Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Happy Anniversary

Erin and Greg were married on this day in 2005.  Many more...

Pinetop, AZ

 Astrid had a great time visiting Logan's Dad and his wife and family in AZ.  She is back home safely and into a busy work week.  Next week, it will be work and college and running, running to keep that track scholarship. 

School days at Harrison, AR

 Clayton and Greta started day 1 of school today.  Erin took Greta. Greg took Clayton.   Clayton's school was a mad house.  Three schools are at the same location.  They made it there and into the buildings.  Hope they have great days.

 And...Erin made homemade cinnamon rolls.  Only problem was Pop and I are too far away to get one!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Our Little Renter

Our little renter is on a trip to Pinetop, AZ.  I walked over today and took a picture of the front door.  She painted it.  Took her a while to decide what color.  Astrid said she drove around and checked out expensive houses and all of those had the front door the same as the trim so she did the same.   We bought a new dead bolt lock for the front door.  The back door is new and with new latch so it did not need one.  I thought Pop would have to put the new door latch in, but, no, Astrid did that with a little help from her Mom.
 Helen, this is down in front of the house.   Astrid will landscape the yard, but she said now she would like to just wait until spring to do it.  Everything she has done looks so good.  She put in two new ceiling fans, painted the entire house--trim and walls.  Her friend put tile in one bathroom and in the back entry.  On her day off last week, I asked what she did and she said, "I bought a mop" and really cleaned the floors.   We have a fabulous renter!
She sent this from Phoenix.  She loves dogs and is thinking about getting this shirt--Dog Mom!  She starts to AR Tech Uni August 21!

Then There Were Two!

Ingrid and Sigrid started to school this morning.  There used to be three in this picture.  By the time one gets to be a teenager, one does not want to be "over" dressed.  Everyone wants to blend in...not stand out! 

Wishing these two a good year of learning and growing up.  The world is a dangerous playground.  Protect these two today, Lord.

Oh, How I Love the First Day of School

Laura makes cinnamon rolls for her girls and Eric on the first day back to school.  Oh, how I love it as she always shares with Pop and me. 

I have started school a lot of years.  I don't miss it.  At the end of the day, teachers are emotionally and physically exhausted.  Give them strength today Lord to help and guide.  I hope Laura took a photo of Ingrid and Sigrid.  Astrid finished public school days last year.  She starts to College the 21st.  Clayton and Greta start school the 15th which is Greg and Erin's anniversary.  Hope they all have a good year.

I am glad my 5 have smart parents who don't make a little problem a big problem in school.  Parents create big problems and then children have to overcome.  Some problems need to be addressed but most just need to be forgotten.  Telling a little one that "it will all be ok" helps see that it is.  We don't need to try and fix everything for a child.  Dealing with little problems and solving them helps children learn to deal with their adult life problems.  Problem fixers are really not very good parents. 

That is my opinion for today.

Someone hacked Little Sister's FB page.  I don't get it.  What is the purpose of hacking a Facebook page?  Seems fruitless and another reason to not add a bunch of your information there.  Your friends should know it!  That is a joke as many have friends they do not know at all.   I don't want to be friends with people I don't know.  One person kept asking and I thought that Larry probably "knew" her.  She was a witch.  No, really, a worshiper of the Devil.  I just befriended her.   I don't feel I need to be politically correct on FB.  I need to be me.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Clayton's Favorite Insect

This weekend Larry gave Clayton a knife that he bought from the old Bill Price and Son Store.  It was not an expensive knife but was special to Larry for he had had it about 50 years.  Hope Clayton liked it.

Apache Reservation

Astrid sent this to us.  It is the Apache Reservation.  Good thing they were not farmers!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Where Riding Is Legal

Logan's Dad works with apache  Indians and where he lives you can ride ATVs on the street!  Astrid sent this to Laura and Red about had a cow but Astrid said it was all legal there.  Hope they have a great time.  I know they are going somewhere on a hike and Astrid will love that. I know they are 3 hours from Phoenix.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Cake Time

My sweet little renter brought me spice cake with cream cheese icing.  Sooo good!

Greta Goes Up, Up, Up

Sigrid Has One Last Party

 Sigrid's swim team, The Sharks, had a big party this week.  Sigrid starts to school Monday.