Thursday, December 27, 2012

When it is cold....I just want to cover up and stay warm.  I have read a couple of books and I have mostly just sat and wished it would warm up.  We only got a few inches of snow...but it is really cold and the snow is mostly all still here.

I am working on this throw for Astrid and after I finish I plan to try and make one for the rest of my kids.  Larry likes jigsaw puzzles.  Erin bought this one for him and he has completed in in one day as we are pretty much stuck inside.  

My new camera messed up again.  The display was black.  I thought "oh, I will have to call Fleta and ask what is the matter now!"  Then I noticed I had the lens cover on....small minds work in small ways.  I did tell Fleta what I had done and she did not seem surprised that my problem was a simple one.


Winnie Sneed said...

Hope you get past the "stuck in" weather soon. My dear friends husband was to have biopsies yesterday at a hospital in Little Rock....they made it with their son's 4 wheel drive, but the surgeon could not make it in...they had to turn around and head back was a real bummer.
Mike and I are finally feeling better, but while I was down and out I read Nora Roberts "Witness",,, it was enjoyable and I was actually bummed when I was finished...I wanted it to go on for more...may e it was because I was I'll...but I did enjoy the book.

The 4th Sister said...

"Simple" Betty? That may be the whole problem with you working the camera! LOL Oh I just amuse myself!