Monday, May 2, 2016

May Day

 Astrid and Laura and Astrid's friend, Zac, hiked yesterday.  She shared these pictures with me.  Astid jumped off the Falls here.  She said it was really cold!

 I am not sure where this is.  It is is really pretty.
 Ingrid and her friend Claire after church Sunday.  Ingrid came over last evening and ordered a life case for her Iphone.  She is going on a big trip soon and she wants her phone to be protected.  The life case even protects against water damage.  I am sure not dropping in a lake but at least a heavy rain.  Claire's Grandmother is sending Clarie on the New York-Washington DC trip, too.  I know it will be so much more fun with a dear friend to share the adventrure.

 Fleta has been going through stuff in a "shed" is the way Helen put it.  She found some of Daddy's old shirts.  Dad passed in 1988--almost 30 years ago.  Helen is a seamstress and she recognized 3 shirts she sewed for Dad.  She asked me if I made this one.  "No", I said...but then I started remembering it.  I did make it.  I bet she could tell by the sorry work!  Daddy loved it and nearly wore it out.  Momma must have loved it too as it was packed away.  Below Daddy has it on and Sweet Patsy came by his house for a visit.  I think I made the shirt before Laura was born in 1974.  I did not make another.  I guess the better sewer took over the task!  Seeing, remembering, wondering how I could have forgotten--it has made me really sad.  Erin, see the lawn mower on the front porch?
Daddy and Mom's life together was shaped by the person below--my sister, Debbie Lee.  Today, she would have be 60.  The photo is from the Patsy Powell collection.   Patsy wore the pictures "out" when she lived in California.   I miss both Patsy and Debbie Lee today.  I see our farm dog, "Jackie", the old barn, the path we wore going back and forth to do our milking chores,  and the year--April 1964. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Like A Warrior

When Astrid was small, she stayed with Pop and Gigi a lot in the summer.  Eric was in college getting his teaching degree and when he went to class, Astrid stayed with us.  Ingrid went to daycare most of the time, but with Astrid staying with us the family did not have to pay for two child care bills and she was not at our house all day everyday just when Eric had class.  I took the above photo in the summer of 2004.  We raised a lot of Feist pups and she helped with all of them.  Even then, Astrid was a warrior.  I was glad to see the praise Coach Ben Goodman lauded on Astrid in this morning's paper.  I taught Ben in 6th grade.  Seems like time as just flew by and now Ben is an adult and Astrid almost grown!  
Sigrid called yesterday to see if I had a cake mix.  I had chocolate.  She created this masterpiece using the tools Erin gave her for her birthday.  She loves baking and gardening.  

Erin sent a picture of Clayton by phone and I sent it to the computer--TWICE, but still it has not arrived.  He was eating a pancake breakfast before church.  And he used Papa Clifton's muscadine jelly for syrup.  It sure looked good.

We have enough rain for a while.  Garden is growing nicely.  I hope now it will dry out and I can use my old new tiller in between the rows.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rotary Ann

This is Larry and his Momma.  Picture was taken at the Rotary Ann on Highway 7.  It has since been remodeled.  It is a nice place to stop going up 7 as it has a bathroom.   Larry's Mother had the lamp below.   Granny gave it to Ethel.  I recall that it came from the Humphrey relatives who live near Niagara, New York.  I will  have to call Uncle Walter and get the complete story.  Ethel gave it to her son, Gary.  Gary's wife died a April 19.  Well, this week he brought the lamp to give to Laura.  It is really pretty.   My girls cherish all the family keepsakes.  I never worry when I "give" them some old thing that they might just throw it away.  Gary said he had a Bible of his Mom's and he was giving it to Erin.  I know if he does she will cherish it.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Job 5:10
"He gives rain on the earth And sends water on the fields,
So thankful for the good shower on our garden today.  It really was in need of a good drink.
 Thankful for Astrid's success in the Conference Track Meet last night--
First in the mile run
First in the 800 relay
Second in the two mile run
Fourth in the 800 meter run
By her lonesome she captured 33 points for the Cyclones.  Her Coaches nominated her for "Athlete of the Night"...I say she deserved the nod!
 The Cyclones won Conference!   Astrid has lots of friends in this group.  I know she was ecstatic.  She almost did not get to go.  Her soccer coach scheduled a make up game and wanted her to go with them.  So glad she was able to "Roll with the Cylcones" as Jerry Thompson always said.
 I don't know how long between photos but look how Greta has grown.  I hope it works out for her and Clayton to go to Aunt Helen's some.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I want them to know my Sisters.  I think Clayton and Robert will love playing with all that stuff Clayton carries around in tubs.  I know Greta will have Hannah doing cartwheels and round offs.  But Helen better get a switch is all I can advise.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Garden Sass

 Larry brought the Cub over with the hillers on it.  He had me put pulversized lime in the furrow and then he hilled it.  I will put tomatoes here.  I should have added the cow manure before he hilled the row but it was in the bucket of the Kubota and we did not bring it up from the shed.  I will put it in as I plant them.  The tomatoes are in the cold frame.  They are about 2 inches tall.  It will be a while before they can be set out in the big garden.
Larry hilled the red potatoes too.  The cabbage are starting to head.  I planted red potatoes because that is what Daddy always planted.  Richard told me to plant white as they keep better.  I did once but I decided to plant what I like and not what will keep best.

