Sunday, November 13, 2016

Making A House A Home

 Helen sent me these pictures.  She has been shopping.  She bought this used frig from Judy Ussery Darby's daughter.  It looks really nice and has ice and water in the door.  The old frig in Momma's house was one Momma bought so you can imagine how old it was.  And....I think it was green.  
 She bought this used table at Cassville, MO and Fleta got her material at the thrift store and she has already recovered the 6 chairs.  It really looks nice for 60 bucks.

 And here is the quilt rack I gave her and the coffee cans she painted blue to keep her dry goods in.  Lots of bugs in an old house and she has to keep all the food sealed or bugs find a way in.
 She bought a used treadmill and put it on the back porch.  She is trying to walk everyday.   I hope she is able to succeed.  I always end up using these machines for a clothes rack.  I just drape clothes over them.
And here is the quilt Winnie gave Helen displayed.  Grandma Powell was an artist.  I love the photo of my brother, Richard with sweet Barb on the wall.  I think Momma would like the house and how Helen is keeping it so clean and getting a few things to make it her "home".

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