Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Problems Never Cease

Okay, I used to be able to take a photo and turn it and then save it on the computer and post it on blogger and it would be turned the way I saved it. Now, I can resize it, turn it, rename it, even cuss it and it will still post cock eyed.  Fleta, what to do?

Siggie swallowed a quarter yesterday.  Eric and Laura are taking the wait and see approach!

Eric was conducting parent teacher conferences.  A young man did not make a good grade in his class. I think he was not turning in all his work. Mother asked the boy to step away from the conference table so she could speak privately to Eric.  She said the boy said the reason he does not do well in Mr. C's class is because Mr. C's daughter is soooooooooo beautiful!  What should Eric have replied?

Clayton has been a little hitful at pre-school. Erin told him Santa would not like that!  Clayton told her he would save the hitting up for a 'mean' day and didn't she know Christmas was about Jesus not Santa.

The tree is Laura's.  I don't have one.  Laura has taken pity on me.  She is buying two gifts for me for Clayton and Greta tomorrow.  I am good at staying home.  Not good at shopping.

Patsy, does the Scofield Bible condone slavery?   What are your thoughts on that and why to persons of color say this about the Scofield Bible? I want to know about how the Scofield Bible is different concerning this topic. I know about Ham and the other references to slavery...but how is Scofield different?


Betty said...

Even sideways, that's a pretty tree!

patsy said...

this has all the scofield notes.

The 4th Sister said...

Betty load that Picasa program and use it to post!!!so easy to edit pics and posr...Made for dummies I love it