Saturday, February 25, 2017

Be Careful Little Ears

 Looks like Greta Ann went for a hearing evaluation.  I will ask Erin about how it turned out.  It reminded me of this song.

 Greta loves playing and moving.   She is very athletic.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday For Working Folks

I looked at IstG and found some photos I wanted to share.  Below is Lucky Number 7 with two of her Suns Volleyball teammates--twins!  They always were their hair different to help folks tell them apart.
This is my Great Great Niece--Gabby--she smiles in most of the pictures I see of her.  
Astrid took this mirror selfie when she was getting set for Color's Day.  It is in the locker room at RHS.   
I have been up a while.  I know all workers are so glad this day is here.  I think of Fleta--older than myself--and still toiling away.  Friday is here and maybe she can get some rest this weekend.  

I am taking my tax stuff to CPA today.   Not excited about it as I always have to pay and each year we pay a little more than the previous one.  As long as I have enough to pay what I owe, I am fine!  

I have been outside and filled my feeders.  Got a perm yesterday.  I had to sit for 3 hours and my leg hurt more last evening.  I need to keep moving.  Dr. has not called yet with my referral.   

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hindsight is 20 / 20

Sigrid will be 12 in March. This was her first look at her world. Laura has the girls fix their lunches. I think she has them make the sandwiches for all week and each day they put one in their lunch sack. Laura looked at Sig's stack of sandwiches and each had a big bite taken out of them!
Helen said it best about raising kids! Hindsight makes it easy, but when you are in the throes the task it is not so simple. My recipe for raising is "not too much"!!Just think if you add too much love you get doting. Too much freedom dangerous. Too much togetherness, hovering. Too much praise makes one think they are perfect. Too much discipline becomes cruelty. No discipline makes one lax. The list could go on and on. Guess that is why being a parent is a for those less than 50!! Most parents are doing more than parenting. The good ones are trying--Erin said--"doing our best"!! So what more could be expected of a parent than doing their best. Hindsight makes any chore an easy one!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Harvard Ideas

 Greta and Clayton got to stay home President's Day.  They rode bikes and above Erin is walking and they are way ahead of her.  They ride a little ways and play at a park--it maybe a church play ground.
 Greta is concentrating as you can see her tongue is focused!
 Clayton's bike is getting too small.  By summertime, he will need a taller one.
 The "Easter" lilies will not last long.  I think they are pretty early this year.
 I think this is a wild cherry.   Patsy would know in a heart beat!
Saw this on FB.  It is from a Harvard Psychology group.  I think it all boils down to what your children "see" you do and how you interact with them.   A lot of wise words tumble from our lips but children are more visual and they see what you do.   All the blab from your mouth is worthless if you don't back it up with actions.  Parents are models and most children follow what they live and see.  

1.  Spend quality time with your children!

2.  Let your children see you as a MORAL role model and mentor.

3.  Teach your child to care for others and set high ethical expectations.

4.  Encourage children to practice appreciation and gratitude.

5.  Teach children to see the "big" picture.

Ingrid Smiling

Spotted this photo on the JR High FB page.  

Memory Triggers

 Laura does not have to tell Siggie to "wash her face".   She will spend her own money on facial cleansers and such.   Astrid, some of Astrid's friends, and Siggie made their own blackhead removal face cleaner last weekend.  I went over across the pasture for something and Sig answered the door and above photo is what I saw!    She said "I can't talk or smile as my face is stuck like this."  They had mixed Elmer's school glue, charcoal and no telling whatelse and applied it to their faces.    Later that evening Laura some of the girls came over and Siggie face was pretty red!   She was going to apply aloe vera to it before bed!   One of her favorite things to watch is DR. Pimple Popper on U Tube.
Looking at Sigrid brought back memories of me in our Jr. Class play.  I am on the back row with the white apron!  Today, the play and the part I played would not be allowed in public schools, but in 1967 we were unaware of what could be deemed unacceptable.   Well, Sigrid triggered this memory of myself.  I can't recall what was applied to my face.  Too bad we did not know about Elmer's glue and charcoal!

