Friday, January 20, 2017

On The Beatin' Path

 I drove to the trail today and walked 3 plus miles.  This is a good amount for me as I have only been making it a mile or two but sometimes just to the mail box and back which is only a half.  I weigh a lot, but the bridge did not fall in under me.
 It was a beautiful day.  I was able to stroll without even a jacket!
The port a potty is at the one mile mark.  I really detest them, but I must confess I have used this facility in the past....better than peeing my pants.
Astrid and little Phoebe!  Two cuties.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Do

 Astrid got her hair foiled and cut.  I really like it.
 Greta has a friend named Isaac.
 Helen has a place to hang her hat and her bird feeders.   Now if she can only find the chained one.  I like the horseshoes.  This is a Greg Aday Design!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In My Own Back Yard

 Turkeys came to my yard this morning.  There were lots of them but when I tried to step out on the porch to "snap" them they flew away quickly.   I hope they keep coming back to see me.

 Larry made Erin and Laura a cedar cross and is making 3 smaller ones for the neighborhood girls!
I recycle the shaving from the planer to the chicken pen and chicken nests.  It smaells good and discourages insects.
 I walked over and checked on little Phoebe.  She is in a large crate on the back deck and Fregie is with her.  I let them both out in the yard a while.  Both dogs seem to like each other.  Phoebe is a looker.  I walked about 2 miles.  I don't have to pick up Ingie today so I may walk back over and check on Phoebe again later.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Phoebe of Galla Brook

Asttrid picked up Phoebe from Cave City yesterday.  Sigrid went along and was just as excited as Astrid.  They brought her by to meet her new Grandparents.  She seems really calm--just the type I like.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

All In The Genes

 Pop loves puzzles and he has the 3rd of the Farmall ones finished.  One more in the box.  It is a box of 4 and each has only 500 pieces.  500 is about all that will work nicely on a card table.  Looks like Pop's Grands at Harrison took after him.  Astrid and Sigrid love jigsaws, too.  Erin really is a pro with a puzzle.  Laura is great at it too.  Me, not so much, but I keep trying.
 When Greta and Clayton got tired, they made tent over the table and camped under the table.  Kids do not need a bunch of fancy toys.  They can entertain themselves and use their imagination.  Imagination is a wonderful learning tool for any child.  It is food for the brain.
 See Greta and Clayton camping in the Grand Canyon?  I love it!
 Sisters, see what my sweet husband made me!!  It is beautiful.
 Anyone that stops by here knows I hate DEER.  But like Patsy and Clayton I love birds.  This is one of my favs.  Douglas Red Dirt Road has nothing on me.  Look what was in Galla Meadow yesterday.  I think there may have been 25 of them.  They were exquisite looking creatures.  Thought of my Dad and sweet Brother!
 No wonder Ben Franklin wanted to make this our National Bird.  They are prettier than eagles.
 Sorry for the Kansas and Missouri folks who got ice.   But I say "better you than me"!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

She Is No Bow-Head

Larry finished another puzzle and I helped a little, but I had a book to read--Duty.  Jonell sent it to me.  The book is about Paul Tibbets who dropped "Big Boy" and Bob Greene's Dad.  Both served in World War II.  I enjoyed reading it.  Tibbets like Harry Truman never regretted flying the Enola Gay.  He was leader of that group.  He flew the first flight.  He would not ask one of his men to do what he would not. 

