Saturday, April 29, 2017

Conference Champs

 The Cyclones are Conference Champs of the 6 A West Region.  It is a REPEAT as they won it last year too.  I think the top photo is of Astrid and the distance runners and below the entire team.  You will always find Astrid in the back not trying to dominate the picture--always humble!
 Look at Astrid smiling in the 4 by 800 relay.  In case you don't know, each of the 4 run a half mile!  They took first place!

 M K and Astrid with the trophy.  M K puts the shot!  Astrid and M K have been friends since 7th grade.
 Here is Asti with her friend, Tamara.  Tamara runs the short races--called dashes!
 Astrid is fixing to take this girl in the mile.  I see her determined look.  I know she did pass her as Astrid ran first in the mile!
 Astrid is cheering on a teammate--Maddy!  I am not sure if it is in the mile or 800 relay but she is encouraging others here as she always does.

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