Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Today AT ACH

 Clayton's appointment at ACH went well today.  He will have a little surgery in November. It will be outpatient.
 This is the view from the Clinic we were  at today.  Same view when Erin and I were there in 1983.  I think her room was on 3rd floor.  We only had one car good enough to drive to Little Rock so I stayed there with no car.  I did not need to leave anyway.  There was a big window in her room (private) and a heavy vinyl curtain covering it.  I would buy a cartoon of milk and place it next to the window behind the curtain. It would stay cold.  I had milk and coffee.  I think that was all I consumed.

After Clayton saw Dr. Patel we went to the Old State House.  I really enjoyed it.

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So you are an Arkansawer!