Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I think today is Cheryl Ann's birthday.  She was born in 1965.  I think Brenda Gail was born in April of 1961.  Gary in 1963.  
 Saw this from Helen's FB.  Our little niece Brenda is a Grandmother again.  The baby's name is Alexis.  Brenda favors Momma.
 Girls got their hair cut today.  First time since right before school started.  Ingrid's hair you can see was really, really long.  She got it cut to the top of her shoulders.  It is really attractive.
Here is Astrid with her Basketball team.  They play Cabot today.  She plays on Jr Varsity.  These girls are a great bunch.  I spotted Astrid at the foot of the table!
 Our neighbor growing up Dan Norton passed today.  He was 89.  He was still Fleta and Helen's neighbor.  He lived a long life and was very active until the last year or so.  He looks very young.  He was born Newton County, AR as was his wife (Burlie Thompson Norton).  She survives him.

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