Monday, June 29, 2015

Erin--Where Art Thou?

 I have not heard from Erin in days.  I hope they have not been robbed and dumped in the Atlantic Ocean and RV taken over by thieves.  I guess they are having fun.  Clayton is at a museum I bet below and Greta has found a place to ride her bike.
 Here are my three girls in FL where they had eaten out.
 Ingrid went to a friends house and played a spin and paint game after they arrived home.  I bet they had fun doing this.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


My neighbors are home.  The neighborhood is very lonesome when they are away.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shelter From The Storm

 I was so happy when the rain came last evening.
 But with it came strong winds.  We lost a Cherry tree on the dog kennel.
 Limbs from every tree in the yard.  Limbs were everywhere.
 Maple fell in front of the house but it missed the roof.
 Big limb fell out of the Walnut tree.

I picked up limbs instead of going on my walk and then we worked on the Maple.  We got it cut up and moved to the brush pile.  The electricity went off last night at 7 and did not come back on until noon today.  All in all we were lucky!  We will have to work on the Cherry tree next.  A Mulberry tree blew over near the back of the Meadow.  It is actually on the neighbor so I hope we can just push
what is on our side to his with the bucket of the tractor.  Did not get much sleep without the electricity on it was stuffy inside.  The cooling has spoiled me!
Rainbow when the storm passed.  Not a good picture but it was there.  The Rainbow signifies a covenant between God and man.
I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

Clayton Is Seven

 I hope Clayton is having a lot of fun on this trip.  Here he is a pilot and Greta is the co-pilot.  I have had this blog all Clayton's life.  Below are the first two pictures I posted of him.

We had a big storm. Straight line winds.  Trees down in our yard and electricity off since last evening.  We have cleaned up one tree.  I am pooped.  I took pictures but don't want to share Clayton's birthday with them.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


 Erin's bunch left on their vacation yesterday.  I got a text last evening that they were in Pearl, MS.  Laura and all will head home this weekend.   Below you can see my grand girls are getting a lot of sun.

Fanny Farmer

 I plowed the rest of the garden.  My tiller is a gem.
 I hoed out the okra.  All I have is okra, corn, peppers and tomatoes.  The other stuff rotted in May.  About 10 hill of potaoes came up but I just had Larry plow them under.
 I have different types of corn--two types.  This one is later.
 Larry tilled this up with the big tractor for me.  It was onions and grass.  I just could not get all of the grass out.  I finally gave up. We are going to plant turnips and mustard here but that will be August I think.  Larry knows all that kind of stuff.  Even if I used to know, I don't know much now.
 Some of the corn is starting to put on ears.
 My Forgotten Dreams Day lilies are starting to bloom.  They are really pretty.
 My Cone flowers are sort of washed out.  I keep thinking about all those seeds that will fall.
 My Impatients and ferns are luscious.
 Larry mowed and I used my weed whacker around the carport.
 These lilies put forth this stalk after they bloom.  It will soon turn a bright orange.   Patsy told me what they were but I forgot.
 This lily is blooming again. It has never done that.
 I was not sure if this was a flower or a weed...but I think it is some type of lily and is going to have an orange bloom.
 Got my birthday present today. Already have it ready to mail back.  Then it will take 6 weeks for the results to be posted.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beach Bums

 Looks like the girls have been "fishing"!

 Sigrid has enjoyed finding star fish.  Not as many shells as last year.
 Ju Ju does not like water but I bet she is glad they took her along.
 I love this Ingrid has false eye lashes on.
 Sigrid and Astrid with star fish.


When I went over to Laura's to take the picture of the bulletin board I saw these on the table.  Wonder who created them?  Maybe Sigrid?  I guess it is rock art!

It is really hot to me.  I keep thinking if I were not so fat maybe I would not be so hot.  The Lord works lots of miracles in our everyday life.  At one time I had a hard not eating in the evening because at that time we would be watching tv.  Now, there is nothing on tv but we watch Cardinal baseball and I like it.  If I eat more than a graham cracker, I will be sick as a horse.  So I think "well, the Lord helped me with that evening snack problem".

I walked two miles this morning.   Helen asked why I did not walk here.  Bradley Cove is a busy highway with not much shoulder.  Dog has to be tied up.  Can't walk through the Meadow as it is sogged with dew.  Walking over to Laura's would even ruin my tennis shoes.  If I walk in my rubber boots, I break bones in my feet.  Literally.  If I had a place to park in the Cove addition near me, I could walk there, but there are no parking spots.  So I get on the Interstate and drive 5 miles to a trail.
5 miles there and 5 miles back.  If I need to go to the store, I do that after I walk and then I don't have to make two trips.  I can't stand to go to the store when it is busy so I go early.

I feel so much better when I walk so I want to keep it up.  Yesterday, I decided to try to walk the two miles at a faster pace, and the rest of the day my knees hurt.  I took Aleve.  I can take Aleve if I eat something, one pill in morning and one at night.   If I take two pills, I will be sick.  Oh, woe is me...blah blah blah.  Cry baby, cry bady.

I have to go plow the garden!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day

 Here are Ingrid and Sigrid enjoying the beach.
 The neighbor girls got Pop this pretty cup to drink his coffee from. They know his favorite color!
 I had to take a merry go round of pictures to get all three girls.
 Larry got a new table saw from me and Erin and Greg gave him a Grizzley Router table.  It has a fence and he is excited about it.  If it were just a little cooler he would be working in the shop but it is really humid and hot here.  An hour is about all he can stand it.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

For Sister

 It looks like Astrid bought a padded board. She may have covered one...but if you look you can see the red and white background and it is padded.
 This ribbon is really tight so it holds of pictures in place.
 This is a staple. Helen has a good staple gun.
 I don't know what the button thing is...maybe she had all of them there and some fell off and down it shows the staple.
 She painted her room these colors.  It looked so good. I had not seen it until today.  The walls are a mist of the color of the doors and trim.
 Here are her pillows.  Her room is always organized.  If there is a single thing in the floor she thinks it is a mess.
 I pulled the stuff back a little to show you what the board looks like. Maybe Laura will tell us if the board was bought or made!