Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fool's Day

 Dogwoods are blooming.  I think they are so beautiful.
Laura's friend and mine, too, My New Patsy, made me rags.  Pretty rags.  They are made of old towels and are to be used to clean up messes.   I make a lot of messes and I need rags.   Amy-Patsy, I don't think I can clean up a nasty coffee spill as my pretty rags will turn ugly.  I will try.  But these rags are almost too pretty to use!   Thank you are remembering me.
 Larry bought a toy.  It is a Cushman Eagle.  He will work on it, clean it, and enjoy it.   I never complain when he buys something.  Our savings account made $10.00 last year.   He does a lot better than that buying and selling things, plus, he truly enjoys it.  We all need things to do and enjoy.
 Larry rode a Cushman as a kid throwing papers--Arkansas Gazette!
 Astrid got second in the mile run yesterday at Heber Springs.  I am so happy.   If you have never run a mile, you might now appreciate it like I do.  I have ran a mile in a race.   So hard!  Here Astrid is helping Uncle Gary with his phone.  He got it on vibrate by accident.  She fixed him right up.
And....Astrid's Track team won the meet.  What a great day for her.

Yesterday, March 31, we paid off our mortgage on the Galla Meadow House.  Feels good to not owe on it.  Our CPA said it was the best to do this.  Our money in the bank was earning nothing.

Sigrid and two friends are going to a trampoline place in L R for her birthday.  Not sure what it is, but I bet there is a lot of bouncing going on.

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Anonymous said...

You enjoy your new pretty rags....I do mine. I use them and love them. Bleach them and they are good for another round. We even use ours for napkins instead of buying the paper ones all the time. You are worth making something pretty for. ~Amy-Patsy