Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wind Causes Limbs Down

 About a week ago we had high wind with a storm and a huge limb fell off one of our trees.  Larry's Mom planted a vine by it and the vine has killed the tree.  It needs to be completely cut down.
 Larry hauled it away with just one trip.  He is good with the tractor.

 I have lots of Cardinals and doves, but this dove look different from the ones that usually come to my feeder.  It has a ring neck and is larger.  To me a dove always has a humble appearance.
 I think this is called a Black capped Chickadee.  I think he is lovely

 We always sit in the Meadow and watch the fireworkds.  We can see it from the Mountains all around us.  My camera is cheap and I can't take pictures after dusk.  Cora lay in the yard with us and acted like she enjoyed it too.  The noise did not bother her.  Most dogs hate the booms as it hurts their ears.  Laura bought spray but still I have little bites on my legs.  I guess a chigger or ground flea.  I am rubbing benedryl cream on them.  Next year I am wearing socks.

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