Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Well, Black Friday is here.  I hate crowds so I hate Black Friday.  I am laughing as it is raining on the sales.   Eric is good to go stand in line and buy for me, but this year I don't have anything I want him to stand in line for.  Last year, he stood and got my tv and we love it.  I looked through all the sales and wasn't very impressed with any of it.  Amazon has passed Walmart.  Most folks are like me and would rather have the pkg delivered to their door!
Thanksgiving was great.  Thanks for Laura and her bunch.  She worked all day Wednesday cooking and I appreciate it so.   I guess I could still do it all, but I am kinda doubtful.
 Greg took Erin and the kids out to supper for Erin's 36th birthday.  Greta drew this.  It says " I love Jesus" and has a cross.  Speaking of crosses, look what Astrid made for Erin's birthday gift.  It is really lovely.  If you click on the picture you can see it better.
 Here Astrid is holding it for me to get a picture.  You see those cards on the wall behind Astrid.  Those are old recipes that have been handwritten.  I think most of them are from Grandma Myrt, Eric's Grandma from Minnesota.  She worked in food preparation all her working career.  She was a manager not a cook.  During WW II she enlisted and served her country.  She was Eric's Grandmother's cousin.  When his mother's mother died of cervical cancer.  Grandma Myrt took Eric's Mom into her home.  Eric's Grandmother had a big family and his mother was one of the older children.  Some of the kids had to go to an orphan's home.  Myrt passed away many years ago, but her husband is still living.  He is in his 90s and just a couple of years ago, he drove here to see Eric.  He has visited here several times.  Eric's bunch have driven to Minneapolis to see him too. He and Myrt had no children of their own.   Grandpa Howard has given Laura lots of Myrt's treasures.
 Grandpa and Grandma Powell are listening to the guy's conversation.  I hope it was interesting to them.
 Astrid is waiting and whatever her Mom asks her to do, she is quick in response.  Such a good daughter.
 Ingrid is seated by the mashed potatoes, her fav.  She told me "I am sitting right by the mashed potatoes so I can fill my plate".  I made chicken gravy for her to put on them.  She likes to cook and was helping her Momma when I arrived.
 Sigrid set the table.  It was so pretty.  She also keep Clayton and Greta busy.

 Astrid gave Sig a break and took Clayton and Greta outside to play "hot potato".  I bet the Sisters recall that game.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Walking With Friends

 Sunday these ladies picked me up and we all took our walk together.  Larry's Momma loved to walk and often she and several of the grandkids and I would walk together.  I am so tickled that Ingrid is taking up the habit.  Greta is like Astrid she loves running.  Sigrid likes walking pretty well, too. So maybe the walking tradition will carry on.  Sunday, Astrid and Sky ran 3 and a half miles.  Laura jogged 3 and a half.  Ingrid ran 4.  And the slow turtle walked 2 miles.  We all finished within a minute of each other so it was nice.

Yesterday, I stayed inside and cleaned some of my piles of stuff.   I told Laura I needed to just bag stuff up and trash it, but it is hard to do.I have 3 closets of clothes.  I wear only a few things.  Maybe in the spring, I will try a garage sale again.  If Siggie would help me, I think I can try it again.

Today, I fell instep with another walker.  She said she weighed over 400 pounds at one time.  Finally, she asked my name as she said I think I know you.  Well, I had taught her husband (died of drug overdose) and their two girls.  I knew all the husbands family and her youngest daughter and I had a good bond from school  She confided in me a lot after she found i had known her Daddy and did not speak harshly about him.  I told her he had a good heart but lost his way.  I sort of felt ashamed about not being able to get the 10 pounds off that I wish I did not carry around after I heard this lady's story.  She has gained back about 50 pounds of the 150 she lost.  She has copd and has to use a steroid inhaler.  I told her "don't give up".  Hopefully,  this helped me to see I should "not give up".  I need to keep stepping along.  I thought of what  Helen said, "there is always someone worse off than we are".  Don't have to look far either.

Erin is 36 today.  The Lord blessed me and let me keep her as I felt when she was 4 that she was going to be lost to me...but we don't know the plan.  We just need to continue on praying and trusting that we can do things that please our Lord.

Little Church In the Wildwood

Helen had Fleet take a picture of the Coin Church and she made these ornaments for the members there.  They are so special.  The Pastor's wife is going to love hers.  When I think of Coin, I always think of that song about the church in the wild wood.

Hannah and Robert will always remember the "little Church in the Wildwood!" Even though, Coin Chruch is white!

Sugar Cookie Recipe

 Larry's Mom made sugar cookies and they were really good.  But you had to chill them and then roll them out and cut them out and the recipe made a big batch.  Laura's friend at work (the one whose brother is married to Fay Carpenter's daughter) said this recipe is good and so easy.  I think you could even cut it in half.  I am putting it here with the title I have so when I want to make them I can search on this blog and find the recipe.

Sometimes the Sisters get a little tired of posting but we really love the Blogs and staying connected with one another and Cuz Winnie who Helen now says is our Aunt!!   Helen we all understand those memory lapse as we all have them.

