Friday, April 20, 2018

For The Birds

 Larry made this Blue Bird house last fall.  Blue Birds are there building a nest.
 After the Yellow Finches turn bright yellow, they move on.  I see the brilliant color and know it is their good bye to me.
I will fill the bird feeders today.

I am having two Hummingbirds visit my feeder already.  Mostly, they fight over who owns the food.

Today is Friday.  For 39 years, this was the day I got paid.  It was always a good day and still when I see the 20th, I think "pay day".

It is 54 degrees and  I can not get warm.  Soon, I will be saying it is hot and I can't get cooled off.  My devotional was about "do not be afraid".  The phrase is repeated 70 times in the Bible.  Looks like I could "get it" but 70 x 70 probably would not work for a hard head like me.

I hope your day is perfect.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

My New Patsy--AKA--Amazing Amy

If Sister Patsy was still with us, she would have loved the story of the Friendship Quilt that Fleta is piecing together--just a little pun.  Patsy would have solved the quilt pattern in a jiffy, but she is not with us any longer except in spirit.  My new Patsy is still kicking around in the Library and she has worked on the mystery just as Old Sister would have done.  Quickly, she solved the pattern type.   It is called the "rolling stone" and what a fitting name for the pattern.  The quilt was born in the time of the depression--1930's.  It was a special gift to someone whose name is lost.  The name in the center block has the title of Mother!  Fleta has solved the riddle of who stitched most of the blocks and now Amy has given our quilt a name--The Rolling Stone!   I think this shows if several minds work together more can be accomplished!  Fleta nor I are quilters.  It is difficult for us to even see the pattern, but I am sure Amy quilts and the block lines stood out to her.  Thanks so much, Amy!

 The Rolling Stone Friendship Quilt
Below some of the block creators

Grades and Chores

 Clayton is learning to mow the lawn.  Greg is saying, "whoa", I think.  Clayton also is making good grades.  Several are very close to an A.
This azalea is in front of Erin's house.   It is really pretty! 

Cooler today but still a sunny day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What Quilt Pattern is this?

Sister Fleta has been working a quilt crossword real life mystery.   Her friend inherited this quilt.  The quilt was in her Grandmother's possessions, but she did not know the names on the quilt.  It is a friendship quilt.  Different folks did each block and put their names in the center of their block.  Fleta is writing the story of the quilt for the Carroll County Historical Society Magazine.  She has found identities for almost all the the quilters' blocks.  She also knows the quilt was finished out on a quilting frame at Urbanette, AR.    Her friend wanted to give the quilt to a relative of one of the quilters.  I think the quilt was created about 1930, but I am guessing as to that day.

Well, I said all that to say this--Fleta wants to know what pattern these blocks are.  I am hoping I can get a friend of Margie's blog to look at it and maybe she will know as she is a master quilter.

It is a beautiful quilt and well cared for.  Fleta is searching carefully to find someone to "own" the quilt.  As some folks would just want it because of it's age and uniqueness.   But Fleta wants to find someone who will feel this way but also be connected to the names on the quilt!

Happy quilting!  I think it is a very hard task, much harder than crotchet.

Harm or Help

 Poor Helen, she had to cover up Momma's Lilac so many times the putting the huge tarp on and taking if off, also, damaged some blooms, but there is always next year.  It surely would not have bloomed without the tarp.  Fleta said one day was so cold she had to leave it all day.

But glory, glory, today is nice and pleasant.  I put my hummingbird feeder up.  I always up Vick's Vapor Rub on the top near the holding string to keep the ants out of it.  So, I did that this time.
Helen is  dreaming of a good tomato crop.  Fleta ran over Helen's dog but that may be a good thing.   As now, boy is wanting nothing to do with cars going down the road and he has recovered from Fleta's hit and run!

Jonell will have a new grand baby the first of May.  She is just praying for healthy.  The little girl's name was Carlie.  I like it.

