Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Corn Havoc

 We had a good hard rain the other night and then one yesterday in the afternoon.  Our corn just laid over.  That will not keep it from finishing, but it makes it hard to gather.  I picked a mess but it was a little early and not filled out.  It is not Kandy Korn, but a yellow with a few white kernels.  I picked some pintos but the garden was too wet yesterday.  Today, I am not in the mood.  Maybe tomorrow.
 Back garden's corn is sparse but it laid over too.
 This is siggie's flowering moss.  It is really pretty.
Sigrid and Astrid made these at the Utah Public Library.  I enjoyed seeing them more that what they made.   
Erin said Clayton had a great birthday.  This is some sort of circuit creator.  One of his favorite gifts.  He is at Aunt Helen's today and got lucky with another cake!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Clayton is 8!!

I tried to go back through my Blog and capture Clayton year 8 to 0 but it was too hard.  I missed some years and got some twice.  Well, this old Gigi tried but now I give up, Clayton.  Happy 8th Birdthday, dear boy.


Well, I know this was one!

And this was zero!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Tiger Lily

Do you want to know about tiger lily flowers? Yes! This name sounds strange. Actually tiger lily is an orange flower having dark spots on its petals. These flowers have sweet fragrance and have various other names like ditch lily, Wood Lily, Leopard Lily and Oregon Lily etc. Here in this post, I have collected some facts about tiger lily flowers. If you are interested in knowing about these flowers, then this post will be of great interest for you.
Growing Requirements
These flowers are not difficult to grow at all. All you need to do is to keep the soil wet since tiger lily flowers like dampness. This flower produces bulbs instead of seeds which can be planted in the fall for having mid-summer blooms.
These flowers don’t require to be fertilized. They only need fertilizers if you are planting them in somewhat poor soil. Unlike other bulb flowers, tiger lilies require winter cold to grow healthily. While planting bulbs of tiger lilies, you must make sure that the distance between them should be from 9 to 12 inches. Moreover bulbs should be planted 6 inches deep in a sunny location.
Types of Tiger Lilies
There are two types of tiger lilies named:
Common wildflower
Wildflower type grows from tuberous roots while oriental tiger lilies are planted by bulbs and they are dug up later and then they are divided.
Other Characteristics
Bloom size of tiger lilies is from 4 to 6 inches long
These flowers are 3 inch wide
Flowers have bright orange or red color having black spots on the petals with six stamens
Since it stands tall, it makes a beautiful backdrop to garden area
This plant creates leaves having a width of 2 inches
Interesting Fact
Bulbs of these flowers are dug up and are boiled and then eaten by Americans. This practice is also common in other oriental countries. They taste like potatoes and are commonly used in Chinese dish moo shu pork. Brown pear dessert dish is also prepared from tiger lilies by placing the bulbs inside a pear along with sugar. Then they are steamed and eaten.
These were some basic and interesting facts about tiger lilies. I hope that this post will urge you to grow these flowers in your garden.

Bloom At Last

 Well, my lily is not a weed after all.  I sure hope someone will tell me what it is called.

 I am trying to take good care of Sigrid's plants.  Today I am going over to water her flower garden.  We have had no rain in weeks.  Fleta and Helen got a nice shower but we only heard a little thunder.

 So far the 4 oclocks that have came up are yellow and pink.  I used to have red ones.  The white may have crossed with the red for I do not remember pink.

Okra Today

 I picked a bucket almost full of okra today.  Larry had it tonight and there is some left over.  He will make a sandwich out of cold okra.  He loves them.  We like what we had to eat when we were young.

I picked a 5 gallon bucket of improved pintos and shelled most of the afternoon.  I only picked half of them so tomorrow I will pick again.

Clayton took his terrapin Flash for a walk!

Friday, June 24, 2016

I Am Babysitting

 Well, I have to babysit for an entire week--Siggie's flowers that is.  They are off to see Eric's Dad in Utah.  We put several on a table.  I have to be careful because if I let my chickens out they would destroy her potted plants.  Below are two we sat on the porch.  Cora guards the porch when the chickens are out.  she will not let them on it..  Her territory I guess.

 The middle fern is Sig's and the petunia below, plus the pots of hens and chickens.

 This is my weed lily.  I sure hope it does more than this.  Hopefully, these will open to blooms.
 My New Patsy--do you still think this is an azalea?  It is really pretty and seems to be healthy.  I plan to set it out in the fall, but will leave it her through the summer.
 Four O'Clocks that come up from seed.  They are prettier this year.  I put a sack of Larry's cow manure on them.
 These are Sigrid's Gerber Daisies.  She likes them.
 My Forgotten Dreams are not really very pretty this year.  Wish it would rain.  Erin and Helen got a big rain today and last night.  We got none.
 We are watering the melons each night with soaker hoses.   Glad we have an old well.
 I soaker hose the tomatoes in the morning.
 Okra is starting to come on.  We have had it once and I put mess in my soup.
 Here is my Grandma Powell geranium.  It does not like the spot I chose but I am leaving it there.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Bird At My Bird Bath

 I looked out and saw this new bird getting a drink.  Cora did not like it one bit.    She says, "I am thirsty".    I can let the chickens out now if I want to as they don't bother the garden much.  The cabbage was their fav and it is over.

Here is my everything but the kitchen sink soup.  It was good, but would be better when the weather was cold.  I made a pan of corn bread from a recipe in the AR Demo Gazette.  Pour half of the mix in your iron skillet add two of Sigrid's hot peppers that you swipe from her vine.  I added two of her yellow peppers they are hot flavor but mild.  Then put a cup of cheddar cheese and the rest of the bread mix.  It was good with the soup.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

All But The Kitchen Sink

I am making soup and I will put everything I can find excepting the kitchen sink!
 I picked my first okra yesterday and also still several squash.  Laura is putting squash in the freezer.  Zucchini bread sounds better when it is not 100 degrees.  I hope the bread will be good from the frozen squash.
I am going to take my big bucket and go to the garden and pick some of everything i can and make a pot of soup in my Instant Cooker.  I will have peppers, squash, potatoes, okra, cabbage, onions.  I will add frozen corn, canned tomatoes, and carrots.  Larry's Mom used to can soup.  She would put in all the stuff from the garden.  She did not do it until she had tomatoes, but I will just add canned ones.
 Clayton got a aquarium for his terrapin, Flash.
 Ingrid has been invited to "dance" with the Russellville High School Dance team at trials or whatever it is called.  My mind went blank which it does a lot.  Ingrid is a great dancer, but Laura felt the main reason they wanted her shows in her picture.  They had a meeting about it yesterday and because I was tired from driving to Harrison and back I forgot to ask what happened.  Laura did not want to pay extra money and did not want Ingrid to miss any of the events from her grade level.  I am excited to hear what happened.  Yes, she has to be able to perform in their dancing...but what do you think Laura thought was the number one reason they asked for her?
My sweet Sigrid and her Sky the apple of her eye!