 Here are the two rows of the Pintos Laura and Sigrid planted for me.
 Erin sent me a picture of Clayton by phone.  I think they call this "spring" pictures and take them at school.  Clayton's is really good.  He wore those boots here once and I put my foot in them.  Perfect fit.  Clayton is really a tall, slim boy.  His Uncle Clayton would be proud.
 Ingrid's dance group sell these shirts to earn money and she is sporting hers in the photo below.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Where Is The Rain?

 Took Ingrid to her orthodontist appointment this morning.  The pictures are of the Drill team banquet.  
All that talk about rain and all be got was a sprinkle.  I hope we do get a shower soon as it is very dry.  I want all the seeds I planted to come up!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beans Are Up

Helen sent me a picture of her Hummingbird.  He is so beautiful.  I am too slow to get a picture of mine.
 I planted two rows of Contender Bush Green beans and Laura planted two rows of Improved Pintos for me.  All four rows were up this morning and nothing was there last evening.  Warm nights are what make the garden grow.
 Here is one of Sigrid's peppers.  I did not let my chickens out yesterday because they were nibbling on the leaves.  Sig and I put pots on top of them when the chickens started doing it.  You can see the little bites out of the leaf.  They were only interested because we had just set them out.  In a few days I can let them out and they will have forgotten about them.

 In the back garden, we planted Black Diamond watermelons, Hale's Best Cantaloupe and Tendersweet Orange watermelon.  Larry bought bags of cow manure to put under the melons.  I do hope they make.  Below is a melon from the past.
 Above you can see my tamatoes have a ways to go before I can set them out.  I will have cow manure to put in the hills and Larry is going to till in a bag of lime to help keep the rot disease out of them.

Below --Patsy-Amy--am I cultivating a weed.  Surely it is a flower!

 My new Patsy has started her own Blog.  She will have to tell me where it is so I can go see and add a link.  Above is a bronze Iris and below a yellow.  Remember, Sisters, Momma called them Flags!
My little Greta before school today.  Erin sent it by phone.  Phones are neat to keep in touch.  Greta wants to play outside every afternoon.  One day it was drizzling rain and she still cried to go out.  She told her Mom that she had to work on her muscles!
 My OLD Patsy told me to kill the King as he WOULD eat my hen eggs but I just could not do it yesterday.  He lived near the hen house last year and I don't think he ate any eggs.  I know he will catch the mice that go after my chicken feed.  I keep it in a barrel but there is still lots of food in the pen and it does attract mice.  Patsy-Amy should I have chopped his head off?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Snaker

 I have three of the hens left that Sister Patsy gave me.  This one is true to her old owner.  She is a snake killer
 It was hard to get a good picture because she thought I was going to take her prize away.
 The snake came from one of my flower beds so I must watch out there.
 We had distinguished guests Sunday.  They played outside and Pop and I sat on the porch and enjoyed them.
 I have to remind Clayton he can't go digging around in my flower beds because they are lush green and a snake could be there.  He did spy this toad and wanted it.  Siggie caught it for him and when he held it...a little too got him a little wet.  Clayton loves nature.  He is really a smart boy.
 Little Greta Ann can do cartwheels, round offs, splits, and she can ride this little bike like the wind.  She always gets a determined look and there she goes....
Erin, show Clayton the snake that came from the flower bed.  So he knows that there could be a snake in there.  Cora is in jail for 3 weeks.  I will be glad when she can lay on the back porch again.

Siggie came over to plant peppers she bought.  As we planted, I showed her Johnson grass and explained out you had to get the root.  I looked back and she had pulled a entire hill of squash.  No, no...  Well, that is how you learn.  She will always know what squash looks like now, I bet.

My tomatoes are growing in the cold frame.  Larry and I want to plant watermelons and cantaloup today if we have enough stamina.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


 Astrid's friend invited her to go kayaking for her birthday.  Alyssa's mom took them over to Lake Dardanelle where they were told "no kayaking today" because of rough water.  Alyssa was so upset.  Astrid said--"hey, you ever been to Falling Water?"  Alyssa's Mom is from Texas.  Astrid took them to Falling Water, Six Fingers and Fuzzy Butt Falls!  She saved the day.  I bet they were amazed at the beauty of Arkansas!

 Here is Laura running her 13 miles.  She does not look like she is about to pass out!
 Greta got hit in the face with a swing.  Poor little one.  They know the sound of the ice cream truck now.  Special treat for special children.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Yelp, Laura ran the half marathon again this year.  Her time was much better than last year because she "ran easy" training.  She just did her usual each week.  Her time was 2 hours and 36 minutes.  Astrid did not run this.  Her coaches said the long, hard runs were not good for her.  The most I think they said was 5 or 6 miles.  So Laura ran solo.  Ingrid's dance group goes and cheers so I will share some of those pictures with her.  I love the one where Ingrid is wolfing down the donut!

 Saw this photo...don't know if  it is real or put on, but I think put on.  Glad Laura did not conk out.