Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Phineas T.

 Our Phineas is not named for the cartoon character, but the man who said, "there is a sucker born every minute!"  We are it!  All Phinie has to do is bark and and we will pet him.    He is a very smart guy.  He has found his two suckers!

Need A Little Rain To Fall

 If it weren't for sinking into quick sand, we could trot across Galla Lake.  It is half dry.  Surely, need rain.  I think we are behind 15 inches.
 Larry thinks he might fish by riding the 4 wheeler near the water.  If he tossed his line from his normal post, it would hit dry land.

 Upper lake is only a few mud holes.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Out The Door Early

Laura and Ingie were out the door early today.  They had to go to the Dr. Licensing bureau so Ingie would be legal to navigate around in the Pathfinder!

We had pumpkin pie last evening to celebrate her 16th birthday. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ingrid--Happy Birthday

Ingie is 16 today!!  She is a special young lady.   Happy Birthday--little girl!  Outside has changed but inner heart is just the same!
I may not like what you like
Or do what you do
I can make my own choices
And to my own self be true!
My favorites probably are not
The ones you like best
I really don't care
I pick for myself.

Miss Merry Christmas--Emily!

 Fleta's Granddaughter, Emily, was crowned Miss Merry Christmas at Green Forest High School!  Congratulations!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cold Again

It was 25 here last evening.  Erin has a way of putting anything into perspective as she said "winter has not arrived yet".  Love that girl.

Clayton's little pup has grown into a huge dog!
Fleta went yesterday and chose a headstone for her and George.  She decided on red like the others there by the road. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Brrr 16 Degrees

Erin sent this to me early this morning.  It was 21 degrees here in Galla Meadow.  Growing up we only had a wood stove.  Momma got up early and got a fire going.  Fleta and I had to gather kindling for her to start it with.  We often dressed near the wood stove for school.  We had a gas cook stove in the kitchen and she would have the oven on high to start breakfast.  We often had oatmeal, homemade biscuits, bacon.  We were allowed to drink coffee if we wanted it.   We fixed it half milk so it was warm.  Sometimes, Mom made cinnamon rolls out of the left over biscuit dough.  I recall Daddy putting a pan of ashes under the car to warm up the oil so it would start.  We were poor, but rich!  I can never recall feeling I was not "as good" as someone else.

It is cool in the house this morning.  I can turn up the central heat if I want to.  I did not have to look on the rock quarry for kindling to start a fire today.  Thankful today.

Ole Number 12

 Fleta remembers that Clayton was number 12.  I did not.  In the individual photos there were 2 number 12's.  Notice in the group only brother is number 12.  It went like this--Coach said--"I would like Cook to have an individual photo but he does not have a jersey.  Would anyone let him take his picture in theirs?"  Brother stepped forward as usual--"I will" he said and he did.  So there are two number 12's!

Shield Against the World

Astrid sent this letter to her Dad.  I could not help but think....a shield against the world.  My Grands are all so blessed to have a Dad standing firm in their lives.  So thankful today. 
Taking Ingie and Astie lunch for Ingie's birthday today.  Ingie picked chicken noodle soup and water!  She is a twiggy girl.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ring Those Bells

 This is Astrid with her friend, Ann.  Ann was an exchange student in France I think and has to get some more credits to graduate here. I think she is a year older than Astrid.  I remember her from RMS.   I think the girls were ringing bells for the Salvation Army, but am not sure.
 Ingie showing off a big hair look.  She will be 16 Sunday.  She excited because Monday she will be driving to school.  She is applying for jobs too.  Hope she finds one!
Erin's bunch has been putting together puzzles.  This one took a couple of days she said.  Greta is still loving playing the guitar!  Hope the inspiration continues. 

Laura took a day off and helped her Dad and I take down the last 3 trusses from the carport.  Larry's brother helped, too.  Now,  he just has to haul it home.  The city made my friend, Kay, take it down.  They do not allow portable carports.  Putting the carport up again will not be too difficult because we will have the big tractor.  It is going to be a tractor port!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

5th Grade

Here I am in grade 5!  Wow, and there is Jonell very near!  Our teacher was Alice Widner!  This is the year I told Mrs. Widner that I had no money for lunch and would just sit in the room and wait.  Can you believe she let me!  When the class was safely down the sidewalk, I ran all the way to Green Forest and bought candy with my 15 cents.  There was no free lunch then.  I bought that powder kool aid like stuff for a penny and poured in into my mouth.   Looks like ole Alice would have noticed my red tongue after lunch!  Sometimes, I talked Sandy D. to going with me.  I sure had an imagination!

This was also the year that Dad had a nervous breakdown.  He was in the Veteran's Hospital for a while.  Fleta and I milked the cows and heaved the milk cans into the cooler.  Clayton drove the school bus.  We all pitched in and made it through a tough time.  Richard was married to Barbara.  He drove Mom to Fayetteville.  He also paid for cow feed for the cows.  He worked at Evan's Feed Mill. 
Gilbert was born in July of 1961.  Over 50 years have passed,  time marches on.