Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Arkansas Past & Present

 Arlis White is the man holding the snake in this picture. Arlis was a cab driver in Harrison. We cannot identify the kind of snake this is, but the head appears to be of a pit viper. It is probably some type of rattlesnake, but cannot see rattles. This picture was taken on the north side of the square. 
Boone Co Museum
Erin likes pictures and shares them that appear on the FB site Arkansas' Past.  I went and looked a few of the pictures.  Well, I recognized Arlis White as someone in my genealogy tree.  I downloaded the picture and added to his file.  I also took the picture I had of Dad in the Navy off and added the one Fleta found.

 When I went to visit Uncle Walter, he told me about Larry's Mom's baptism.  He said it was at the "Nannie" hole below the Falling Water Falls toward Richland Creek.  The preacher's name was Reverend Mansfield.  He thought Ethel was about 14 but I doubt she is that old.  I would guess 12.  Walter said he was present.  The other girl if Cliffie Gregory.  Kin to the Sisters though Mary Gaddy.   I don't know who is being baptized but if I took the picture to Walter he might even know that.  I also would bet it is Bill Casey as it looks like him.
 Clayton likes to read and he is a good reader of which I am proud!
Poor little Sigrid got this bad mark and either forgot to get it signed or was ashamed.  I would guess that Sigrid's teacher knew that Laura did not sign this paper.  Sigrid said when she was called on it, "I got a sucker for getting it signed but I could not eat it, Momma!"  That was repentance!


Winnie Sneed said...

So appreciate all you post about family....makes me feel close! Wanted to let you know this morning that we will not be able to come down to the family reunion. As of last night, we now have two family obligations that we feel we should attend on September 18/19th. We sure will miss seeing you all ❤️

Sister--Helen said...

Oh my goodness....Betty better worry about THIS one...LOL