Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sixth In State

From my devotional today
Blessed Healer, all our burdens lighten;
Give us peace.  Thine own sweet peace, we pray!
Keep us near Thee till the morn shall brighten,
And all the mists and shadows flee away!
 Astrid competed in the State Cross Country event.  She finished 6th with a time of 20 minutes and 40 seconds for the 3 plus miles.  She met this girl whose mother was from Norway--two Norwegians competing.  The other girl finished in the top 10 too.
 This young lady is Astrid's teammate.  She is a great runner.  Next year she will be in 10th grade.  Another girl from Russellville finished in top ten.  We are hoping for a strong team of runners next year.
 Top runners!
 Greta's dolls from Aunt Helen look like her.  She bought each girl a new outfit today.  Mollie and Sarah I think Erin said were their names.
 Clayton is creating today.
The tree Erin saw at Fayetteville.  Our fall trees were not real pretty.  It was just too dry.  Our leaves turned brown and fell off.
Ingrid had to cheer today at a basketball tourney at her school.  I took her and picked her up after the afternoon games.  Sigrid, Laura and Eric went to the State meet to watch Astrid run.  I am always glad to help out.

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