Thursday, October 27, 2016


I found this photo of the RJHS Colors' Day Court at their FB page.  Ingrid is so stunning.

Eric and Laura had to be at Conferences for their respective schools this week.  Astrid played parent for Sigrid and Ingie and I went to Astrid's conference at High School.  She had all A's and all her teachers complimented her.  It was a joy to get to fill in for her parents.  I am hoping I get to do this for Ingie and Siggie one day.

I am working on a crocheted wrap that Laura saw on pintest or whatever it is called.  Then Erin wants a new afghan for her new couch and her new house.  Greg is getting the backyard fence up now and they will move pretty soon.  Erin's birthday is Thanksgiving this year.  Maybe by then.

Hope Helen and Fleta have great days and hope my girls do too.  October is almost over and it is really still almost hot here.   I have to pick up Ingie today at 3 as volleyball is over.  I plan to walk before I go get her.  No need to drive twice.  I go to a trail to walk.  Grass is wet here and the trail is easy stepping!  

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