Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We Can Have it All!

Astrid posted this picture on the site the kids use saying "joy is the best makeup".  I love the saying and believe it too.

Today, the temp was 23 when I looked about 6 a.m.  But I am feeling better as the wind has died down.  I must walk today for sure and plan to do that.  Laura thinks Astrid has Grandpa Powell's (Dad's) mouth.  What do you think, Sisters?

I am not a fan of modern music but I love Adele.  I also love her name.  One of my favorite songs is "Rolling in the deep".  She says we could have had it all!  The only way to really have it all is to give our heart to the Lord and live for him.  Then we will have it all!  I read a biography about Adele.  She had a very difficult childhood.  She told Trump to not use her songs!  Not that she did not like him she said just that she was a Brit and did not want to get into American politics!

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