Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some Like it Hot; Some Cold

If you like it hot, yesterday was your day...but if you like it  cold, you would love today.  I surely hope it does not go from hot to cold and skip spring, but it may happen that way.

It was almost ninety yesterday and not sixty today.  Ingrid and Astrid came by.  Astrid ordered shoes for the prom and they came.  Ingrid wants a table for her record player and she was telling her Pop about it.  We love having them.  Astrid had a tail light out and Pop and she figured out what was the problem.  He got the bulb today and said he will let her fix it so she will know how.  One thing about her once and she knows.  

 The Mockingbird and Blue Bird like it hot they said.  Not even seen them today.

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