Saturday, September 26, 2015

Roll Cyclones!

 Ingrid is playing in a Volleyball tournament in North Little Rock.  She is number 12.  Hope they do great.
 Astrid had a Cross Country Meet.  Boys ran first so she did not run until after 11 o'clock.  It was really hot!  She finished 9th.  Probably over 100 in race.

 Here she is coming in to finish.  She is first on her team again.

 When she finished she rested a minute or so and then ran a mile up the road to ref soccer because she gets paid for that.  Others who finished after her, were falling out and emergency techs were attending them or Dad's carrying them to the shade.  Mean while, Astrid is sprinting up the highway so she won't miss out on making extra money.  What a girl!

 Look who was there old buddy, Coach T.  He said Astrid was doing great.  He has asked about her!  He said "Roll, Cyclones" as she ran by....I liked the sound of it!  Coach said he had good days and bad days.  I told him I did too!

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Sunshine said...

So Proud of all my girls