Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sigrid Serves The Volleyball

Another Christensen girl is playing volleyball.  Below Sigrid is being introduced to the crowd  and above she is serving.  It is a success in grade seven if the ball goes over the net.   I did not go to the
extravaganza today.  The teams just play each other.  I plan to go see Sig when she plays at home.

I don't see how it could be but I think my leg already feels better.  Sort of more alive.  I am wearing the support hose and taking the meds.   He said I should walk a lot.  I am walking but it is pretty hot to walk a lot.  There was a little bruising but it is not that bad.  I think it will be gone in a week.    I am hopeful that this will help my leg.  What I did was have the large vein in my leg burned up.  The other veins take over the job the large one did.  My vein was damaged and the blood flowed backward at times.  He said my other leg does not look at bad but it works even more poorly.  So...I really want to have it fixed too.  I think this is even going to help my knee.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Wades

Sister Patsy's Granddaughter and her family--Adam, Casey, Burley, Alivia and Catey.

Below--Patsy's Great Grandson with her son, Tony!

Happy Birthday, Helen

Hope you have a great birthday.  Carefree and full of joy!

Leg Lamp

 I was not too anxious about my surgery today.  It all seems to have gone well.  I am to walk 10 minutes every hour.  Thank heavens--not through the night.  Larry carried me down to the Flying J and Laura met us there.  We left after 11 and had to be at Baptist Hospital by 12:30.  We made it with 10 minutes or so to spare.

Dr. Lyons was my physician.  I had confidence in him.  He said I did great.  Some folks scream and jerk their leg away he said.  Wow, all i felt was some little pin pricks.  No telling what my leg looks like under this huge wrap.  Tomorrow evening I take it off and see.  When I looked at my leg, it reminded me of the leg below--especially with the fragile sign!

I go back in one week and then will be dismissed.  I am optimistic that I am going to do great.  Next appointment is at 7:30 in the Laura and I will be leaving very early for it.  Erin offered to come and take me!  Both my girls are the best.  Sigrid called to check on me.  I told her that I hope she will care for her mother when she gets old.  She quickly said, "I will, Gigi".  

Larry took over my chore of picking up Ingie!   They went to Sonic, I think.  She probably prefers his "lift" to Gigi's!

 Clayton went for his well check and he is well.  Also, he is over 5 feet tall!  He is going to be tall like his Pop.
 He was too long to lay on the kiddie table!  Below his height chart!  I have not posted it but on his ACT test he was way above average too.  I think Erin said highest was math, but all his scores were great.  He is a very smart little boy!  Well, not so little anymore.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Piece of Cake

Greta said the first day of first grade was a "piece of cake".

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Two More Learning Today

 Clayton and Greta hit the books this morning.  Erin sent photos and Clayton was being typical brother in most--pestering Greta.  Greta loves school.  Clayton said he was glad to see his friends.
 Love Clayton's shoes and Greta's new hair cut.  They both look ready to learn.
I am having a little surgery tomorrow on the vein in my leg.  Be glad when it is over.

Art By Astrid

 Astrid brought her art work home from her Accelerated Art class last year.  She is surely talented.
 Started to cut out Laura's feet, but decided jus tto leave those painted toenails in the picture.
I see my 3 girls in this bunch.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We Got A Little Rain!

 We got a huge rain!  Took these pictures after it receded a bit.  Glad we did not have to go to work!  Don't know if we could have made it down the lane!

 At least, it washed the house!

Richland Creek

 Erin took Greta and Clayton to Richland Creek yesterday.  She is staying home with them one more day.  They start school tomorrow!  Well, they were up early with bathing suits on!  Going back--was the chorus she heard.  It had rained quite a lot and she said that they would not be going there today.  Falling Water runs into Richland and Richland runs into the Buffalo.  They are in steep mountainous areas and the water runs fast.
 I bet they will always remember playing here and jumping off that big rock.

Married On Monday

Twelve years ago today, my baby got hitched.  When we talked about the when, how and all, she choose Monday, August 15, 2005.  Why, Monday?  So, no one would come.  Erin was never one to seek attention.  No spotlight for her, but she is a steady, lady there in the the background.

One Last Hurrah

Erin took Clayton and Greta to Richland Creek today for one last adventure before school starts on Wednesday.  Richland is a great place.  Looks like the kids were brave and jumped off the huge rock.  Erin said they did not see any snakes.

My three girls had a good first day of school.  Tomorrow day two!

Monday, August 14, 2017

First Day of School

Three of my girls started to school today.  I say Ingrid is going  for the Uncle Clayton look.  Laura always makes them homemade cinnamon rolls.  She brought one by to Pop and me...delicous.   Hope the first day is great for all three and all the other little ones starting to school.  Thinking of Alivia today.  She is going to kindergarten.  Lord, bless that little one today and her family.