Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Soggy July 4th

 It has rained most of the day.  Laura, Astrid and I tried to go walk in what we thought was a break.  We got soaked but it was a nice stroll and not hot.  My little pretty Towhee came again today.
 This is my lily beside my house. It is in my 4 o'clock garden.  It has cascading blooms.  Really pretty.  Erin did not have to work today.  In her old job she worked most holidays or was on call and could not go far.  I know she loves this new job.  She works for the Area Agency on Aging.   She loves all the people and loves her job.  I am really happy for her.
The rain today will be good for our watermelons.  They need heat and lots of water and sandy soil.  Looks like we have all three for a while.  I picked corn and cut it off and cooked it.  Granny called it fried corn.  Yes, it was good.  We had okra too.  I could make a meal just on those two.

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