Sunday, December 4, 2016

Girls Night Out

 Astrid worked until 2 this afternoon.  Then the four girls went to Little Rock to watch Elf and eat out.  I know they all love getting out together.  Laura said they all got "dressed up".  Would have loved to seen them all decked out, but I am trying to not impose so much.

I bet the Lavish Store sells out of the outfit they had Astrid model.  It is not one of hers.  They just picked it out for her.  They allow Astrid to open and also close the Boutique.  She is trying to find a second job where she might be able to get a few more hours.
 New recipe for Aunt Helen.  You buy this puff pop corn.  Drizzle it with melted almond bark.  That's all there is to it.  Laura made it for Thanksgiving and Clayton loved it so they made it today.
 I think above Greta is helping her Mother find the right popped corn and below Clayton is sampling what they made.


Anonymous said...

Greta was scanning all our groceries in the self check out. She is a good helper

Sister--Three said...

Well now I see. Someday she I'll help me do that.