Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall--Few Days At A Time

 We have a day or two of fall and then summers rears it "hot" head again.  Today, I walked two miles and it was hot.  I will say, "I made myself go".    Did not want to go.  Larry has the half of Galla Meadow where the two horses don't roam in such better shape.  Our pasture renter misled us to believe that he would keep it all clean.  He is not the working type.

I had forgotten how inspiring the Meadow was.  It is a lift to any dreary day.
 I water my Swamp daisies almost everyday.  Larry drilled holes in that black bucket and the water seeps out.  They need lots of water plus lots of sunshine.  I hope the seeds fall and next year there are more flowers blooming.
 Maple is turning.
 Persimmon feeding the possums.
 Ash trees turn more yellow than red, but they are pretty, too.
 This is my second grade teacher. This week I discovered that Dad's Grandfather and her Great Grandfather were brothers.  Also, Mom was related twice to her husband who died in a car wreck in 1955.  Her daughter and I graduated together and I had no idea how closely related we were.  She was always so nice and I guess I did not get that gene as I was not!

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