Monday, November 7, 2016

Life on Harrison Hill

Erin sent all these pictures this weekend.  They had a busy weekend.  Clayton and Greta's Grandmother took them to the movies Sunday afternoon.  Erin had a break.  Erin is teaching children's church.  Her lesson was about the Armour of God.   She used an example of an orange and the orange peel being the armour of God.  When the orange has the protection it floats in water.  When it loses the protection it sinks.   Put on the whole armour of God!
 Greg is getting the back yard fence in place.  I think I would like this type of fence too if I had to live in town.
 Erin burned another pile of brush.  It will take a while to get this all cleaned up.  The man who owned this place just left all the rubbish pile up.
 Erin loves elephant ears.  I think she may try to dig them up and move them to her new house.

 Helen had to go to the Dr. at Harrison and she took Greta a birthday apron.  Isn't it cute.  It reminds me of Sister Patsy.
Helen also sent Greta two Cabbage Patch dolls that were Krissie's and Missy's.  They looked like new but sorry, Helen, Greta will have them not looking like that soon.

 Erin bought an old iron bed and this used picture for Greta's room.    I told her Greta will want to paint it different colors when she is about 11 years old.  Erin did not think so but just wait and see.  And....I would let her do it!  I like the bed and like the picture.  Ingrid still uses Dad's old bed.  Larry took it to a guy who sandblasted it and painted it with car paint.  It is cream colored.  It has the same look as the bottom of Greta's new bed.

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