Friday, August 14, 2015

White Dog vs White Chicken

Cora making sure no white chicken gets to her food bowl.
 I have been letting the chickens out at least every other day.  They lay so much better and eat so much less "bought" food when they can range.  The white Sister chickens have become pets.  When I go outside they run to me like puppies.  Well, one discovered Cora's dog food bowl on the porch.  She spent yesterday trying to steal a nibble!
 Cora lay near her bowl of food all afternoon.  Well, my smart dog had a plan today when I let the chickens out.  She just positioned her body on the step of the porch Mrs. White Chick could not come into her domain!
 Sigrid has a job.  She is to water Neptune for the next 3 days.  Les waters her in one of those big animal water tanks.  He adds about 10 to 20 gallons a day to the container.  Once in a while, he dips several buckets out so it can stay pretty fresh.  Probably fresher than pond water.  I hope next year Larry will let him add the pond to his pasture, but Larry was concerned about all his Martins.  The Martins have left for the year.  Their houses really look lonesome.

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