Saturday, July 23, 2016

Time Flows On

 Clayton and Greta are a cowboy and princess.  Ingrid is going where ever she is invited and that is lots of places.  Sigrid has a swimming competition today in Paris.  Tomorrow Clayton is coming here for a birthday bash a month overdue.   Time is not in a bottle. Moments are poured out and gone.
 Sigrid is racking up wins over in Paris (Arkansas that is)!  She won overall in backstroke, her favorite.  She took second in butterfly, and and even more first in the relays.  She will be wearing heavy metal again!
First Place Freestyle Relay!!  
Sig's a Fish!


Anonymous said...

Love that kid....Sigrid good job ~Amy-Patsy

Margie's Musings said...

That's wonderful. She seems like such a wholesome girl.