Thursday, June 22, 2017

Chickens Getting Feathers

 I have 11 baby chicks.  I bought 6 at Atwoods.  They said guaranteed a week.  I picked one really small and it died.  The guy said just bring back the merchandise.   Siggie thought that sounded gross, but I did and THEN the person at service said the guarantee was only 24 hours!  Well, that was not what I was told so I just kept repeating what the sales person told and they did give me my 4 bucks back.  Each Bantie was 4 dollars!  I should not have chosen the really small one, but now I know I only have 24 hours to take the merchandise back!  Wonder what they did with the merchandise?

I get 10 dollars of 10 at Pennys a lot.  I usually get Larry a t shirt.  He has to have extra tall and if they are on sale usually the shirt will be 2 or 3 dollars with the 10 off.   He has to have a pocket so I have to make sure I pick one with a pocket.  Well, this last time, I got a U S Polo!  It has the little horse as a logo.  Larry looked at the tag and said, "hmm U S Polo, made in Bangladesh!"   Who would have "thought" it!!

We dug out the game camera.  I am anxious to see the deer devils touch their noses to the hot wire.  I will take great pleasure in their pain!

My grands are going to the beach and will be gone for 10 days...I will miss them, but will have their 3 dogs to console me.

Astrid is loving her new job.  She just has to be nice to people and check them in the business computer.  She is inherently nice so it is easy for her.  Today, she got up early and went with her friend, Logan, to LR to the doctor.  He rolled his fingers in a machine a few weeks ago and they are still healing.  At least, he got to keep the fingers and it was his left hand.

I am washing sheets today.  It is cooler.  I walked my 2 miles this morning and went to Walmart early so I would not have to see people.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bubble Blowing

Ingrid and Eli--I think she went to watch his baseball game.  I am so old I recall his father playing baseball.
 Sigrid decided she wanted makeup.  She looks pretty with or without it.
 This bird really likes my bird bath!
 My Day Lilies
 Tiger Lilies blooming.
Greta has learned to blow bubbles.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Today

When Clayton and Greta came Sunday, Sigrid entertained them in the swimming pool for a couple of hours.  

Clayton is skinny and always looking for nourishment.   Here I hear him ask Laura about eating the leftovers from their cake and she tells him to cover his backside!  What a boy!

Astrid is enjoying her new job.  She will be able to do homework there this fall.  She checks patrons in as the come to workout.  What a neat job.
My Forgotten Dreams are blooming.  I have many forgotten dreams.   I always wanted to write a book.   No, write lots of books.  I never have written even a short story!  Dreams forgotten are replaced by new ones.  All those old forgotten ones were about ME and all my new dreams are about my five grandchildren.  I dream so much for them.  Please, Lord, do not forsake me as I ask for Your blessings to go to each one of them and for you to protect and prosper them.   
 Do you see my new idea for watering the watermelons.  I hope it works well.  Larry drilled holes in the bottom of each bucket.  I fill the buckets with water and the water seeps out to the plants.  The whirl a gigs are to frightened the crows and black birds away.
 Larry finished my happy birthday gift.  It will give a charge to whatever touches it.  He bought an 80 dollar battery to make it work.  Clayton and Greta touched it for 3 bucks each just to show Pop how brave they were.  They said it just tingled.

 Before Larry even finished with the hot wire, we noticed the neighbors sneaking in to ruin our labor.
 This one said--"I'll hide behind this tree and that old blind woman will not see me".  Wrong!   I had Larry get the gun and send a blast warning to the sweet little devil.  The Bible says that the devil will come in sheep's clothing and these darlings prove that axiom to be true.
 Black Diamond Watermelons

 Larry found this solar fence charger in the shop.  It was still in the box.  We bought it for the big dog kennel almost 10 years ago, but it is going to be a great asset to my fence.  We will not have to charge and change a battery to keep the wire hot...old sol will do the work for us!  Larry is connecting it today.  First, he put it in this chair to see if it was going to work.  It said it might take 5 days to charge but after one day in the hot sun here, it is ready to work.
Today is summer--Erin told me this morning.  I would have sworn it came last week when I was so hot I could not breathe.  The 20th of the month was my pay day for nearly 40 years.  When I see 20 on the calendar I still smile.  June 20th we got 3 checks so it made me really smile.

Hope Helen is having a blast and will get back to Douglas Road safe and sound.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Feast

Eric and Laura fixed Larry a big supper on Father's Day.    He sure enjoyed it.

Another big hit on his day was Erin and Greg and the kids coming to see him.  We had a very nice day.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Giving A Friend A Lift

Greta is giving her doll a ride on her bike.  I can hear Erin tell her to be sure to face the doll forward so she can see.

These are Ingie's feet in the shoes I helped pay for.  I love my Birkenstocks.
 Sigrid had a swim meet last evening.  I know the Melody Relay she was in got 2nd place.  I thinks she is the one in red.
 If you want something, be bold.  I told Erin I wanted a book for my birthday and I received 5!!!
 This is the one I am reading first.  It is really good.  I will blog about it after i finish it.  Do you know what a Hutterite is?   I must confess, I did not.
 I have already read Moonshiner's Daughter, but I will read it again.  Limping through life....really looks good.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy Birthday, Pop

 Here is Pop's cake made especially by Sigrid.  It was white, split in half with lemon filling between the layers.  It was really delicious.   Astrid made a sign for our back porch.  We spend a lot of time out there watching the garden grow and the birds visiting.
 Pop was really impressed with the work of art Sigrid created.
 We have a special family that we are so proud of.   Erin's bunch promised to come Sunday!
 A butterfly emerged from it's cocoon for Pop's birthday.  What a special birthday gift!

