Friday, March 31, 2017

Sig's Birthday Bash

 Sigrid made her own cake--triple layer--and it was delicious, also.
 Twelve candles!

 Uncle Gary brought her candy!!
 She is evaluating her baking here.
 Gary said her cake was really good.
 Pop inspects one of her new items of clothing.
 Watch from Gigi and Pop.
 This is to nap on road trips!
 Erin rug or mirror from you.  Take your pick.
 Goggles for swim team this year.  Even have their own case.
 Bamboo mirror and old woman's reflection.
 Astird made it to the fest.  Then she had to head out to work!
 Ingrid was not impressed with any of the celebration--well, maybe the cake and ice cream.

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