Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cleaning House

 Pop power washed the house.  It looks so nice.
 He is going to work on the porch some so we will leave the furniture off until he gets it done.
 Front porch and side porch.  We accumulate a lot of junk.  We both have always been so poor that it is hard to discard things.  We always think--might use that.
 Those Hosta looking flowers that are lush in the spring turn into these  lovely stems in the summer.
 He came this morning eyeing my garden.
 Cora and Spud left this at the back door this morning.  I guess this is all they saved for us.  I looked back later--and it was gone too.
 My Tiger Lily has been spectacular.  Erin is gone on her trip up north.  They are going to explore the home of Abe Lincoln for on thing. Sure they have a lot planned.   Glad Laura and the girls are  back from the beach.  They picked me up this morning and we all three walked--Astrid, Laura and I.  Well, you know I was the only one walking--they were running.


Margie's Musings said...

Lovely picture! Your house looks great!

Anonymous said...

So glad you tiger lily bloomed. It is devine! ~Amy-Patsy