Monday, February 22, 2016

Sisters Forever

 Sunday (yesterday), I got up early as I could and jumped into the clothes I had laid out to wear to my Sister's!  First, we went to Coin Baptist Church.  Sunday School was in Matthew.  It was about prophesy being fulfilled.  Jesus rode the ass and led the colt.  The Jews are what he came in on, but the colt represents us--the Gentiles.  He is a savior for all!

The picture of us is after the attempt to walk as Sister Patsy did to Grandpa Powell's.  I aborted the walk after we roamed around like the children of Israel in the desert.  Fleta was Moses--silent type--and Helen was Aaron the preacher to fire up the children--well, the children were just me and Hannah and Hannah was riding the ass and I was stumbling in the wilderness.  Aaron said, "go this way and cross the Red Sea here".  To which we all rolled down an embankment into the sand.  Moses cleared her throat.  It was in disapproval.

No need for boots Moses had said--our feet will dry as SHE had the faith.  Aaron quickly points, "here, here, I heard the Lord and he said "here".  The children waded into the water and got soaked!  "We should go this way", Moses said, "over the far Mountain".  Oh, dear, the children thought that hill is steep and long and there are many barbed wire fences.  "No, no," Aaron insisted, "this is the way, this narrow path through all the briers!"  "Oh, woe is me", the children thought, put on our jackets so we will not get torn to bits.  Why did the farmer build THREE barbed wire fences near the Red Sea?  Not, one fence but THREE!  Cross one, cross two, cross three!  Aaron speaks, "this is not the way"!  Turn back take the other fork in the road!  The Children moaned and groaned and murmured in desert.  Egypt was better than this.  We are hungry.  The food was left at the three fence crossing on the ass.  Moses had a bottle to water to share.  "I pass this cup to you", but he slammed it three times on Aaron's walking stick.  The Lord spoke--"you will not see the promised land!  I will let you wander in the wilderness".  

So we did not reach our Homeland--Grandpa's pasture.  Maybe the next generation will pass through over the Mountain!

 Sweet Hannah gave Sister Helen a lift part of the way back home, but Sister Three is stubborn.  I marched with Fleet.  Notice my red face at the end of the trek!
 Daddy's bottom land where we grew cane and corn!  Belongs to the Norton's today.
 Hannah and Sister Helen leading the way.

 Dry Creek was far from dry.  We had a path down the embankment when we were kids.  It was easy peasy to get to the Creek.  Now, there is a steep cliff with barbed wire fences and briers everywhere.
This is Uncle Floyd's barn.  It belongs to the Marr's but will always be Uncle Floyd's to me.
 Sister Helen gets on dead neighbor's tractor to show Larry what is in the shed.  I took a rear shot of her! ha
 Thank heavens, there was no key in the ignition.
 Uncle Floyd's house
 Our old neighbor's home--all gone on--none left to carry the farm.
 Photo from the distance.  I walked here to get to eat a sweet sugar cookie when I was a girl.  They were so good.  It was a long walk for a sweet reward.

 Neighbor's barn was once a fine building.  A tombstone to those who were here but gone.
Sweet Hannah ran to the top of the hill!

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A good day was had by all...loved it!