Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Birds Of A Feather

 The Blue Bird came this week and fluttered in the bird bath.  Siggie said the bath needed cleaning but I am a little lazy in this heat and I look at the dirty pond.  The birds drink there!
 This goose was here several days but has moved to the neighbor's pond. It was all alone and Astrid said it probably got lost from his flock.  I did not mind it gliding on the pond.

 Siggie is giving Netune an apple.  Neptune comes to the fence now when Siggie goes down.  She knows her friend.  Siggie is going to water her the 3 days Les is in FL and has her first job.  $20.00 for the three days.
 Here was Jonelle's blue moon the 31st of July.  My camera is not a good one but I took a picture of the moon.

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