Sunday, October 21, 2018


 Ingrid and her friends

 Ingrid and Claire
 Ingrid and Adon
 Sista, Sista
 Mother ~ Daughter

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ingrid Going To big Dance

Ingrid is going to the Sadie's Dance with Adon.  Her feller from Pottsville.  She surely looks pretty.  Laura has them order inexpensive dresses from the internet and no has one like theirs that way.  Also they are much more reasonable in price.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday, Again

On FB Syble's family shared this picture of her and Leon.  It was right after they married.  They were both sweet friends and cousins.  The year was 1946.
And this one of Syble and Leon and their children about 15 years later!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Clayton, Artist

Art by Clay!!
Clayton has lots of artistic talent!  And...Greta has athletic talent.  She won a book today at school.  I know she was proud.  It had something to do with the alphabet.  Greta went for her well check and she is 98 percentile in height.  She is point guard for her basketball team, but may end up playing low post if she keeps with basketball. 

It was cool today, did not rain so that was nice.  Phinnie and I walked a little. Pop picked up Sig.  She forgot her phone in her school locker, but Pop took her back to Jr. High to get it.  We pick her up on Tuesday and Thursday at Oakland heights.   She rides the bus over there with her friend Maddie.  Maddie's Mom teaches there.  It is closer to us and we pick her up later so we don't ever have to wait in line.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Huntin' She Can Go

 Ingrid took the hunter ed course with her feller friend and she can tote a gun in the woods.  She says she is going to shoot a squirrel like her Pop--we will see!
Laura's school dressed as tacky tourist today.  Ingrid told her Momma that she looked 13 years old.  Now, that was a real compliment.

If you look at Laura's chair you will see a red blanket--it was made by my Momma for Laura when she was about 6 years old.  She still loves it.  It is thread bare but has lots of safe memories in the threads.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Cedar Chest Collection

These were inside Elizabeth Blevins' cedar chest.  I would guess they were given to children.  I tried to enlarge the photo and see the year.  Once I recall sending Gilbert a card that had slots for money.  Seems like it was about 50 cents in it.  I was in college and he was about 6 or 7  years old.  These are called liberty dimes, I think.    
It is cool and wet here today.  I think it is going to colder now.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Feeding Family

Clayton is helping with the grocery bill.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Astrid's Race Today

Astrid's race today was the last of the season.  They will have conference and regions.  She goes to practice each morning at 5:30 A M, then she has school, and then she has work.  I am proud of all her diligence.
She finished in front of a girl on her team who has been besting her.   I know it felt good to run strong today!

Another Season Ended

I took my hummingbird feeder down and cleaned it up for next year.  Larry and I were afraid the birds would not leave unless I removed their food source.  We continued to have a few birds at the feeder.   So now the feeder is hanging in the shop all clean and ready for next spring.

My devotional was about keeping ones thoughts and plans on good things and not letting oneself go in the other direction.  Junk thoughts were compared to junk food.  One can live on junk food but what a better life one has with a healthy diet.  My plan is to not fill my thoughts with "empty" doings today!

The man that came with brother Gary to take away our dead Ash tree for his fireplace died suddenly of a heart attack.  He was only 57.

I am working on an afghan for Astrid.   Laura found the pattern and it is an easy one.  It uses two strands of yarn at once making it heavier.
After I finish this one, I am going to try to make another out of Janet Poor's yarn that Helen gave me.   I don't have as much choice as to what color to use from it, but I still have a huge tub of that yarn.  I will make a baby blanket too for Erin and Greg's new baby.  There is quite a lot of baby yarn in the tub.

Our taxes are due and we will deposit the check in the County's drop box this weekend.  Mom always worried about paying taxes.  She would ask me each year, have you paid your taxes?  It was hard for my parents to pay the taxes on the farm each year.  Sometimes they even had to borrow the money for the taxes from the bank and pay it back in installments then it was time to pay them again.  Have you paid your taxes?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sigrid's Retro Look

During Homecoming week, the students dress in a certain manner each day.  Today was into the past!  Sig has it going on.

Sig and her volleyball pals yesterday.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


 It was dress up day and she has on the old Whirlwind colors.  I love the way the pic is distorted I guess from the angle Laura took it.
Here is the volleyball group from last evening. I don't know if it is 8th and 9th grade or just 9th.  I could not find Sig and Laura.  But I don't see too well.

Sigrid's Last Game

 Today was Sig's last volleyball game so I went to support her.  She tells me anytime we discuss volleyball  that she doesn't care for it much.
Greg's recliner has been broken for some time.  Erin found this used one on swap for 50 bucks.  Clayton helped carry it in so he was the first to enjoy it.  It is really about the same as the old one.  Erin said the old one was 13 years old.  She doubts this one will last that long.