Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Moving Day

 Greta did not have school today.  Clayton had to go.  Greta told me she would be working.  Today her family started moving into the house on Rogers Avenue.    She has her afghan on her new bed.  I think Erin bought the bed at a second hand store.  Ingrid is using Dad's old iron bed which looks a lot like the foot board on Greta's.
 I love the color Clayton picked for his room.  The green looks very "boy" like.
 We have been working tearing out dog kennels we spent 1000's of dollars building.  There have been times that we have had 25 Feist dogs.  We now have only 4 and don't plan to raise anymore.  We are sort of thinking of getting a Corgi male so Astrid can raise some pups.

There is nothing better than an old Mt. Mountain Feist dog though.  See what Cora has her eye on and he coiled up to strike her.
 Larry got off the back hoe and got the grubbing hoe and "bam"  Cora started shaking that snake.  It was soon over and Cora was the winner!

 I think it WAS what we call a Rat snake.

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