You can see one piece is missing.  I will look under our chairs, but if I don't find it Pop will just make a new piece for the puzzle.  Two more of these to put together.  
 Ingrid has a game tonight.  She is not what you think of when you see her smiling with the big bow sitting on top of her head.  She is a really smart girl.  Of my five Grands, she loves to read the most...unless Clayton continues in this habit and of course, we don't know about Greta.  Over Christmas break, Ingrid started studying the dictionary and learning new words.  It was entertaining to her.
 Ingrid's hand scripting looks like something from a machine.  It is truly exquisite.
 When I picked her up Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday she had dance team practice), Ingrid's phone rang.  I listened.  It was someone with a problem.  I heard her give advice.  l.  You should not quit.  2.  Did you tell her the whole story.  Did you tell her what happened before.  (I could tell the girl said "no".)  3.  You should not get "kicked off" for this.  4.  Do you want me to intercede?  Do you want be to talk to her?  5.  Okay, I will.    I am proud of Ingrid.
 Had to go to school and get Sig yesterday.  She was sick (stomach).   The day before she had a quiz bowl meet.  She said they won 3 out of 4 or was it 4 out of 5.  I forget.  She a good debater, but not good at going.  She is a stay at home girl.  I am sure this will change, but right now she would just as soon be at home killing time doing what she likes.  She is not crazy about school.   She says a lot of it is silly stuff and a lot of the kids are annoying.
Greta likes to pick what she wears each day.  Sometimes. what she picks may not match.  She likes layers.  She may wear two shirts, pants and over all this a dress.  Yesterday, Greg made her take part of the garb off!    She does not give up easily and Erin texted me that she was sending her to live with us.  Well, I am old, and if Greta came I can assure you Gigi would just let her wear what she picked.  I might make a suggestion, but probably would not lock horns over her apparel.   This is why old folks do not have children.  They are not too good at disciplining.   But children learn  with little rules and little commands so one day they can exist in society.   Trust and obey--there is no other way.  Children learn to trust and obey their parents.  Little rules and later bigger ones.  Some children I am sure don't only want to disobey, they can not "trust" their parents!  Wow!  What insecurity that brings.  No one to trust.  No one to obey!  The Bible says "train them up...."  Fleta said that is part of the problem today even young parents are not training their children.  They are coming up like weeds in the garden.  I am proud of Greg for establishing rules for his children.  Eric, also.  Yesterday, I think he wanted Sig to have to stay at my house all afternoon.  I took her to her house and "self" freedom.  I am not raising my 5 grands.  Just watching and helping when asked.  I think often of my Sister Fleta.  I am glad I do not have her task.  Lots of Grandparents do.  We are too lenient for the job.  I applaud Greg!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


 Astrid framed her cacti drawing in the rectangular frame Pop made for her.  Below she is working Saturday at the Boutique.  It was still icy so her Dad drove her there and picked her up afterwards.  Tonight her basketball team is playing at Harrison.  Erin said she and the cousins would try to attend.
We watched the Clemson/Alabama game on TV last evening.   Well, I watched until I could not stay awake any longer.   I was pulling for Clemson because of Hunter Renfrow.  Hunter caught a touchdown in the last seconds of the game to win the game.

I walked today for 50 minutes.  It was windy and balmy.  I really enjoyed  being able to be outside part of the day.  Tomorrow is going to be even warmer.
The fans made it to Astrid's basketball game!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year--New Calendar

 For our anniversery January 8, Laura's bunch ordered us a new calendar.  Sigrid picked all the pictures.  The picture of the cherry pie was painted for me by my teaching friend, Kay.  I met Kay in 1970 while we attended Arkansas Tech.  We ended up getting a job at the same schoool and working together over 35 years.

I am really proud of the calendar.  I have two places I hang calendars.  I bought one from Hobby Lobby for the other location.
Larry put this Farmall puzzle together during the snowy cold days.  We have four of these and he is working on another one now.  I finished Helen's rug and read some as he did the puzzle.  I ordered two books Fleta reccommended, "The Bastards on the Mayflower" and the "Invisible Line".  They both sounded good so I have them coming from Amazon.  They cost 1 cent each.  I had to pay 3.99 postage.  After reading them, I will pass them to Laura if she wants to read them.  Then, I usually just donate them to the Library.  They sell used books.  I bought one today for 50 cents.  It is titled "Notable Southern Families".  I recognized some of the surnames and thought it might be interesting.

