Thursday, April 20, 2017

Clayton Clicks

Clayton made excellent grades.  He has always been really capable but was not interested in doing his best.  Sometimes, I think kids don't see the association between what they do and the grade they receive when they are young.  As adults, we assume they know what we know, but they don't.  I always think back to my early grade school years.  I thought the whole concept of the work the teacher assigned was to get through fast.  We put our folded papers on her desk with our name on the outside of the fold.  I thought my performance depended on when I could lay my paper on that desk.  I did not even consider how well I did on the assignment.  Speed was my goal.  I was usually first or second in putting that paper in place.  I may have gotten a bunch wrong, but I did not know that was what I was supposed to try to do.  I finally figured it out but I think I was even in a higher grade than Clayton when I realized I was supposed to produce my best work.

Laura sent Clayton a photo of a garter snake eating a frog.  Clayton told her they did not eat frogs as he had "read" all about them.  I guess he learned "you can't believe all you read"  or "there is often more to the story".

Clayton wants a dog of his own.  A deal was struck between him and his parents. His part was better grades!   Looks like the Joneses will be looking for a dog.  Clayton wants a puppy.

Congrats to Clayton on his good report card!!!

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