Happy Birthday, Erin

Erin, hope you have a great birthday.  I am so proud of you!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Keeping An Eye On Us

The day we went to Sam's we came home to find this set up in they yard.  Is the government keeping an eye on us?  Are they checking earthquake signals?  Do they think we are undercover?  Aliens?  Looks like they would have to get permission before putting this in my yard,  What do you think it is?

I was surprised to learn the real objective.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pictures To Keep

 Got one new picture of Astrid and several of Ingrid.  Ingrid is cheering indoors now for Basketball so that is nice.  She loves it!  What I do is go to the FB page and get the pictures.  Some may be a repeat, but I love having the memories.

This was Homecoming parade, I think.


And ....

Little Marie turned 47 today.  I hope she had a wonderful day and is having a wonderful life.  I was attending College at S of O the day she was born.  Someone called (Momma?) and when I got to the dorm I had a note saying she was here, what she weighed, and the exact time she entered this world..  She was born about 8 to 8:30 in the morning.  I want to find the note and scan it in to show the Sisters.  I keep things.

I was thinking today about kids needing an advocate, a voice.  So many don't have anyone to stand for them.  Think how scary their lives are.  They are at the mercy of society.  Often the attention they get comes from the wrong place and wrong people.

The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven
At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”
He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.
  — Matthew 18:1-5

Times They Are A Changin'

The theme of Sigrid's musical program was music through the years from 1950's until today and how music displays undercurrents of what is going on in the world!  Notice her boots.  I thing they are Uggs or Hugs or something like that!
 Sigrid's school performed a musical tonight at the Arts Center.  She had a solo part and a speaking part.  The program moved quickly along and was enjoyable to attend.  I must admit that I have been to many children's programs that we not that great.

Sigrid sang her part perfectly and she did not stumble when she spoke in her speaking role.  She did not seem nervous at all.  I spoke to her about how well she did and how she did not seem nervous and she said she was not usually nervous when she had to be on stage.  A few of the performers over emoted when they sang.  Sigrid commented on one girl saying  "she was not supposed to do so and so, but she always does stuff to get attention".  I told Sig some kids don't get much attention at home and that is why they seek it.  Sigrid is a wise little one.  She sees a big picture and has an opinion about most things.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

We Love The Library

 Clayton loves the library.  His Momma did too.  She spent many an hour there shelving books.  He is looking up books.  She will not let him just browse.  He looked up legos, and I forget the other subjects.
 Greta decorated cookies over the weekend.  I wish I had one for my coffee in the morning.
 I am not sure what Clayton is saying here, but it looks like he is a happy boy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Part Bear

 I may be part bear as in the winter I get the notion to hibernate.  Astrid saw on Pinterest that you could make cuffs for boots out of old sweaters.  Off she and Mom went to Marva (local help store for needy) and bought some old sweaters.  They made some cuffs.  Now Laura is trying to think of something to make from the rest of the sweaters.

Below is Astrid and her friend Jennie at the Football came.  Russellville won the first game of the playoffs but now must play number one Pine Bluff this weekend.
Erin had some pictures of the kids on a share site.  Greta was decorating cookies.  Another of Clayton and Greta on the front porch.  I am too lazy to snap shot them and put them here.  Barbara Rudd's daughter Amber sent me a video of Tony's youngest Gdaughter feeding Barb's chickens and talking.  When I come out of my den, I will post it to utube and share it with you.  Amber has the camera in her pocket so the picture is not good, but I enjoyed hearing Catey (or is it Cadey) talking.

Helen, hang in there.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Erin says when one has trouble day to day...think hour to hour.  Hope Cuz Winnie is ok.  I have been remembering all you, my family, in my prayers and will continue.  Erin, also, gave me a good statement about holding your tongue.  Least said, sooner mended!  What wise words to live by.  I read a devotional.  This year's is "Utmost for His Highest".  Last night's lesson was "we should not try to fix everything in other's lives".  Of course, we should do all we can for others, especially children, but we should not  take all the bumps out of their roads as that is how youngsters learn to deal with life.  The lesson said that some trials God may send for a purpose and if we erase them we have interfered with His purpose.  I certainly don't mean that we should not help others and do what we can for others, but if one always travels on a highway with no pot holes, what would they do on that red dirt road I grew up on.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Astrid and Ingrid and Sigrid

 Both these friends of Astrid's are named Madison.  Below was at the XC banquet.  Above just at school.  The girls put pics on a site and I like to get them and save them here.
 Ingrid posted this to a site and one of her friends commented, "YOUR MOM!"  I thought yes it does look just like Laura.
 Pop and I had to help out this week as Eric was in LR serving on an educational committee to rewrite the Standards.  He is serving on the High School English one.  He will have to go several times and stays 3 days at a time working on the goals.
Sigrid took this selfie or is it a footie?  Pop picked her up an hour early one day.  The lady said, "Is she going to the Dr?"  Larry replied, "no, she's going with her Grandpa!"