Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Play Time and Being There!

When I first started teaching (1972), children got lots of play time through out the day, but by the time I retired (2012), most of the recesses had disappeared.  I think the trend is swinging back toward more time for movement.  I sure hope so.  Erin tries make sure her two get outside to play.  That pleases me.

She sent this link to a video she liked.  I think Helen will like it too.  All through it I kept thinking of our Dad and how we knew he loved us and was "there" for us always.  We did not have a lot of material things but we had the security of our parent's love!
For Helen ~ From Erin


Sunshine said...

Crossing the bars was Astrid's favorite playground activity

Sister--Three said...

Greta and Clayton love it too.