Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday--July 3

Pop is a crafty man!
 Astrid and Sigrid went to Wal-Mart in Dardanelle because Laura's friend told her all the succulents were on sale for a dollar each.  The nice planter boxes are expensive, but Astrid called Pop and both girls came over and together they crafted two cedar planters.
I love the plants Astrid chose.  Original just like she is.
 View from above.

Sigrid's on her window sill!

 Erin and Greg took Clayton, Robert, Hannah and Greta to SDC today.  It has rained off and on but I don't think it has kept them from having a great time.  Here they are caught coffing! ha
I love the little video.  Erin says, "use your musles, Greta".  If Greta had to leave her ears at home because of the rain and wet Mom's instructions did little good.

 Mine and my Sister Fleta's Grandchildren.  I am glad they have gotten to know each other this summer.  It is all because of my Sister Helen, nothing Flet or I did.   One of Helen's Grand boys went too and one of Fleta's teenagers.  They are probably too grown up to let us see them.

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