Saturday, August 8, 2015

Trying To Stay Cool!

 Clayton and Greta got a new dog.  She belonged to Erin's friend who had a Yorkie and this dog.  The Yorkie was mean to the Boxer mix.  Her name is Sophie and she is really nice and mannerly.  She is an inside and outside dog.  I bet she stays in if someone is home.
 I took my stick the morning after the rain.  It helps me walk.  I met Mr. Copper in the road and put my stick on his head. Astrid and Laura were running.  If Astrid had stepped on him...he might have bitten her, but he was not able to.
 Sigrid framed one of her swim team pictures.  I like the frame and the the picture.
 Ingrid made the first cut for the 8th grade volleyball team here.  Volleyball is queen.  Every girl wants to play volleyball.  This sounds like they will cut again.  Astrid hated the skin tight shorts...but on Ingrid they are not skin tight.  She is a twig.
 I took this of a red wing black bird this evening.  A way of cooling off.  I try to change the water in the bath each day, but it is green with algea.  I have to put a purex soak in to get it clean and it is too hot to mess with it.

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Donna said...

Those kids are growing up fast!