Helen took Kelly and Ton lunch one day this week.  How sweet she is to those two boys of Patsy's.  I know they care a lot for her.

It has been a pretty good start to the week as the Card's won again last night, especially since they whopped the Cubs.

My devotional today is about being strong and being weak.  God was all powerful but he came in weakness.  He was a servant.  He could have called legions of angels for help but he did not.  Let me be happy to be a servant today, meek and humble.  This is not my true nature so I will need my Lord's help.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Running Pays Off

Astrid has a full tuition scholarship to Tech for Cross Country.  Her Coach talked to Laura, Eric and Astrid last evening.  She is going to try it.  She has full academic and this will be like a job.  I am excited for her. 
One more Prom picture.  Ingrid's dress is sort of dark pink.  She is going to look fabulous in it.

Monday, April 16, 2018

How Does Your Arkansas School Rate

Each year, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) publishes a Performance Report of the state’s schools. This online report provides information about each school, district and the state, including test performance, teacher qualification, retention, discipline and more. It is designed to help open the lines of communication between schools, parents and the local community.
Report cards are available at: and on My School Info
Looks like the school Laura works at got a C.  They are average.  She is also at Intermediate and that school rated a B.  So Laura either got a C+ or B~!
My old school and still Eric's received a B.  Al's school rated A!
Clayton and Greta's school rated B.  The other Harrison Elementary schools made A's.  This is probably one reason Woodlawn is closing.
Green Forest lower grades got an A, but next level only a C.  Niece Casey got an A.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday--April Half Gone

 These were taken on Mount Nebo.  Astrid is so pretty in her "on sale" dress.  She shines from the inside you can tell!  I hope she and Logan had a wonderful time.  Next weekend, I will get to see Ingie Prom pictures!

 Erin shared these two pictures yesterday.  Clayton loves nature.  Greta loves sports.  I love them both!

Senior Prom

 Astrid and Logan are heading to the Senior Prom tonight.  They went together last year!  The dress Astrid found on clearance looks great.
 A bunch went to a friend's house and took group photos.
 Above Astrid with her friend, Kayla and below another of Astrid and Logan.  These are just phone photos.  Laura said there will be "real" pictures taken! 

Lemon Pie

 I made Larry a lemon pie yesterday.  It turned out good. 
 I saw this snake yesterday.  It is what we always called a spread adder.  He had a frog in his mouth.  His head was puffed up huge trying to scare me.  I just took his picture and said "so long".

Friday, April 13, 2018

Queen Amy & King Doug

Doug smoked pork for school today.  Amy sent us enough for supper.  It was good and the best part was I did not cook.  Laura took cole slaw for the meal and she brought us cole slaw.  She even supplied the buns as I did not have any.  I opened pork and beans and we had a feast!  Thanks, Amy.  Thanks, Doug.  Thanks, Laura.

Posting this for Sister Helen.  Laura is standing in front of Mom's Lilac.  Helen, do you think you will have this many blooms?
Sig was big at Morrilton today.  She won the 800 meter race and her relay team won the 4 by 800 relay.  She is pumped.   I bet Fish is having to hold all her stuff, shoes, jacket, everything.   Go, Sig.   I hope they win this meet too.  They have won several meets.   Sig will be sporting some blue ribbons!!

Update:  I put cold slaw to cole slaw!  Erin told me and I fixed it.  I hope I got it fixed before Amy saw it as I don't want to be known as a dummy. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

New Ears

Greta got her new ear molds and now they will fit better and not fall out.  She is testing this week and is taking all the teacher said very seriously.  She wanted apples and grapes for breakfast because the teacher said that would be good to eat before the test.  Erin had to write her a note of encouragement.  She needed extra hearing aid batteries in case the ones in the devise went dead.  She needed to go to bed really early--8 o'clock!  Clayton informed her that was way too early as it was not even dark then.  I hope she does well on her test and I bet she will as she is taking all the advice to heart.  She told me today they had a math test and she really loved taking it.  Hope Clayton will be half as enthused next week!