Thursday, July 7, 2011

George E. Gaddy's Deposition

Or what our Grandpa said........
George Ellis Gaddy after being duly sworn to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth testifies as follows--
1. My name is George Ellis Gaddy. I am 55 years of age, a resident of Carroll County, Arkansas and have been a resident there for....
for the last 28 years. My occupation is that of farming.
2. I am not related to the claimant (Squire Blackie Blevins) and have no interest in the success of the claim.
52. I am here to testify in favor of Squire Blevins.
53. I have known claimant for 28 years and have been intimately acquainted with him for the last 25 years.
54. I lived within 3 miles of the claimant during the War.
55. I presume that I met claimant as often as about once a week from the commencement of the War up to about February 1864 at which time I organized a company of Federal Militia and claimant was one of the first to join the company and he also had one son and two son in laws in my company and the claimant remained with the company until the close of the war during which time I was almost constantly with claimant.
56. Claimant urged his neighbors to vote for union candidates and against convention at the time in question of succession was submitted to a vote.
57. I know the claimant fed and assisted union people and union families before he entered the service and since in my company from February 1864 until the close of the War.
58. I never knew or heard the claimant saying anything against the Union cause.
59. ---
60. Claimant's reputation with both parties was that of a Union man. I never heard any person doubting his loyalty. I am satisfied that Leroy Ayers and W. W. Davis could testify to his loyalty.
61. Leroy Ayers, James L. Hopper and W. W. Ayers were Union men and I am satisfied that either could testify to his loyalty.
62. I was a Union man and claimant knew it from the fact that we
talked and worked together freely.
63. It was general talk here that all Union men had to go in the Rebel service or die and threats of that kind were made to the claimant and one of the claimants sons in laws was killed and another injured and I know they took some of his property.
64. not transcribed
65. Claimant made as good a soldier as I had in my company. Claimant was a man of considerable property and had a large number of good horses and claimant could not have moved north after the commencement of the War without loosing his property and probably his life.
G. E. Gaddy

Another Old Friend

Another one of my earlier visitors has been returning to see me in the morning. He is always welcome here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Siggie's Big Black Glasses

Siggie wore her glasses over today. Pop says now she needs two front teeth!

Sigrid--My Entertainment

Siggie comes over because she has no place to go...Sisters have friends and go to their houses and they come over, but Siggie says her Mother says she is too little to stay all night with anyone but Pop and Gigi. Also, when they have friends over or go to the friend's house, Siggie comes to her friend's house--we enjoy having her. She will help with the pups. Pull grass for the chickens. She loves chickens.

In this picture Siggie is doing what she calls a 'soft' dance. I don't know what that is but she says she is really good at soft dancing!

She told me last week that she can not hear and she can not see. She has new glasses so she can see. The frames are black. I have asked her to wear them to my house but she says...she forgot them in her room. She ran into the door over here today and may have a black eye. She said--Gigi, I told you I could not see! She read a chapter to me today in the "Golly Sisters". She can read really well. This book has some pretty big words like 'wonderful' and 'river' and 'welcome'. Those are complicated words for someone who has not started grade 1. I wish I had remembered to ask Siggie how she saw the words in the book! Well, maybe tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Sister's Play House

The girls wrote a play--Town with No Water--they acted out all the parts and invited Pop and I to the premier. Siggie was Cowgirl Kate! Ingrid Nosy Rosey. I forget what they called Astrid, but the play was a huge success as the audience had a great time. There were lots of costume changes and original dance routines! Wish you could have watched it with us!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Yellow Finch

I have another Yellow Finch at my feeders. I think this is a different bird from the ones I had in May, but just as beautiful.

Clayton's Big Party

We went to Clayton's today for his birthday party. He had frog cup cakes. He is a big three!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Forgotten Dreams

My flower garden of Day Lilies (I bought them last year) are blooming. I have 12 of them--they are called Forgotten Dreams!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Momma 1956

Erin says I am a hoarder. I am going through boxes and throwing stuff away. I took a box to the trash and a little piece of paper fell from the cracks of the box. I picked it up to put it back into the box and look what is was. Now, that is the Lord watching over an old hoarder and saving my Momma's picture.

Just a Stump

I took this photo of an old stump at Zion Hill Cemetery, Pope County, Arkansas. I like the way it is hanging on to life. You can chop me and hew me, but I will linger on!