Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September's Here

 Patsy taught me that when birds or chickens poof out their feathers they are either hot or cold.  I say this Hawk is hot!  We had a reprieve of cool weather but it is hot again, but not for long I am sure.
 Another thing Patsy commented about was the flowers of fall are often oranges and browns and goldens and spring flowers are pinks and blues.  The above is a weed from the Meadow, but it is really pretty.  Don't guess it is fall because it is the wrong color.
 I love it when a Blue bird comes up to the water hole in the back yard.  They are one of my favorite birds but they like a fence row for their nests, one facing an open field as they eat mainly bugs and insects.  My sunflower seed is no attraction to them.
Astrid posted this selfie which I thought was so pretty that I am saving it here.  She texted me this morning that she forgot her homework and I ran it over to the high school.  I peeked into the Principals office but she was out.  She was one of my students when she was 12, a long time ago as now her kids are grown and she is in charge!

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