Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bullies Are Back

The Red-winged Black birds are bullies!   They chase all my little song birds away.  The sweet little ones have to lit on the ground and eat the leavings!  In life and in nature there are bullies.  I recall in my earlier years of teaching schools had cola machines.  A bully would stand there and make timid ones buy him a drink.  Sometimes girls stood and did that too.  In bathrooms and locker rooms girls are the biggest bullies.  They claim a territory and only their "group" can venture in.  Lots of times when I met their parents I understood why they were like that.  The parents were bullies too!

One year, I had Larry sitting on the back porch with a pellet gun shooing the bully birds on their way.  At the end of the season my seed feeder was full of big holes so I have quit asking for his help.

Raising children is a tough job. You don't want them to be timid but you don't want your kids to be bullies either.  Balance is the key.  Stand up when the need arises but don't stand and block the way of others just because you can.

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