Monday, April 17, 2017

Be A Pineapple

Sigrid gave me a tour of her room.  She has been keeping it cleaner than the pig sty it used to be.  It was very neat and so cleverly decorated.   I sort of doubt it was ever a "sty".
Could the outer covering of the pineapple be like the "armor of God".   Wear it Sigrid.

Astrid made this wall picture for Sigrid.  Lots of good advice!  Below is a close up of Sig's new curtains.  Her room it orange, turquoise, and bright pink!
 Swan with a long slender neck so she can see all around!
 Bulletin board that Pop cut the board and she made with Momma's help.
 Wall hanging she created.  I really like it.
 Reader's Digest book cut in an S.
 Pink and orange lamp and a minute timer so she can study 3 minutes at a time.
 I think she said she paid 5 dollars for this--maybe from T J Max.  She likes that store.
 Cross her Poppa made her.
 I love Siggie the cartoon lady.
 She bought the desk from Asti for 20 dollars.  Astrid had painted it.  Maybe she got the stool too.  I am not sure.  I see the afghan Gigi crocheted.
 Wall shelf handed down from Astrid.  It is an arrow.
 More framed photos.
 Sigrid when she was just a tot.
 Door sign by Poppa.