Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Two Ada’s

 Yesterday, Erin sent a picture of Ada after daycare.  She was so tired I guesss she knew she was not home with Greta Ann.   Below is a new picture of the Ada she was named for.  Marsha G. Sent it to me through messenger.  Larry’s Mom is so pretty always.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Taking Time

 Erin works all week, gets not a complete night of sleep, but finds time to take Clayton and Greta swimming.  Ada does not seem to mind. Erin is near watching all three !

Baby Brother

Baby brother is an old man.  What does that make me who is 11 years older ?   I hope he has a great birthday.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Books to Read

 Today at the Russellville Library I picked up 6 books.  Surely, a couple will be good.  I’ll let you know.

Erin recommended Leaving The Witness.  Ambers’s parents and grandparents belonged to this religious group.  It is the group that knocks on your door and leaves a “Tower”.  I really liked it.
 Larry made  this for Laura and put it on her wall.  Just scraps of wood put to use.  I love all her treasures.

Monday, July 8, 2019

I Am...

Watch and pray.  I am not of the new worship ways, but of the old brush arbor days.  Watch and pray but be not afraid if you are covered by the living blood. Matthew 24 tells of the destroying of the Temple but our Temple is alive and well--Jesus Christ!

Corning Teapots

 Laura’s teapot is worth more than she paid for it back in the day.

Sisters Forever--Bonded

This is from today. Erin sent it to me.  I miss seeing little Ada and having Greta talk about whatever she wants! 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

New Look

 Laura and Astrid got her new vent a hood installed. It clears up counter for her. I love seeing that little Corning Ware teapot.  It was mine long ago.  Mema had one too, but the flowers were different colors.  I think she bought mine for me.  Laura reminded me.  Here is what she said:  I bought the teapots. Me-ma and Papa took me to Little Rock to Montgomery Ward. Daddy gave me $100, I think. I bought daddy a silver lighter and Douglas a silver money clip. I don't remember what else I bought but I remember I had the best time that day.

Ada went to church today.  She wore another of the outfits I bought second hand for her.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Ada Mae Is

 Isn’t she lovely. Isn’t she beautiful.  Isn’t she perfect.
 Last night we got a soft cool rain.  What a blessing.

My Ada is 3 calendar months today.  She has been in daycare one week.  The little blue outfit I bought from a teacher Beth Swindell at a school in Russellville.  Beth was one of my sweet kids long  ago.  Laura saw them and got them for me.  There were a bunch of pretty things all for summer.  I thought she might not even get to wear them.  She may weigh 8 pounds by now.  I looked in Erin’s baby book! She weighed 12 pounds at 3 months.

Friday, July 5, 2019

The Helen Gene

 Laura painted her dining room and kitchen.  It’s either a Helen gene or from her dad.  It looks fresh and clean.  I love a new coat of paint, but hate applying it.

I Love Chickens

I get my eggs out of the nests by lifting the lid from outside the pen.  I had a little Bantie sit on 2 eggs in the floor of the chicken house.  She hatched two cute little chickens.  I am praying they are hens.  I bought 6 chickens once at Atwoods.  5 were roosters.  No more of that.

Laura brought me a chicken wind chime from Hawaii.  It is really pretty.  I had her hang it between the bird chime and windmill Clayton and Greta brought for me.
Laura sent me this picture from the Islands.  Chicken run wild there.  I think I might like the place.  The red topped bird is an Hawaiian Cardinal.  It looks like our woodpecker.

Close up of my chicken wind chime!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Working Girl

 Ingrid was featured on the dress shops web site for being a great sales girl.
 Greta at 8 months.  Wonder what Ada will look like.  And..sigrid with friends.