had Astrid modeling this dress at their site  It brought to mind a song by Putulia Clark.  Popular about 1965, when I was Astrid's age today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Winding Down

 Clayton and Greta has a great time on their northern tour.  Erin says she wants to go back that way next year as it is so cool and clean up there.

 Here is Sigrid with all the signs on her back during her swim meet.  Astrid did the honors and it looks like an artist work.
Some of Sigrid's Medals