Friday, November 4, 2016

Cooler Today

Great news!  Went to the library today and got a big sack of books.  Reading Blue Tattoo, first.   True story of an Indian captive.  Not a new book, but Laura saw it on Pinterest and told me she thought I might like it.  It is really interesting and I have already read several chapters. 
 Laura took these two of Ingrid at Colors Day and the winding down of volleyball.   I noticed the other two girls are looking at who is the prettiest and Eric is enjoying being father of the beautiful Ingrid Elizabeth.
 Astrid finished in the top ten at Cross Country Conference last evening.  The picture is of Astrid and her friend, Mickie Belle.  Mickie Belle has an old fashioned name.  Her Aunt is Laura's friend, Amy-Patsy.
Erin texted me today that she had burned 2000 calories!  Wow, go to comments to see how easy it is.


Sister--Three said...

Erin left the brownies in the oven and burned the entire pan!
2000 calories gone!

Sister--Helen said...


Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures of beautiful girls.~Amy-Patsy