Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Little Rain Must Fall

Well, a lot of rain has pelted Galla Meadow, but I think even more drenched Douglas Road.  Sister Helen has hopes that this will continue until July!
 Above, Sig is partying with some of her friends.  I bet it was someone's birthday party.  Below Greta tried on the things Laura and I bought for her when we went to Conway--either from Target or Old Navy.  I forget which.  I am wondering if Clayton's stuff fit.  Of course, he has not tried it on.

Erin's month for Children's Church is April.  They did not have church today so Erin did not have to teach.  I know she is soooooooooo sad.  She said there is no school tomorrow at Harrison.  Some of the city is without electricity.

 I am not sure what Ingrid and her friend are doing...but sure looks like some kind of drama!

 One of Laura's friends took her son to the ice cream shop and met Astrid.  Astrid posed with her son.  She may have a babysitting job added to her list.

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Donna Wood said...

We have only had 3 1/2 inches here in the last three days, but it's been cloudy a lot even when it isn't raining. Makes me grumpy, or I should say grumpier than usual. The Missouri River isn't real high, but it usually gets high when areas north of us get lots of rain.