Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Big Weekend

 Erin and Greg and kids came for Pop's birthday and Father's Day.  The kids swam at Laura's and she made Pop two cakes--pineapple upside down and almond joy with white cake.  Both were heavenly.
 Greta had learned to dive a little at their pool.  Laura gave her a short lesson and she got it right away.

 Clayton got Swiss Army knife for his birthday and he made me a spear to keep by my bed to protect me from intruders.
 Greta filled my heart with birdseed.  I really love her gift and the birds do too.

 Greg and Erin had his birthday party at the pool.  They had a blast.  Huge pool and just about a dozen kids.

 Greg and Erin came in the RV.  On the way home Greta rested.
 My Cone flowers sideways.
 I think this is Clayton's cousin Mason.

Greta and her friend Emory at Clayton's party.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sigrid is Swimming

 Sigrid is swimming tonight at Alma!  Pop and Laura are in attendance.  She has won her heat so far!  Hope she gets a lot more ribbons.  I spy a blanket in the background that Grandma Powell made for Laura and Erin to have as a pallet.

Summer Flowers

 Cone Flowers
 Ditch Lilies
 Mixture Laura planted in an old wash tub.

Hummingbird Rescuer & Pontiac Man

Happy Birthday, Larry.
This was in the Arkansas Democrat in 2002.  Larry was a topic of Allbright in another column, but I can't find it.   I want to make sure I save this so am posting it here!  

Well, I kept looking and found the other Charles Allbright column talking about my husband.  It seems that Ralph Gillam read the post about the hummingbird saving and sent in more about Larry.  

Better Setter

Sigrid received the outstanding setter award at Volleyball camp.
Greta filled this out herself--She likes soccer and basketball.  There are 4 in her family.  A good mascot is the Razorback.  She likes playing games.  Mashed potatoes is a strange food to Greta.  I liked all her answers.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Old Today

I am a year older today.  Larry and I went to get our Driver's license.  They gave it for 8 years.  Likely, I will not need another if I follow the genetics of my parents.

I did not recognize the woman in the photo they took.  I thought of Emily D.'s poem--I am Nobody!

Here I am after graduating from High School--1968.  I thought I could do anything I set my mind to doing.  I was only 17.   Nobody--below!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Brace For A Smile

 Sigrid sent these pictures to me that she snapped over the weekend during wedding trip.

At every graduation a private company snaps pictures as the graduates receive their diplomas.  These were taken of Astrid.  I like the forward facing one with her diploma.
Above is Clayton at the demolition derby.

Clayton and Greta have vacation Bible school this week.  Erin is teaching the little ones.  One of her little guy told her he was kicked out of kindergarten.  Work with that one Erin. 

Clayton went with a group last week to invite children to VBS.  The leader put flyers in mail boxes.  Clayton informed him he was breaking Federal law.  He laughed and said that they were out in country and it would be ok.  Clayton is a very smart boy. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

True Value

She is a true value for sure.


Laura and the girls went to a wedding today.  The bride is the sister to a very good friend of Astrid's--M. K.!  She has a degree in accounting and her groom is an engineer of some kind.  They have been planning this wedding for 6 years or so.

Laura looks like a sister to the three grand girls--not their mother!
Astrid scripted this sign for the couple announcing the menu for the wedding.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Work Never Done

Larry thinks if we get 3 things done a day finally we will get caught up on all our chores.  Seems like new ones pop up every day.
 We are getting a renter in our Galla Creek house--our Granddaughter Astrid.  She and her Momma have been cleaning.  Sigrid was helping steam off old wallpaper today.  The house has been empty for quite a while and we are totally excited to find this new renter!  She will keep everything clean as that is the type of person she is!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Ditch Lilies and Cone Flowers

 I love the old timey Ditch Lilies and Cone Flowers.  Hollyhocks would be great I think.  Wish I had some. Granny Renfroe like them and Cock's Comb.

 Eric turned the be 5 0 at the end of May.  He is the age Larry and I were when he and Laura married. 
 I have Ditch Lilies and Cone flowers in my flower garden at the side of my house. It gets afternoon sun.
 Our pond is filling up.  We got another rain yesterday and it has more water.  The water is muddy because of all dozer work around the area in front of the pond.  When grass comes back the water will not be muddy.
 Clayton and Greta played on a slip and slide this weekend.  Greta had bruises all over her knees.  She plays hard and fast at everything.  She does not hold back.
 I think this heart is on a tree in Erin and Greg's yard.  Is that right Erin?
Astrid and her friend went camping and Phoebe got to visit Twin Falls.