Sunday, March 26, 2017

Got To See My Family

 Laura took Astrid and Sigrd on a shopping trip and I rode along and stayed with Clayton and Greta.  First, Sister Helen and Brother Gil came by to see me.  They had been repairing Helen's lawn mower and were sort of greasy, but let me take this picture.  When they left, Sister Flet dropped by and I got this profile.  Helen saw it and said, "well, you can tell Erin did not take that picture".
 Astrid sent me this picture of Phoebe from when they went camping.  I really like her little Corgi.  She is 4 months old and so smart.
 Robert and Hannah are enjoying the trampoline that Erin gave to them.  Gilbert came and put it together for them.   It is at Aunt Helen's house.
 I wanted to post the picture of Little Miss Greta from Saturday.  She is a special little girl.
 Greg is putting laminate flooring down in some of the rooms in their house.  I think it might be like ours.  I really like mine.  So much better than carpet and not expensive at all.

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