Thursday, October 8, 2015

Morning Stroll

It was cool this morning for my walk, but this afternoon the temp will hit 90 degrees they said.  That is hot to a fat lady.

I have only a little nectar in my hummingbird feeder and will take it down soon.  This pretty yellow finch came by this week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

School Days 2015

 Ingrid--Eighth Grade
 Clayton--Second Grade
Sigrid hasn't got her pictures yet!

Chile Pepper Run

 Last Saturday, Astrid and her XC team went to Fayetteville for the big Chile Pepper run.  She finished first on the Lady Cyclones team.  There were so many in the race that it was claustrophobic!   She said she just looked at the ground and ran.  The race was in a cotton field and all the runners created a dust bowl.  Astrid is enjoying XC and doing really well!

Tacky Tourist At RJHS

Above is Ingrid's Volleyball team all dressed tacky for tacky tourist day at her school. Below some of the football players got in the pictures.
 Ingrid and her friend Claire.
 In Monday's Volleyball game Ingrid scored 10 points and played great.  They had to play 3 matches and finally beat Conway.  She plays steady eddie!
 Last night, Erin texted me about Greta's soccer game.  Greta has a GREAT five goals.  Erin said one Grandmother of a child at Greta's school said, "does she have a switch on and off and could you turn her off."  They were going hard against the other team.  Greta's team has only 3 players now, but that just means Greta gets to play an entire game never having to sit out.  The coach has the hand of her little girl, who finally gets tired and quits!  Not Greta she is "go, go go for a goal".  Soon soccer will be over but she has loved it.  No, more Saturday games.  The end of this month Greta will be 5 years old.
 When I went to the FB page for Ingrids VB team, I saw these two pictures which I may already have but was not sure so I am posting them again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Winnie and Her Sisters

 Winnie posted this picture and I stole it for a repost.  I think I spotted our Win!

Fall and Football

 Ingrid's Dance group performs at the home football games.  I love this picture of her and her friend.  I think the girl's name is Briley.  Below she is dressed for "Bless America Day" at school.

Last evening her Volleyball team beat Conway and Ingrid really played well.  Pop and I take turns going to her games.  She will play again Wednesday and it will be his turn.  Pop likes to go when Siggie is there.  They hit the concession stand big time.

When I went to Greta's game, I told Erin about my classmate, Sydney's death.  Clayton heard and asked questions about Sydney.  One was "how old was she".  I told him young --my age.  He gave me a very serious look and stated, "Gigi, you are OLD".  I asked how school was going and he said--most of it is easy stuff.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Deck The Hall!

 Larry has been redoing the hallway.  It is a big wide hall with the heating closet in it.  There are lots of nooks and crannies and doors.  Five doors to be exact but the door going into the kitchen he left off.  The door above is to the heating closet.
 Here you can see the wood edge he put on the corner.  It really looks nice.  Also, the floor.
 This big hall had a teeny tiny light--one bulb.  He took it out and put a 48 inch florescent where there was once a attic fan.  That is way the switch is where it is, but I really like it there.  He put a plastic plate behind the switch so dirty fingers won't get the wall soiled.  This is still paneling.  He put a plaster over to cover the indents and then a primer and then the paint.  I love the look.  You can barely see it but there are tiny lines in the wall.  It gives the wall a nice look.
 He had to pull this piece of paneling as the vent used to be at the top and when we redid the heat and air Larry had it put at the bottom.  He bought paneling and painted it.  You see the other little alcove there.  It sure makes for a lot of work with all the corners, but he is almost finished.
 After Christmas he is going to start the smaller bedroom.  It is so much work, but so nice after he gets it don.
 He you can see the hall bath.  The hall floor is like the living room and a little different from the kitchen, but the kitchen is waterproof stuff.  When he gets the transition in it will flow in color.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Giddy Up

Visit to Harrison

 Greta played soccer and I went to cheer her on.  She is very athletic.
 She scored a goal and she wants to let the others score too.  She patiently waits her turn.

 They showed me all the scary Halloween stuff when we got back to their house.
 Here is Greta's school picture.  She is four but will be 5 the end of the month.  The orange haired witch is--Greta the Good Witch!
This is Clayton's new picture--second grade.

