Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl

 While Laura and Ingrid were in Fort Smith, we watched the Super Bowl with two sweet girls and their Dad.  Larry and I were for Denver, but we did not care a whole bunch.  We chose Denver because of Manning.  He is 39 years old.  Anyway, Denver won.  Laura fixed some snacks and I set up a card table for them.  Astrid and Sigrid brought other things to do.  I made a coconut and lemon pie.  They both were delicious too.  (Even if I was the cook!)
The media wanted to get Manning to say this was his last year.  But he was gracious about the entire affair.  Sort of like, this day is for our team and I don't have to have all the focus.  The Broncos won because of their defense.  The defense even scored one of the touchdowns.  Manning played cautious just like an "old man" should and they won.   

Volleyball Weekend

Ingrid and Laura spent most of Saturday and Sunday in Fort Smith, AR.  Ingie plays for a Tech girls Volleyball team.   They finished second.  Below is a video of a little section of the game.  I think Ingrid is serving, but I can't really see anymore and do not actually know.  It's a memory!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ingrid and Astrid This Weekend!

 Ingrid is playing volleyball with her Tech team todayat Fort Smith.
 Astrid took the ACT Saturday morning and then her Dad drove her to Fayetteville and she ran the mile for Russellville High School.  Her mile time was 5:41!  Whew!  She took first place in 6 A.  It was an indoor track meet and she had to run 8 times around the course which makes it difficult to get a very good time.  She said it was hard to breathe indoors too!

I do not have a picture of Astrid running so I chose one of her hiking.  She loves that, too!

Over the Rocks and Through the Woods

 Clayton and Greta came and we went on an adventure over to Squirrel Crossing Lane.  The rocks were big but not too big for Clayton to climb.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Post It

 Astrid has a bulletin board that someone bought her.  Sigrid wanted to make one similar.  Well, it turned out much nicer!  First she measured the size she wanted.  She told her Pop that she measured the air.  It needed to be 1 foot and 12 inches by something.  She got her Mom to help remeasure and Pop cut a thin board the size.

Last night they came over and borrowed his big stapler.  They stapled the fabric over the board. I think they have some type of padding under the fabic.
 Then they crisscrossed the ribbon and stapled it tight.
 Then at the points the ribbon crossed they added tacks I think, but it may be something else.
 Next Sig loaded it with pictures she chose.  I think it is going on her door.  Grandma Gaddy watched over the entire process.
Clayton really likes reading.  He loves going to the library and choosing books to read.  His dog Sophie wishes he would read to her but he is engrossed in the book and does not notice Sophie.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Go Down To The River To Pray

Baptism in Falling Water Creek, AR 
Ethel Renfroe, Cliffie Gregory, and Bill Casey
Uncle Walter called the spot the "Nannie Hole".
Good spot for swimming and winning souls he said!

I went to two grocery stores today.  That is a feat for me as I prefer to stay at home.  I love the Allison Krauss song and also the pictures David Webb put to the music.
Baptism on Buffalo River, AR

Thursday, February 4, 2016


This morning I was greeted by a little Chickadee!  She was wearing a mask but I recognized her anyway.
The Chickadee
by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Then piped a tiny voice hard by,
Gay and polite, a cheeful cry,
"Chick-a-dee-dee!" saucy note
Out of a sound heart and merry throat
As if it said, “Good day, good sir!
Fine afternoon, old passenger!
Happy to meet you in these places
Where January brings few faces.”
Looks like another old Arkansas bird is back!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Little Mishap

 I had to take Ingrid to the orthodontist this morning so afterwards I walked at the trail.  Someone had a little accident in the toilet looks like.  As you can see we had high winds last evening!  I wonder if there was someone inside when it "blew" away!
 Greta loves her gymnastics class.  She is really strong!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ingrid Stomps

Here is Ingrid's new dance performance.

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Finally

 Clayton and Greta has a new cousin on Dad's side.  You can tell they both love holding her--Hailey Elizabeth!
 Sigrid's school was having hippie day today.  She surely picked a good outfit!

 Astrid's friend Sophie was invited to a dance.  She got her talented friend to come over and do her makeup and hair.  When Astrid and Sophie were in Middle School, Astrid was the tallest, but no more.  Sophie is tennis player--really good.  She looks like she could be Laura's daughter!
 The Tech game we went to was a blow out.  I enjoyed watching them play.  My favs are a little girl from Finland (I think that is the country).   Her name is Anissa and a girl from Texas--Fatima Adams.  Adams jumps and shoots really well!
 My favs are number 4--Anissa (I think her number is 14) and the black girl with the white head band.  I think her number is 31/
 There is an area in front of where Larry always sits that is called the "Green and Gold Club".  These folks give $250 to Tech and the money goes to scholarships.  The area is guarded by the guard!  I call them the seat sheriffs, the butt buffers, the Gold patrol!  I told Larry I might have to donate next year so he could sit there.  The sheriff is telling this guy--ah, you can't sit here.  The folks have a lanyard and tag they wear around their neck.

There is a bigger crowd at the games this year.  The athletic director has a lot of stuff for the Tech kids to win.  They give $100 a game.  You have to be present to win it and it is added to the pot each game.  A barbecue place here sponsors it.  They draw a Tech kid's name at random and if they are present they win.  Tech students also get in free.  The crowd helps the team play better!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Help Sigrid Choose!

Sigrid has a Valentine Tea in two weeks.  It is a dressy affair.  At her school, they have the Tea each year and the focus is manners!   Sigrid has three new dresses and she wants us to help pick what she should wear.  Vote for polka dots, lace, or blue.  Help Siggie pick the best dress!  Vote in the comments.
 Sigrid shoes are black and match all three.

 This dress has lace!

 Laura said she had a light sweater to wear with this one.  I think it is white, but am not really sure.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Almost 70

Almost 70, was not referring to Sister Fleta's age.  I was talking about the temperture today, Fleta!  hehe  I am going to the AR Tech Women's Basketball game at 1:00.  They are really playing great this year.  Larry attends all their home games.
 Sigrid stayed over at a little friend's for her birthday bash.  Looks like they had loads of fun.  Sigrid is having a Tea at her school for Valentine's day.  Everyone dresses up and uses their manners.  I can't wait to see the pictures!
 Ingrid went bowling.  I think one of these boys is her "feller".
 Astrid went to Tamara's birthday dinner with T's family.  They have been friend's since 5th grade.
 Astrid and Laura picked me up today and we went to the Trail.  Asti ran 7, Laura 5, but I only did my 2.  I thought my knees might hurt if I overdid it.  See the Jeep on Astrid's steering wheel?
 Laura finishing 5.
 Astrid and her dog, Sky, finishing 7.