Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Greta Tumbles

Greta takes gymnastics.   She really likes it.  Her little friend quit and she sort of wanted to, but Erin said that she must keep going.   She really loves it and because she will probably be almost 6 feet tall it is a very good activity for her to learn.  

Erin gets to watch certain times, but can't always just go in and hang out while she has her clsss.  This is a great idea as parents get in the way of progress.

Here Erin took a video of her doing a one handed cartwheel and a handstand forward roll after she returned home from her lesson.  Erin said she had the cartwheel better at the session than at home.   Greta is determined and will practice a skill over and over.
one handed cartwheel

handstand roll down

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