 Greta is strong.  She can do all kinds of maneuvers on her new gym.

 Clayton was collecting caterpillars and making a habitat for them while Greta was whirling on the jungle gym.
 After soccer Greta is going to try gymnastics!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mum Is The Word

 My chickens have been going to my front flower bed and wrecking havoc.  I bought 5 mums at Lowe's.  Well, they dug them up 'til I think they may not make it.  I put up an ugly screen wire to try and keep them out.  My Patsy hens are the ones doing it and mainly just one.  She must have Patsy's spirit.  So today I skipped my walk and worked out here three hours.  I cut the panel with some big lock cutters Larry had in the shop.  I made three pieces from the panel and then put it around the flower bed.  Hopefully, Miss Patty will not be able to find a way in and dig up my mums because I bought some more.  Sigrid bought little ones last year and I bought huge ones.  Hers did better than mine so this year I just bought the little ones hoping next year they will look like Siggie's.
 Sydney Villines Martin
Jonell told me our classmate passed way.  She was 65 in May, so young!  I went to first grade with her and all the way until she stopped coming.  I think she married when we were in High School.  Her husband had already passed away in 2009.  Sydney had jet black hair.  This looks nothing like her.  Her father was Gene Villines and her mother Dr. Wallace's nurse.  The obit gives her mother's name.  I forget it as it was sort of unusual.  Her mother's mother was a Villines too!  I always thought Sydney Sue was so pretty.
From Smith Funeral Home Site
Sydney Sue Martin, age 65, of Berryville, AR passed away Monday, September 28, 2015. She was born May 22, 1950, in Harrison, daughter of the late Sidney Eugene Villines and Arbie Nell (McGee) Villines.
Sydney attended school in Green Forest and in 1983 she was united in marriage with Jearl Wayne Martin. They owned and operated a poultry farm in Huntsville for a number of years until his untimely death in 2009. Sydney loved family gatherings and she especially loved spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoyed bowling and shopping. After moving back to Carroll County she attended Green Forest Cowboy Church.
She is survived by her daughters, Misty McKamy and husband Sean of Berryville, Patricia Taylor and husband John of Kellyville, OK, Linda Fowler of Huntsville, sons, Carl Wayne Martin and wife Deb of Marble, Charles Dwayne Martin and wife Iris of Bella Vista, special friend, Stephen Keck, 17 grandchildren , 27 great-grandchildren and a number of cousins and several friends.
She was preceded in death by her parents, Sidney and Arbie Villines, husband Jearl Wayne Martin and one grandson Joshua Demere.
Celebration Of Life Services will be 2:00 PM Thursday, October 1, 2015 at First Assembly Of God Church in Huntsville, AR with Pastor Alex Foster officiating. Interment will follow at Big Sandy Cemetery in Huntsville. Visitation will be 5-7 PM Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at Smith Family Funeral Home in Green Forest.
Erin sent this and at first I thought it was the Halloween stuff, but I think the kids got new school pictures.  I hope I get a copy tomorrow if that is the case.
One last picture, Jonell sent this to me this morning about 6:30 A.M.  Frost in Carroll County on October 2, 2015.  She said it was in the 40's.  It was warmer here but still nice and cool for me to work outside.

All those who labor for a living are glad Friday is here!  Laura, Erin, Fleta, I know are glad to have a couple of days off.  Hope the weather will be good!  Keep smiling!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Pretty In Pink

 Ingrid is dressed in pink with her dance group to acknowledged breast cancer month.  In the picture, Ingrid and her friend were down in front and she whispered "let's do the splints so we will stand out".Well, she is a stand-out all the time to her Gigi.

I am excited as tomrrow I get to see Greta kick that soccer ball.  Greg Jones said when Clayton got out to go to school today he said, "I love school!"

And...Ingie Bean made the paper again.  Wow, this time she had NINE points!  Go, Beanie!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blue Bird Serenade

 This week the Blue Birds have congregated at my bird bath.
 I have tried to make sure I refill the bath each day.
 They even came by Birdie's Grill.
 But they stick together and don't want to mingle with others!

 This one said "what are you looking at?"