Sunday, August 30, 2015


 Gilbert worked on the storage shed and it looks better and stronger.
 Sigrid has her bluebird house ready to enter into the county fair.
 Astrid did a pencil drawering of Pop and Old Belle Starr.  She framed and matted it and then came over and hung it while he was away.  He was really surprised and pleased.
 I went out and visited with Uncle Walter this week.  He is 81.  He and Aunt Helen are doing well.  I enjoyed seeing them!
The first two years Larry and I were married we spent most Sundays at Uncle Walter's and Aunt Helen's.  Oh course, I did not wear a dress but Aunt Helen would get one of hers and off we went.  Uncle Walter and Larry were always working on something.  Helen went to the East Point Baptist Church there near where they lived.  They live where she was born.  Walter bought the farm from the other children.  Walter is Larry's Mom's brother.  He was 15 when Larry was born.  As far as I know, they have never had a cross word.  When Larry was about 4, Uncle Walter got him a tricycle for Christmas. He always calls Larry on his birthday.
 I have a herd of okra eaters living next door and only get about 3 pods of okra every 4 or 5 days. What nasty neigbors they are.

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