Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Is Here

 Sigrid posts pictures to a site with the Ipad I gave her and Ingrid for making all A's last year.  I look and if I want to I keep the picture.  She is growing up.  I told Pop probably only one more year and she will not have time for us.
 In the above photo, you can see one of Greta's "ears".  Well, the little soccer ref saw them and showed Greta that she had "ears" too.  I thought it was neat.
 Greta is only 4.  Most 4 year olds don't even understand about scoring and defense, but Greta already does. She scored in her game last night.  October 3, she plays on Saturday and I hope to see her for myself!
 It was Hawaiian Day at RHS.  Here is Astrid and her friend, Jen.  Astrid has her bathing suit on over her clothes.  Isn't she pretty?  Each
day of the week will have a different theme.  It is homecoming week.
Yesterday, Ingrid got her information about her trip to New York in June.  I am excited for her.  

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Sister--Helen said...

Oh my goodness NY she will love it...and look how she put that cute bathing suit onsom together...enjoy Siggy day you will just be the old people down the road..Today is Brothers birthday...we all miss him