Monday, March 20, 2017

Creek Memories

 Greg and Erin took the kids to Long Creek today.  Clayton loves to catch crawdads. It reminded me of a poem that Fleta wrote about going to the creek.

A little stream flows through the hills,
Above it sings the whippoorwills.
In years gone by it heard the squeal
Of children's merry laughter peal,
As they would skip and slip and slide,
And watch the sunlit fishes glide
Over rocks and down the sandy side
Of the banks of the stream where the children bide
Their time on shimmering, summer days
And splash and play in the summer haze.

But a single strand of memory frays
And breaks the bonds of bygone days.
On the banks of the creek no one stays
Where the children played in the summer haze,
They all grew up and moved away
From the banks of the creek and children's play.
But sometimes, on a sunlit summer day,
Surely, thoughts return and memories stray
To the banks of the creek and children's play,
On a shimmering, sunlit summer's day.

Memories Copyright © 1988 by Fleta Aday. 
All rights reserved. 
Sister wrote this in 1988.  Next year, that will be 30 years past.  During that 30 years we have grown old.  Still we are young at heart.  When Erin said they went to Long Creek at Coin and Carrollton, Arkansas,  memories of going to the creek when we were kids flashed through my head.    

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