 Pop made these two frames for Astrid.  She has pictures to go in them already, I think.  My camera left a little glare on them and they are both perfect.  I went to Hobby Lobby and bought good glass for them.  The technician thought they were beautiful.  Yes, they are made of cedar.
Here is a photo of Ingrid and one of her friends, Gracie.  Laura had a New Year's card made and I am going to send one to Helen's Kris.  I got one today from Kris and it shows her new beautiful home near the Pacific Ocean.  

I called Fleta today at work to check to see is Gad Around Sister arrived home safe and she did.  I did not want to bother Helen as she brought a friend home with her.   NO, NO, Cousin Winnie, not a gentleman friend.  Dot is a 80 year old gad about like Sister Helen.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Too Cold To Look At Temperature

Ingrid's drill team dance from last week.  She is the tallest girl, Helen, in the middle.
 It has been so cold that I don't even dare look at the temperature.  Astrid colored the postcard below and did a sewn wolf above this week during the icy, snow storm.

 Clayton and Greta camped out again--inside! Clayton blew up the air mattress this time.  Below, you can see Greta lost another tooth.  She and Clayton were horseplaying and his hand hit her mouth.  She said he knocked her tooth out, but it was loose or it would not have came out that easily.

 I finished Helen's two rag rugs.   She arrives home tomorrow.
 Larry and I have been doing some jigsaw puzzles.  Yesterday, we stayed inside all day.  We have finished another puzzle of chickens and now we have one going of a Farmall tractor.
Tomorrow the temp may reach 40 degrees.  Will feel warm after the cold days we have been experiencing.

I am looking forward to Helen being  back home.  Fleta will have someone to boss around again!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow and Cold

 Two nights in a row, I was able to sleep the entire night.  I woke up a few times but went back to sleep.  Last night, I awoke at 3:30 and was awake a couple of hours.  I finally got back to sleep about 5:30.  I kept thinking about all the folks that would have to go to work.  Erin has that little truck to drive and light trucks are the worst in snow and ice.  Fleta heads out before daylight.

I figured that the local schools would be called off and they were.  I worked with teachers that griped when we did not have school and there was only a couple of inches of snow.  I always thought of those buses that were like steering a bath tub down a hill in snow and ice.  Why put a child's life  in danger for school? Clayton was disappointed as they had school, but Erin explained all days missed would have to be made up in warm weather.  Also, Clayton said a naughty word at school this week.  Greg and Erin talked to him about this being very inappropriate.  Erin told him she would try really hard to STOP using that word.  A good first step...don't you think?   I see some of me in Erin Marie.  
 No, this is not a cookie.  It is food for my sweet birds.  I put water in the bird bath and fixed this special treat for them.  It is bacon grease, corn meal, oats, raisins, peanut butter.  So far they have not gone near the mixture.  I guess they, too, had heard about my cooking and how I don't follow a recipe.
Psalms 91--Erin's Bible study was on this Psalm.  Eight promises from God to me in there!
8 Promises of God from Psalm 91

1- "I will rescue Betty..."
2- "I will protect her..."
3- "I will answer her..."
4- "I will be with her in trouble..."
5- "I will deliver her..."
6- "and honor her..."
7- "With long life will I satisfy her..."
8- "and show her my salvation."

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Fleta has a birthday today.   Hope she is able to take a long walk.   Helen will be home soon.

Clayton and Greta camped out one day last week.  This is the only type of camping I like.  To me camping is work....not fun...

Happy Birthday, Sister.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Looking Back At Two Blessings

 I found these pictures in a folder labeled December 31, 2004.  Sigrid was not even a thought.  Erin was single.  I could sleep all night!
 Astrid and Ingrid loved to come up the road and play with the puppies.  We had Feist pups often.  The girls were socializers.
 Seems like so long ago, but only yesterday.  These two sweet girls are still the same today--only 12 years older.  Astrid is still pensive.
 Ingrid still loves dancing and cheering!