Monday, September 28, 2015

Ron Remembers

 One of Ingrid's teachers at RJH remembered who Ingrid belonged to and shared these pictures with Laura.  Ron also sponsors the Yearbook, I think, so Ingrid may have a few pictures there.  I am so old I recall Ron as a young student teacher under Vera Clack at RMS.  Well, now Ron is an old man....and I am a very old woman!  Ron takes a group of kids to New York each summer.  Astrid went and now Ingrid is making plans to go.
 I guess we could call Ingie Bean--"Bow Head".
 This is my favorite of Ron's pictures.  Right over Ingrid's left shoulder I see someone keeping an eye on her!


Sunshine said...

I had not even noticed that!

Sister--Three said...

Your Momma did!