Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pop's Hanging

 Well, he was hanging hook plaques and pictures on the wall for his girls across the way.  Above is the one he made Laura.  Astrid had the knobs they put on the cedar boards.  I bet this is really handy to keep things organized.
 He put a wire on the back of this picture Ingrid got for Christmas and hung it for her.  It was really heavy.  I don't really know what the picture is all about, but maybe you do.
Here is Astrid's board.  She wanted to put her backpack on it.  Her wall says, "throw kindness around like confetti" and "live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink wild flower tea?"  Not sure as I cannot see it all.  Astrid does throw kindness around.


Sunshine said...

Drink the wild air. Then the side you can't see says find joy in the journey

Sister--Three said...

Great thoughts

Sister--Helen said...

Sweet thoughts