Thursday, April 17, 2014

Volleyball Mixed With Basketball

Ingrid is still trying out for 7th grade volleyball.  She is really good at this sport and I know the coaches all hope they get her on their team!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Professional Lady

 Missy does look the part of a CPA, but what caught my eye was at her feet.  Is that Momma's old cedar chest.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weed In The Meadow

I think all flowers descend from weeds!

Clayton Is BIG!!

I see a big great white shark!

Happy Birthday, Melissa

My picture is more recent that Fleta's.

Pass, Hit Volley

Ingrid is trying out for volleyball at RMS.  She is next to the bleachers in the orange shirt.  She loves volleyball and so do I.  I am excited to get to go to games at my old school next year and cheer for Ingrid!

Dogwood's Blooming

 I went over to the Galla Creek House to get a picture of my Momma's Lilac.  Several Dogwoods were in bloom behind the house.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ingrid Makes All A's

Ingrid is receiving a medal for making all A's.  Lori Edgin (Principal of her school) is presenting it to her.  Looks like she is taller than Lori!

Greta Does Homework!

Greta is serious about what she is doing.  I am excited for her to get her hearing aids in a few weeks.  I hope she smiles when she hears!
Here is Claytons picture...see the x over the rain drops.  Clayton said "oh, it was not raining".

Bird At The Pond

 Spotted this bird at the pond and zoomed in for a look.  I guess it is a crane.  Really neat visitor.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Ice Girl

 Ingrid's initials spell ice, but she is very warm hearted.

Below is Astrid's necklace arrow!  It looks very nice.

Irises and Idle Days

 I don't have to work. I can be idle.  That is hard for me to get used to.  Sigrid designed the peacock and I bought a cup for Larry and note cards for me. It is a beautiful image.
 This Woodpecker lives in my yard.  I see him daily and am happy to have him living in my trees.

 The rose is looking better this year...fuller with more life.
 My white lilac is blooming.  Larry's Mom moved it here from her old place.  I have a purple lilac at the Galla Creek house from Momma's bush.  Momma got the lilac from Grandma Gaddy.  Larry bought me a purple lilac but it is not old enough to bloom.

 This is the first Iris bloom I have seen this year.  I took a bad angle to the picture so it is not really pretty.  Larry's friend gave me this old tool for a flower garden ornament.  We think it was used in a saw mill to splice something together, a belt that ran the saw.