Friday, November 18, 2016


 I like puzzles.  This one Larry and I did this week.  I am not good at jig puzzles but I worked on this one all week and it occupied my buzzing mind.  Larry finally said he would help if I would follow some sort of system.  It was 750 pieces.  I really like just a 500 piece puzzle the best.  Erin, Astrid, and Larry all love these puzzles and are really good at putting them together.  I have read that math intelligence goes along with jig puzzles.    Astrid could put together the smaller kid puzzles at just a year of age.  She does well in math too.
 Above is a photo of Harrison I saw this week.  Grandpa Gaddy likely shopped here in this year.
 Larry got the rest of the limbs hauled away.  It did not take him long at all to remove them.
 This is the stump of the dead tree.  He will dig it up with the back hoe.  But that job can wait til another time.
 I burned a lot of the small pieces in my fire pit Laura and Eric bought me one year.

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You are certainly a very busy person. :)