Tuesday, November 1, 2016

No Tricks

 Here are the Harrison tricksters.  They wore their costumes to school.  Erin thought it was a horrible idea and worried about Clayton's behavior dressed like this.  But all went well.  The dress was the school's idea not Erin's.
 I sent the two a card and a little cash.  Clayton went to the mail box and picked it up after school.  It got there on the right day!  If  Aunt Helen lived closer she would have been surprised!
 Up, up the hill went the two little creatures...of course Miss Greta is way out front.  She is tough.
 Eric asked if Erin would take her two trick or treating.  All his are too old he said.  I told him I doubted Erin would be chauffeuring them.  And...I was right...look who is undertaking the task!  This is Grandma Janie's house.  I really like her.  She was born near Snow Ball and is a great country lady!!
I think this house is neighbor Freda's.  She invites Greta and Clayton to stay over night when her two grand kids stay.  She is a nurse at Boone County Hospital.  
Sigrid fixed a big feast for her family.  I tried one of these.  Pop tried some of everything.  He said it was all good.  Since, she decided she was too old to go trick or treating, she fixed a special family meal.  I saw pigs in a blanket, dipped pretzels, apples with carmel sauce.  Pop said it was all Sigdelicous.


Anonymous said...

Freda retired last year. She had worked at the hospital since she was a teenager. Started as a candy striper and then CNA. EJ

Sister--Three said...

She is a jewel!

Anonymous said...

I also get to enjoy a Fall Feast. :) ~Amy-Patsy