Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Own Grandma Gatewood

 “If I'd been afraid," she said, "I never would have started out in the first place."--Grandma Emma Gatewood
The Sisters have our own Grandma Gatewood.  If you have never read the book, you should.  “Hippocrates, the Greek physician, called walking “man’s best medicine” and prescribed walks to treat emotional problems, hallucinations, and digestive disorders.”  Below Grandma Gatewood at 67 and above Sister same age!

Least Said, Soonest Mended

Sweet Greta ready for church today!
 Jonell sent me a book that used this phrase.  She said she loved the book because of reading this phrase in it.  Her Grandma Rudd used the little saying and to see it in print brought back those memories.  She called Billy Joe's Mom, MeeMaw!  Least said, soonest mended would be good advice for all of us.  If we think something and can keep from saying it, we are better off.  Words we use can build walls that can never be removed.  I have a problem with saying things and I am striving to control my tongue.  Words can be little swords spurting from our mouths that rip at others.

Momma loved Tony as he came to see her and Dad often.  She loved getting to fix dinner for him when he worked on the farm near them.  

Yesterday, after reading the comment posted by Sister about Mrs. Combs knowing that Momma's folks did not treat her well hurt my heart.  By others knowing, credence was given to the story we heard from Dad.  Mom never responded by saying mean things about her parents or her sisters.  I thought back and could not recall Momma saying mean things about anyone really.  She lived by the motto--"least said".  I, also, relish in the knowledge that Mom's Mother, Grandma Gaddy, knew how lucky my Momma was in the end.  She even told me so.  I heard it from her lips--"Your Momma was the lucky one", she said.  Why?  Grandma continued, "because she has all of you".  Having family that love us is a blessing, indeed.  I have a loving husband, two great daughters, five wonderful grandchildren!  As Helen would say--I am blessed today! 


Climbing Trees

Pop fixed it so anyone who wants to can climb his Maple tree.  Greg is going to fix Patsy's old Box Elder so it is accessible too!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Big Adventure

Just sayin', Fleta and Erin need to get together on this hiking thing.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


 We are almost through with the living room.  They brought my furniture this morning.  Larry still has to floor the closet and a few little things.  He does a great job.

Ingrid and Friends

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Front Page Today

Every home in the Arkansas River Valley will soon be able to view Astrid Christensen’s artwork. It’s on the cover of the newest phone book.

Christensen, a ninth-grader at Russellville Junior High School, won the annual Downey Publishing Art for Education contest to have her art displayed on the front of the area phone book.

Christensen, daughter of Eric and Laura Christensen, competed with students kindergarten through 12th grade from across the region to win the contest.

In addition to having thousands view her drawing, Christensen won $500 for herself and $500 for the school’s art program.

Art teacher Phyllis Campbell said she was proud of Christensen for winning the annual contest.

“I thought one of my students would win because they are really a talented group,” Campbell said. “We were really excited she won.”

Campbell said everyone in the advanced art class had to enter the contest, and Christensen chose to draw a deer for her entry.

“I chose a deer because they are all around our city,” Christensen said. “It really represented our community.”

Christensen said she had a cast on her hand from a volleyball injury when she drew the picture.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Christensen said. “I was really surprised I won.”

Campbell said she has high expectations for Christensen in the future.

“I bet this will be the first of many art awards she’ll get.”

Monday, January 19, 2015


I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Joyce Kilmer--1914

Sunday, January 18, 2015

If Rocks Could Talk........

 All these pictures were taken at Falling Water, AR, Pope County.  Larry's Mom and Grandmother were born within a rocks throw of this spot.  Also, his Grandfather and father were born here.  I love to visit it but there is not a lot there.  It is merely a rock falls, where the water runs down stream quickly and then the falls is only a trickle.

The road across this Falls leads to Great Grandfather's homestead.   His Great Grandson still owns it today.  He has a "horse camp" there.  I think you can make reservations and go on trail rides.  The area is not much changed in the last 100 years.  Old Howard had stills in the mountains behind the Falls.  There was only one way in and he kept Feist dogs who barked when anyone approached.  The only way to find his still and catch him was hiking in.  Most of the times he was caught was due to a snitch.  They were paid if their story panned out into an arrest.  Howard was good at his craft and was not "caught" often, but I have found records in the district court at Ft. Smith of his being convicted several times. Later in life the district bounderies changed and he was convicted in the Little Rock.  I recall Grandma telling of him being away from home serving his sentences.  The shine was his "money crop" and he continued to pursue it until he was too old and feeble.  His son (my sweet Syble's Dad) continued as the skill was passed from father to son.  I found Syble's Dad's name on the Leavenworth rolls and asked her about it.  She recalled that Aunt Nancy was pregnant with Taft when he was there 6 months.  I thought it must have been horrible, but Syble did not remember it as such.  Aunt Nancy had faith that it would all work out and it did.  Uncle Joe actually enjoyed his time there and learned new things and made new friends.  We can not understand why things occur as they do but we trudge on having faith that our Lord is steadfast and will hold our hands.

