Friday, April 28, 2017

Back In Business

 Erin is getting everything arranged in the Rogers House.  They have been sleeping there a few nights.  She got a new couch from Breashears at Berryville.  It is really nice.  Below I recognize the quilt box Grandpa Gaddy made for Grandma.  I love it.
 We had a bad storm more trees down and no phone or internet for 2 days.

 I think this Blue Bird is waiting for the mail to arrive.
 Greta has a big closet.  She is going to love it.
 Here is Ingie and her friend, Avery.  Those are pallets decorating Avery's room.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Moving Day

 Greta did not have school today.  Clayton had to go.  Greta told me she would be working.  Today her family started moving into the house on Rogers Avenue.    She has her afghan on her new bed.  I think Erin bought the bed at a second hand store.  Ingrid is using Dad's old iron bed which looks a lot like the foot board on Greta's.
 I love the color Clayton picked for his room.  The green looks very "boy" like.
 We have been working tearing out dog kennels we spent 1000's of dollars building.  There have been times that we have had 25 Feist dogs.  We now have only 4 and don't plan to raise anymore.  We are sort of thinking of getting a Corgi male so Astrid can raise some pups.

There is nothing better than an old Mt. Mountain Feist dog though.  See what Cora has her eye on and he coiled up to strike her.
 Larry got off the back hoe and got the grubbing hoe and "bam"  Cora started shaking that snake.  It was soon over and Cora was the winner!

 I think it WAS what we call a Rat snake.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Good Company Today

Clayton and Greta came today.  Sigrid made cupcakes.  They are coconut with chocolate icing.  They were really good.
Greta brought the game that she got in her Easter basket.  Pop, Sig and she played. You have to pull out the sticks without making marbles fall.  The winner has the least marbles.  

 Clayton loves our dog, Cora Beth.
 Swinging in an old fashioned rope swing is always fun!  I love the way Greta has her hand on her hip.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekend Again

 Astrid ran the mile in 5:43 at Fort Smith Thursday in their track meet.  That is really scooting along!

Sigrid made the volleyball team.  We all thought she would, but I know she was thrilled to see her name on that list.  Pop said he would pay for some volleyball shoes.
 Erin and Greg have the hardwood floors refinished in their Sycamore Street house.  I think the older hardwood floors are so much prettier than the new ones.  I love the colors going light and dark.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Clayton Clicks

Clayton made excellent grades.  He has always been really capable but was not interested in doing his best.  Sometimes, I think kids don't see the association between what they do and the grade they receive when they are young.  As adults, we assume they know what we know, but they don't.  I always think back to my early grade school years.  I thought the whole concept of the work the teacher assigned was to get through fast.  We put our folded papers on her desk with our name on the outside of the fold.  I thought my performance depended on when I could lay my paper on that desk.  I did not even consider how well I did on the assignment.  Speed was my goal.  I was usually first or second in putting that paper in place.  I may have gotten a bunch wrong, but I did not know that was what I was supposed to try to do.  I finally figured it out but I think I was even in a higher grade than Clayton when I realized I was supposed to produce my best work.

Laura sent Clayton a photo of a garter snake eating a frog.  Clayton told her they did not eat frogs as he had "read" all about them.  I guess he learned "you can't believe all you read"  or "there is often more to the story".

Clayton wants a dog of his own.  A deal was struck between him and his parents. His part was better grades!   Looks like the Joneses will be looking for a dog.  Clayton wants a puppy.

Congrats to Clayton on his good report card!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Greta's A Winner

Greta won an award for her art.   I am sure it was a great work!  Below you can see the floors in Erin's new old house.  They sand them 3 times before putting finish on.  They are going to look fabulous.
My Ingrid is finishing up 9th grade, first year of high school.  She made a 25 on her ACT and I think this is the first time she has taken it.  25 is a good score and I am sure she will move it up with her retakes.  Her reading score was 30--quite an accomplishment for her first go at it.

Deep Purple

 Above is Laura's Iris and below the ones I have.  Hers are a lot prettier.  I think I can steal one and it will grow and be pretty in my garden.
 Laura came over Sunday afternoon and cut Larry's hair.  He is lucky to have his own barber next door.  If you look closely you can see her in the background.
 Yesterday, I took Ingie for her athletic physical.  She was 5' 6 1/2 inches tall.  She could grow a little more.  Hope she makes it to 5'7".   All her tests were good except eyes.  She may need glasses.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Be A Pineapple

Sigrid gave me a tour of her room.  She has been keeping it cleaner than the pig sty it used to be.  It was very neat and so cleverly decorated.   I sort of doubt it was ever a "sty".
Could the outer covering of the pineapple be like the "armor of God".   Wear it Sigrid.

Astrid made this wall picture for Sigrid.  Lots of good advice!  Below is a close up of Sig's new curtains.  Her room it orange, turquoise, and bright pink!
 Swan with a long slender neck so she can see all around!
 Bulletin board that Pop cut the board and she made with Momma's help.
 Wall hanging she created.  I really like it.
 Reader's Digest book cut in an S.
 Pink and orange lamp and a minute timer so she can study 3 minutes at a time.
 I think she said she paid 5 dollars for this--maybe from T J Max.  She likes that store.
 Cross her Poppa made her.
 I love Siggie the cartoon lady.
 She bought the desk from Asti for 20 dollars.  Astrid had painted it.  Maybe she got the stool too.  I am not sure.  I see the afghan Gigi crocheted.
 Wall shelf handed down from Astrid.  It is an arrow.
 More framed photos.
 Sigrid when she was just a tot.
 Door sign by Poppa.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Blessings

 These are my favorite blooms in my garden.  They are all keepers.
 Clayton got new shoes.  He wore holes in the old ones.
 I love Greta's sandals.
 The dinner was delicious.  We had a simple menu--roast, mashed potatoes, lots of brown gravy, corn from last years harvest, green beans, deviled eggs, ramen noodle salad, and homemade rolls.  For dessert--fresh strawberry pie or coconut cream.

I told Uncle Roger that Laura was a great cook just like her Momma!  Roger replied--"in spite of".  So true.
 Ingrid and Pop
 Sig with her mouth full and her oldest Sis!~
 Bird nest Erin made for church dinner.
3 beautiful ladies