Sunday, December 4, 2016

Girls Night Out

 Astrid worked until 2 this afternoon.  Then the four girls went to Little Rock to watch Elf and eat out.  I know they all love getting out together.  Laura said they all got "dressed up".  Would have loved to seen them all decked out, but I am trying to not impose so much.

I bet the Lavish Store sells out of the outfit they had Astrid model.  It is not one of hers.  They just picked it out for her.  They allow Astrid to open and also close the Boutique.  She is trying to find a second job where she might be able to get a few more hours.
 New recipe for Aunt Helen.  You buy this puff pop corn.  Drizzle it with melted almond bark.  That's all there is to it.  Laura made it for Thanksgiving and Clayton loved it so they made it today.
 I think above Greta is helping her Mother find the right popped corn and below Clayton is sampling what they made.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Neck Ache

My Woodpecker works really hard to get a grain of corn.  After retrieving a single grain, he flies off and puts in on a tree limb and then picks it up to enjoy.

I am trying to make enchiladas.  I have them ready to bake.  Hope they turn out good.  I don't think I have ever tried to make them before.  These are beef.  Sometimes, my girls make chicken ones.

I made Erin's Cinderella Cake and it was really tasty.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just For Sister Fleta

Sister Helen will not appreciate this but Sister Fleta will.  It is from Buster's file.


 I am working on a Christmas gift for the one whose name I drew.  Have to count one, two, three as I work.  Also read a book about Eleanor Roosevelt this week.  It was enlightening.

Ingrid texted asking me to go to her house and get this portfolio and deliver it to school for her.  Last day to turn it it.  She is ringing bells today for the Salvation Army.
 Her little book was a total joy to scan through.  Before taking it in to the office I snapped a few of the pages with my phone.

 Ingrid wants to always remember this special trip with her Mom and Sisters.  I bet she will.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Clayton is trying basketball.   Hope he loves it, but will have to wait and see.  He sure has the height for it.

Sun is shining again today.  I worked in one of my flower beds yesterday.  I filled it with monkey grass.  Bermuda takes it over every summer and I am hoping the grass will crowd out the Bermuda.

Yesterday, I had a bad grammar mistake in my title.  I hope you did not see it.  Laura scolded me and I fixed it.    I  knew better than to use that verb but did anyway.  Sometimes, it seems that I just don't think.    Today, I just used one noun as a header so I will not make a mistake.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Leaves Have Fallen

Most of the leaves are off the trees.  December is around the corner.  I always think "if I make it through December".  I don't really like holidays, but I don't know why.

Sister gone two years yesterday.  The sun is out today and I am happy for it.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Keefe Falls

This is from "Explore the Ozarks"
Here are five neat waterfalls along a short length of road next to Falling Water Creek, and just a few miles north of Falling Water Falls. This road and Falling Water Creek skirt the edge of the Richland Creek Wilderness, which is full of many other waterfalls and scenic treasures. All of these falls are just a few miles south of the Richland Creek campground.

We are going to visit five waterfalls in this description: Horsetail Falls, Fuzzybutt Falls, Intersection Falls, Six Finger Falls, and Keefe Falls. All are accessed from FR# 1205/CR# 68.

Horsetail Falls: To get to first waterfall, Horsetail Falls, travel EAST on AR HWY 16 from Pelsor, which is located on Scenic HWY 7 between Russellville and Jasper. Travel about 9 miles on HWY 16 (past Pedestal Rocks/Kings Bluff) to the community of Ben Hur. About a mile east/south of Ben Hur, turn LEFT onto FR# 1205/CR# 68/Upper Falling Water Road. Follow this road for 5.3 miles, past Falling Water Falls, and PARK at a pulloff next to the bridge that crosses Falling Water Creek (N35 45.1524, W92 56.2890). You should see a horse trail on the west side of the bridge. Follow it downstream to the first creek crossing, then leave the trail to the LEFT and bushwack your way up the small stream until you reach Horsetail Falls. You can continue steeply up the left side of the falls, and you will find Upper Horsetail Falls.

