Saturday, July 15, 2017

Intruders In The Night

 This morning while we were sitting on the back porch with our coffee, Larry said that he thought Cora might be losing her mind as she was angled with her back to us and staring at her dog bed.  She continued this for the longest time.  Larry said we should move her food bowl as a mouse might be after her food.  She loves her food and he felt that could be the reason for her focus.  Well, I got the hoe to move her wooden bed that he had built for her and I saw a head peering out from the back!  It was not a mouse.  Larry had gone inside for his shirt, but I called him back and he tipped up the box and told Cora to "sic it".  She did and now I will have to mop the porch as snake blood is coated there.  It may have been a water moccasin.  I hope not, because she was slinging it all over.  I did see yellow stuff that could be venom on the porch.  Anyway, Cora is not staring any more and she is not going to go the the dog nursing home for dogs who have senility.
 The other intruder's tried to enter my garden of Galla from the rear.  They hit the hot wire and ran but broke it so Larry will have to repair it today.  I am so happy that it keep the intruders out of my patch!  There were no tracks and I would be able to see them as I plowed up part of the garden on Thursday.  After they got their shock, they took off.  I hope to never return as peas are their favorite food and I planted 3 rows.  Larry said 60 days to harvest.  He knows all the harvest times.  It is amazing to me.  I know very little.

Larry said he will repair the "electric dead bolt" garden fence today.   I am thrilled.
This was in the paper today.  Marshall, 1912, Main Street
J. H. Gentry said he was working 10 hours for $3.00!  
Dirt street with horse manure and a wooden side walk.

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Margie's Musings said...

What an interesting post! The snake would have scared me if it was poison.