Monday, February 11, 2019

Silver Bangles

 When I went away to college in 1968, one of my roommates was a girl named Kayanna.  I remember she was majoring in art.  At the first of school, this was June 1968, I had a single roommate named Muriel.  The school was out of rooms and they opened the top floor of a dorm. This was the 4th floor of a large brick dormitory.  About 10 girls were asked to move there.  I was one of them.  We had a large common bath with several sinks, showers, and stools.  There were no walls but each of us has an area of the room.

Kayanna was one of these dozen girls. She was from Nevada, Missouri. Over  Christmas break 1968, she went on a trip to Mexico and on her return she gave me this silver bracelet.  I think silver was not expensive there.  The bracelet was bright and was made with fine roses around it.  I found it again about a year ago and tried to clean it with recipes I found on the internet.  It had turned almost black.  Not long ago I gave it to Laura.  She used silver cleaner on it.  It is not as pretty as when kayanna gave it to me, but it looks better.
At Ancestry, I found a picture of Kayanna when she was in 7th grade.   Now, I wonder if she bought all the roommates gifts or just me?  Below you can see the bracelet after cleaning it up.  Laura said she and Ingie would wear it!   I am happy to pass it on.
This got me thinking about those girls I lived with on the fourth floor!  I have a year book and I plan to find all their names. 

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