Fuzzybutt Falls: The horse trail that leads by Horsetail Falls can also be used to access Fuzzybutt Falls, especially when Falling Water Creek is too high to wade across. Simply continue on the trail until you reach the mouth of a canyon on your left at 1.0. TURN LEFT and follow up the canyon a couple hundred feet to the falls.

Intersection Falls: Back at the bridge, continue to drive along the forest road another 0.4 miles, to the intersection with FR# 1219. Continue STRAIGHT ahead a few hundred yards, past the sharp curve in the road, then PARK on the LEFT side of the road. Bushwack down into the woods and to the left to Falling Water Creek, then hike upstream a few hundred yards to the base of the falls.

Six Finger Falls: Back on the road, continue on FR# 1205 for a couple hundred more yards, then PARK at a pulloff on your LEFT. Six Finger Falls will be just below you on Falling Water Creek. You can access Fuzzybutt from here, by wading the creek, then hiking downstream a few hundred yards to the mouth of the canyon, but sometimes it can be too dangerous to cross Falling Water Creek when the water is up.

Keefe Falls: From Six Finger Falls, drive down the road another ½ mile (0.6 from the intersection with FR#1219), to a spot where a small creek come in from the right and goes underneath the road. PARK here, wherever you can, and follow the little creek upstream as best you can. You will cross the Ozark Highlands Trail alomost immediately. You can either follow along the bottom to the base of the falls, keeping left when you come ot a fork, or you can climb up to your left to the base of a tall bluff, and follow along the base of the bluff to the falls.

Astrid at Keefe Falls November 27, 2016
Keefe Falls is on Falling Water Creek.  It is a 78 foot waterfall.  Not much water yesterday, but Laura and Astrid are hiking again.  Laura can't do much in warmer summer as the Poison Ivy eats her up.  But now the sap is down and they have visited two falls this week.  One was near Heber Springs.   Astrid thinks Falling Water Creek and Richland are the most beautiful places of all the areas she has hiked.  Her roots are there!

Get up early

From today's devotional --

Get up early and watch God make a morning.
Thou makest the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice.  Ps. 65:8

In the holy hush of the early dawn
I hear a voice--
I am with you all day
Rejoice, Rejoice!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cinderella Pumpkin Cake

Helen, Erin made this Thanksgiving.  It was really good.  Try it with just a drizzle of frosting.   Sharing it for you.

Greta and I talked about Aunt Helen being my Sister.  How are we different I asked and Greta said, "Aunt Helen is a lot of fun".   Pooh!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Feasting

 Sigrid's meat and cheese tray was a gobbling hit!
 Laura loaned me the runner for my table.
 Greta arrived all dressed up but changed in the first two minutes here.
 Laura made Erin this bowl out of clothes line rope and fabric for her birthday.  I love it.  Really neat.  I made her a afghan for her new couch in her new house but forgot to take a picture.
 Table loaded with food.  As I cooked a lot of the items, I did not enjoy them much.  I don't think I am a very good cook anymore.

 We don't need toys to entertain Clayton.  If he can go outside he is happy.  Can you spot him here.   He is literally inside Pop's brush pile!

Happy Birthday, Erin

From sippy cup to all grown up!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I think today is Cheryl Ann's birthday.  She was born in 1965.  I think Brenda Gail was born in April of 1961.  Gary in 1963.  
 Saw this from Helen's FB.  Our little niece Brenda is a Grandmother again.  The baby's name is Alexis.  Brenda favors Momma.
 Girls got their hair cut today.  First time since right before school started.  Ingrid's hair you can see was really, really long.  She got it cut to the top of her shoulders.  It is really attractive.
Here is Astrid with her Basketball team.  They play Cabot today.  She plays on Jr Varsity.  These girls are a great bunch.  I spotted Astrid at the foot of the table!
 Our neighbor growing up Dan Norton passed today.  He was 89.  He was still Fleta and Helen's neighbor.  He lived a long life and was very active until the last year or so.  He looks very young.  He was born Newton County, AR as was his wife (Burlie Thompson Norton).  She survives him.