Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hand Made Gift Exchange

 Ingrid and Sigrid decorated Sugar Cookies for our Christmas Eve dessert.  They were yummy.
 We had a baked potato bar--both sweet and white potatoes and a pot of chili.  I had hot dogs in the chili and some made a chili dog.

 Pop got my name.  He made me a hand crafted sofa table.  The top is cedar and the botton yellow pine.  I love it.

 Sigrid made Greta a bow hanger for her new room.  Pop assisted Sigrid.
 Sigrid threw in all her old hair bows...bunches of them.  This was a special gift.
 Greta gave Ingrid a hand made tree ornament and a picture she created.

 I crocheted Greg a throw.
 Greg craved Sigrid a rolling pin.  Sig loves to cook.  It is carved from hickory.
 Astrid made her Dad super hero signs for his room.
 Laura painted a Bible verse on this rock from Falling Water for Erin.  It is from Psalms--Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.

 Erin made Astrid a first aid kit with special instructions from a special nurse and these dried green beans and maybe dried???peas???
 Clayton molded Laura a chicken on a nest from clay!  Double meaning there.

 And he made this cross.
Greta with one of her bows.
 Eric mad Clayton a checker board and the pinup game.  Clayton was pleased.
 Ingrid decorated Pop a change bowl to put his change in and also roosted him some peanuts.  He is relishing the peanuts now.  Below are the super hero designs Astrid made for her Dad.  His room at school is decorated with super heros.
Thankful for all my family this Christmas--loyal, loving husband, level headed daughters, supportive son in laws, and the best grands in the world.  Praise be to my Father!

Devotional is coming to the last pages, but Larry ordered me a new one last night.

Reverie is the Sunday of the mind.  Rest awhile.  Time so spent is not lost.  Walk through the fields.  The fisherman can not be losing time when he is mending his nets.

The little cares that fretted me
I lost them yesterday
Out in the fields with God.
Gen. 24:63
Isaac went out to meditate in the field at eventide.

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