I am the first cast member listed. but I certainly was not the star!!  Laquita and Carroll have already passed away.
 In the same yearbook, I spotted Jonell and I side by side.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Up Up To The Eye Of The Needle

Laura and Astrid hiked the Indian Creek Trail Sunday.  It is Astrid's favorite of all their hikes and is not for a beginner.  Laura never made it to  "eye of the needle".  Sometimes, we have to say to our children--"go on, I will wait here".  Laura did and Astrid made it up to the awesome site.  She took a few phone photos and shared some with me.  Sharing with you here.
 Looking through the "Eye of the Needle"
Astrid made this little video while she was sitting in the "Eye".

Found this information about the Indian Creek Trail!
Indian Creek Trail is a 4.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Jasper, Arkansas that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.  The trail is known for the most accidents in the Buffalo River trail system.  To reach the falls you must scramble through a rocky creek, at times wading through water or you must travel on the sheer edge of a high bluff, or a combination of the above.  The reward is in the scenery.

I chose a video of another's hike to share.  It is the second half of their hike.  Laura said the hike was about 5 miles and it wore her out as the terrain is difficult to navigate.

Wonderful Afternoon

 Erin brought the children down to visit.  We could not have had a nicer afternoon.  They love playing outside.
 Every half hour they brought up wanting to go over to Sigrid's but she had volleyball and Laura and Astrid hiked to the "Eye of the Needle" and they were not home.  Astrid has shared photos of the hike and I will share them this week.
 Before long, Clayton and Greta were hot from all the biking, running and playing.  Clayton took off his shirt.  We headed to Galla Lake so he could skip rocks.  Greta turned cartwheels all the way there.  She is a great little tumbler!
 Skip a rock--Clayton could make a flat one skip a half a dozen times.
Galla Lake is a peaceful place even for a small child.

 Finally late in the afternoon, Greta spotted Astrid's Jeep over on Galla Lane and soon they were speeding across the pasture to see their Auntie.   They both adore Auntie Laura!
 Greta could not keep up with the long legged boy.  He is almost as tall as his Grandmother and he is only in the third grade.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Purple Finch--A Little Friend

 The Purple Finches stay with me year round.  I see the Yellow Finch only in the early spring.  The photos here are of the male Purple Finch.  The little female is mostly brown, but slender and dainty.

 I see my Doves daily.  They were here this morning early.

 Sigrid is playing volleyball with the Tech Sun's team.  She enjoys playing and will probably continue.

 Erin took Clayton and Greta to the Harrison City Park yesterday.  It is really nice.  There are lots of trails to ride and things to see.   A stream to toss rock into--all boys love that.
 Greta showing how strong she is and Clayton can hold up a concrete bridge.

 Exercise is so important for growing muscles.  Looks like these two are getting into the ride!   Many children just sit inside and interact  media games.  Clayton and Greta want to be outside moving and exploring their environment.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Shelf--Loaded with Love

 Larry put my shelf up above my table.  I loaded it down with love!
 I had a new cousin match this week.  So I searched FB for her and boom I found her.  Since I don't have FB, I did not send her a message.  We are really closely related.  When she finally gets in Buster's file, she will match even closer to him.  Nancy was born in Iowa and lived a long time in California.  Now, she has lost her spouse and retired to Oregon.

Friday, February 17, 2017

More Yellow Finches

 So glad Fleta is taking over some of Sister Patsy's job.  I guess she just got tired of me wondering about the bright yellow and dull yellow colors.   I snapped these two photos today of my Yellow Finches.  I only a few but maybe more will come.
 Sister Explains all About Our Little Yellow Finch

 One of our Feists passed Feb.15th.  He was 8 and half years old and such a great friend to our family.  He was well enough to eat his dinner and then was gone that afternoon.  I used the cross Amy-Patsy gave me last summer to mark his grave.  This summer Larry will find him a big stone marker over on the hill and move it with the back hoe.  Rip old Tie!

New Paper Towel Rack

 Larry made this paper towel holder for me.  He said I could use the shelves for spices, but it is too pretty for that.  I put my antique tooth pick holder and the pictures of Clayton and Greta that I kept on my desk when I was teaching.   He has made a new shelf to go above the table where I keep the coffee pot and I am anxious for him to get it on the wall.

I am loving my towel holder.

 Helen's yellow finches came south.  I had a couple today and took these photos from inside the house.  I hope I get dozens like she has.  I am thinking there is a "canary" yellow finch and then these lighter colored ones.  They definitely have yellow on their breast as she said.   Hope you can see how beautiful and delicate they are.