Saturday, March 4, 2017

New Door And More

 Gilbert came today and put up Helen's new door.  It looks black here but is navy blue.  She hated not being able to see out.  The former occupant (not my brother, Clayton) had every window covered and the door had a tiny little glass--covered with aluminum foil.   Most of the windows were covered with the same foil.  Clayton removed so many of the interior walls that the house is sagging away.  It has some gaps, but will probably out last Helen.  She is having Gilbert put trim over these holes.  You can not remove weight bearing walls in a house without trouble.  But Clayton did not worry much about any of that... He was a dear who did not fear just covered it up and moved along.
 Eric took Ing and her friend to a concert in Little Rock last night.  The band is called 21 Pilots and is Ingie's fav.  Ing always scrunches when she poses with a friend...well, Avery just scrunched Ing is till a lot taller.   The singer came out into the audience and was very near Ingie.  She about fainted!  I will have to google this band to see what they are like.

Sig goes to the big hoop de do tonight with her Dad.  They will be at the Country Club.  She has to wear white gloves.  She is not real excited, but I guess tonight is the end of the class.  I think the girl's learn a lot doing it.   I know Sigrid's dress is light pink.  Hope Laura takes a picture.

 Clayton got his basketball picture.  He has not "hated" basketball so that is a start.  He looks good holding that round ball.
 Larry finished my side table.  I put it under my shelf.  Both have some cedar.
 My favorite is this side.  Isn't it neat!
 I put this picture on my table that Astrid drew for me when she was just a tot.  She was talented even then.  Astrid has been invited to the Prom.  She has her dress and is going to order her shoes off Amazon.

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Fred Richardson said...

I hate not being able to see out, just like her. If I’m not outside, I at least need windows. When I work or read, I always face a window so that I can see the trees and the sky. It’s just the way I am. I understand it completely. I wouldn’t be able to just see plastic the whole day either.