Home Groan

I groan a lot.  But I try to do it at home.  It is another pretty day and Laura has invited me to walk at 3.  I can't wait.  I enjoy it and 3 will be the warmest part of the day.

I am doing a study book on Hebrews that Erin shared with me.  It is really good.  Today's lesson is about faith.  I often worry about why I don't have more faith.  The book of Hebrews explained it all to me.  We should pray for understanding but we will not understand all things.  My faith in my Savior is strong and steadfast.  I have little faith in people.  I think that my experiences in my 60 plus years has set that belief.  People let us down everyday.   Also, Hebrews states that we can not put our faith in our own abilities.  Does that make sense?  When we have super strength believing in ourself we do not rely on Him.    So faith is only in our Savior.   He will care for us and be steadfast, but when we put great faith in others, events, and even ourselves we are often let down.  The worst thing is putting faith in "things or objects" as they have no value and will pass away.
As Paul said... (I think it is in Romans.  Romans and Hebrews have similar messages.  Hebrews was to Jews and Romans to Gentiles.)

14For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. 15For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. 16If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good.

Also, I feel safe that God forgives my sin because Christ died and shed his blood for my wretchedness and then rose and sits at the right hand of God intervening for me.  What I have a problem with is forgiving myself. 

Now, with no further groaning.  Look at my beautiful Ingrid.  My husband, children and grandchildren are God's greatest blessing to me.  Ingrid went to a party for her friend who turned 13.  They had a photo shoot.  I know it was fun for them.  Ingrid is so beautiful.  

Then at the bottom is sweet Greta watching cartoons and studying her pretty face in the mirror.  Greta has her friends with her at the cartoon fest.  I recall Laura and Erin watching cartoons Saturday morning just as Greta is doing. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Newest Thing In Grocery Store

Several folks sent this to Larry...I guess when they saw it they thought of him.

If I could choose...I sure would love to go to Falling Water and Richland with Fleta and the gang.  At the bottom of my list would be to be with a dozen 14 year old girls over night.  But...........I am glad everyone is different.  That is what makes the world go around.  I know Emmie will recall her birthday when she is an old woman like me and my sisters and remember her special Aunt that was the hostess of the tado!   I remember the birthday I had and I took cake to the milk man.  He gave me a quarter.  I thought it was a grand gift!

I am reaping the rewards of Patsy's labor.  The white hens are laying.  They lay a cream colored medium size egg.  One day I got six eggs.  Most days I get at least four.  Not all of the hens are laying yet.  Patsy said February, but I guess she did not want to disappoint me if they were not laying earlier.  I have been getting a cream colored egg for about two weeks.  They are so good.  I promised the chickens that they will live here until they die.  Patsy would say I was silly or maybe stupid...but I will keep the white hens all their days.  Helen, I may make a unleavened pound cake!  Four good eggs, 2 sticks real butter, 2 cups flour, 2 cups sugar, good vanilla and a dash of salt.  Cook an hour at 350.  You can not make a pound cake without a good mixer.  The butter and sugar have to be light, alternating as you add each of the ingredients.  This was George Washington's fav.  Helen should give it a go.

Our Powells are related to George Washington.  John Powell's children carried the tale for way over a hundred years.  The word they used was cousin!  There is only one Powell family that I have found related to George.  That is the Robert and Sarah Taylor Powell family.  I believe our Charles Powell was either Robert's brother or a son of his brother.  If this is our Powell family, we are also related to James Madison!  Washington, Madison, and Jimmy Carter.  We are a family of Presidents.  Obama has ties to the Bunch family of Carroll County, but I don't think we are related to them.  I have found a researcher who wrote a book about the Taylor family.  She said that Robert Powell came from Maryland and was not from the John Powell / Coghill family like everyone one says. The way the Powell family was connected to George I have forgotten but I know it was through James Taylor and his second wife Mary the connection was through marriage and not a blood relationship.  Robert and Sarah Taylor Powell had a son named Charles, but Fleta and I did not think he was our Charles.   Who knows?  I know who does not care--HIS are her initials.  If we were kin to the Taylor family we would be related to  Zachary Taylor and a host of other presidents...I think even the Bush family.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Lest I Forget

 Larry almost has the floor down in the living room.  I have looked at furniture and have been blown away by the cost of much of it.  Now, I must decide what to buy.  Because of the dark grain in the floor, I do think I can go with my favorite color--brown!