Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cutting Corn

 I gathered a row of corn yesterday and cut off 4 quart bags.  I will get at it again tomrrow.  I don't like corn on the cob from the freezer but I love it cut off.  It is a lot of work.  You can see the corn is only fair.  We had about 3 weeks of no rain as it was maturing and that hurt it.  Still tastes good. Laura got 4 quarts from hers.
 I had this sweet bird visit this morning and I watched him from my kitchen.  Seems it it is a Towhee but now I am not sure.  The electricity was off about 4 hours this morning.  Made me imagine life without that convenience.  Our house is all electric.  Glad I had made my coffee before it went off.  When Larry got up I went to Hardees and got him a cup with a sausage and biscuit.  I don't like their coffee as it tastes like instant to me.  At one time in my life, we drank instant coffee--Nescafe.  I could not stomach it now.  When I was in college, I had instant coffee in the morning made with just hot tap water.
Astrid got her first check from the dress shop.  I think Laura said it was $221.00 after they held out.  I know she was elated.  She loves working.  My first job was when I was 14 years old.  Fleta got a better job and I took her old one.  It was 1965.  I babysat Kyle and Sheila Fancher for two dollars a day, including Saturday.  Dee paid me but also gave me clothes from the store.  I stayed at her home all week.  Sometimes I went home for a visit on Sunday.  Lots of times she took me.  Dee Fancher was really good to me.  I turned 15 that June.  I had worked since then until I retired from teaching.

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