More VBS

Erin shared Clayton and Greta performing at VBS.

Today is my dear husband's birthday.  Sigrid is making him a cake.  I know it will be soooo good.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Vacation Bible School

Clayton and Greta are attending VBS this week.  Erin is in the kitchen.  She said she was exhausted.  Tonight is the final night.

When Fleta and I were little girls we went to VBS at Douglas.  Miss Fern Eldridge was in charge of the study.  We made hand prints.  Momma had them a long, long time but I guess they finally fell apart.  I can not recall a thing about going, but I know I did.  Fleta probably remembers it well.  Helen was too young to go I think.

Picture Wall

Sigrid got the idea some time ago to have a picture wall.  She took down all these pictures several months ago.  Well, now that school is out for the summer,  she got busy this week and fixed her wall.  I think she did a great job.

She has her first swim meet Friday.   Wishing her success!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Up, Up, She Climbed

Greta says, "Clayton look!"

Well, today is my birthday and Friday is Larry's.  We will be 135.  You can figure out our ages using algebra.  X + Y = 135 and X + 1 = Y !  So, X + X + 1 = 135!  So 2 X = 135 - 1!  Lots of folks say they don't use algebra, but I always have.  When I am trying to figure out an unknown, I often write out a formula.  I liked algebra but never took very many high level math classes.  I did take algebra in college.  I also often use A squared + B squared = C squared!  Guess I am a little weird!

I saw this picture on the Newton County History site.  it was taken in 1910.  The family lived on the Little Buffalo River!  Looks like they are logging.  I love the picture and wonder who it is!  The site did not say.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!!

 Larry is taking care of the deer in my garden problem for my birthday.  My husband does not do slap jobs.  When he does something, it is thought out and put together like an engineer would procede.  So when is finished, there will be 3 hot wires around my precious vegetables.  I have read about how you apply peanut butter to the wire and the deer will stick their noses to it!!   I plan to try this.  Next year, I may try sweet potatoes again.  Peas and sweet potatoes are favorite foods of deer.
 The garden is growing nicely even though my planting was late.

 I thought I had some type of duck on my pond.  I got my big camera and zoomed in.  How disappointed I was.  This monster will eat all the fish in a pond quickly.  Larry blasted at him with 22 but I think he slid under the water.
 The area in front of the pond is still wet.  Larry mowed it today with the Yellow Cub.  The Bad Boy is not as versatile.

 Ingrid has worked the volleyball camp for little kids this week.  Here she went to a performance in support of her friend Star.
 Ingrid and some of her friends. Notice the bent knees!
Clayton's dog, Bailey, is liking her new home.  She was adopted from the Harrison Humane Society.  Clayton wants her to play with him outside.  I sure hope she will.  You can hear him whistling on the little video Erin sent me.  He is showing off another of his talents.

My Sunflower the birds planted for me to enjoy is beautiful.  I think they are saying--thank you for the bird feeders!
 This flower was sent to Larry's Mom when she passed.  Next year it will be 20 years old!
All my 4 O'clocks are yellow.  Red was my favorite and I have only yellow now.  I guess the yellow was the hardiest.
 I still have 6 chicks and they are growing nicely.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Garden Sass

 Larry set two posts and ran a coated line for my tomatoes.  In about 2 weeks he will add one.  We hope we can leave this and plow around it.  It is really laborious to put up a fence each year and then tear it down.  We had done that until last year.  Last year, I tried using straw under the tomatoes and letting them fall over.  Total failure.  So we are trying this.  I hope it works well.  After the tomato row I have two rows of okra.  Larry loves it.  So do the deer. Then I have two rows of contender green beans.
 After my green beans, I have a row of squash and then 7 hills of Black Diamond watermelons and 6 rows of sweet corn.
 I put 50 pounds of fertilizer on the watermelons and corn today.  I must pull the pellets toward the corn so it will mix with the soil.  I am bushed.  So it may be tomorrow before I get that done.   I thinned the corn but it is still pretty thick.  Larry has noticed that all the corn farmers leave their corn thick.
 This is a sunflower that my birds planted.
 I only bought two pots of flowers this year.  I like them but always just throw them away in the fall.  It seems like a waste.
 These are the Swamp Daisies my friend Rhonda gave me.  She said they would get thicker and they have.  The bloom in October.
 I have some mint that Fleta gave me years ago.  Any fool can grow mint.  It is like a weed.
 I am babying two Saw Tooth Oak trees.  I planted two in the yard and have two in pots.  I am hoping someone will want them.  If not, I will set them out somewhere this fall.  This Oak is a fast growing Oak.
Last but definitely not least,  Clayton got his pup today.  He named her Bailey.  He got Bailey for making good grades.   I hope he continues with the grade success and pray Bailey will be the perfect dog.   Every boy needs a dog.